New year, new mission


Friends, we are on a never ending journey for a better tomorrow. I would like to convey my sincere thanks to the District Governors of 2015-16, whom I call ‘Speedy Sheriffs,’ for creating many milestones, as 90 per cent of them have fulfilled their goals.  Last year we tried to be A Gift to the World and this year we will prove that Rotary is Serving Humanity.

Each leader (Club, District, Zone and Rotary International) is in search of newer ways to achieve self-decided goals —
goals that are smart, challenging, exhaustive. This is a special year — the Centennial year of TRF. The Chairman of Trustees of TRF is our own PRIP Kalyan da.

The Smiling Sheriffs (2016-17 DGs) have pledged to create a new milestone for India by raising $26 million. Friends, nothing is impossible!

I am happy that all DGEs have analysed the results and finalised their goals. They will be helped by the ‘friends in the field’ — the Assistant Coordinators of their RCs, RRFCs, RPICs, EMGAs — during the year to realise their dream.  It is vital for all DGs to stay away from politics and invest their time in achieving goals. Last year we saw some could not achieve their goals and this was mainly due to indulging in politics.

Friends, at Jaipur you voted for Rotary’s DNA — ­Service and Integrity. I wish you all the best for enjoying the ­journey of Rotary Serving Humanity.

Manoj Desai
Director, Rotary International

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