Oktoberfest to aid hurricane victims in US The proceeds from the Bavarian-themed event will be donated to ShelterBox, which provides emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies on the frontline of disasters.

Concord Rotarian Paul D'Oliveira with a Rotary-sponsored ShelterBox tent after an earthquake in Haiti.
Concord Rotarian Paul D’Oliveira with a Rotary-sponsored ShelterBox tent after an earthquake in Haiti.

The Rotary Club of Concord (Massachusetts, US – D 7910) will provide critical essentials for families in flood-ravaged areas using proceeds from its upcoming Oktoberfest, to be held from 11 am to 4 pm on September 30 at Verrill Farm, 11 Wheeler Road, Concord.

Proceeds will be donated to ShelterBox, which provides emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies on the frontline of disasters.

ShelterBox, USA is working with FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) to arrange shelter options for displaced people and repair options for damaged homes, including the provision of ShelterBox tents and ShelterKits.

The ShelterBox Response Team includes two Texas Rotarians, who are on the frontline assessing immediate and ongoing needs.

The family-friendly, Bavarian-themed event will feature live bands, food, ciders and craft beers, a pie-eating contest, a magician, face painting, a bouncy house, craft vendors, community organisation booths and more.

Tickets are $20 prior to the event, $25 at the door for ages 21 and older, $5 for ages 20 and younger and non-drinkers and free for children aged 4 and younger.

Rotary will have a ShelterBox on display at Oktoberfest.

Visitors may step inside and examine its contents.

The large green box contains a family-size tent as well as items like solar lights, water storage and purification equipment, cooking utensils and thermal blankets. Each ShelterBox costs $1,000, and Rotary has set a goal of purchasing 20.

Rotary would also like to purchase ShelterKits, $100 each, which contain all of the essential tools people need to start repairing and rebuilding homes.

Source: concord.wickedlocal.com 

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