Nursing on wheels in Jagdalpur

Project Sparsh is a big success as it offers medical care to bedridden patients at their home in ­Jagdalpur. The nursing service launched by RC Jagdalpur, RID 3261, in partnership with the Christ College of Nursing involves a car and a team of paramedics attending to patients after receiving calls to a designated mobile number. “Once the call is received, time and place of treatment are noted down by the medical staff who reach the homes at the appointed time to offer a range of services,” said Satyanarain Agrawal, past president, RC Jagdalpur.


Usually, time of the visit is between 8 am and 11 am and the procedures include bedside care, body dressing, BP, sugar check, temperature, sponge bath and medication. “We are receiving calls almost every day. We assess each case and plan the car visit to the patient’s home well in advance.” While Rotary provided the car ambulance, the nursing college is giving their paramedics for the Sparsh Project. “All the medical care by the nurses and the car visit are totally free and nothing is charged on the patients,” said Agrawal.


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