Multilingual keyboard for Kannada students


To support digital learning in Kannada language and help students in understanding various subjects in their mother tongue, RC Bangalore Oasis, RID 3190, has introduced a multilingual keyboard which will enhance computer literacy at the Government High School, Rajanukunte.

The versatile keyboard called Ka-Naada was installed at the language lab in the school.  “Ka-Naada is a smart keyboard facilitating multilingual typing for Indic languages and has Roman alphabet character sets for English language,” said Paul Mundackal, the club’s Community Services Director. The device, developed by Dr Guru Prasad of KaNaada Phonetics, comes with a low-cost pocket computer to enrich the learning experience of students.

This keyboard will enable a child to type words and sentences right from Class 1 in his or her mother tongue.

The students at this school have now started typing in Kannada, using the multilingual keyboard and also type other Indic languages using ­Kannada as well. “They also learn and type English. Many students hadn’t even touched a mouse earlier. Now they have a feeling they are not left behind in the digital world,” he said.

The club is revamping the school building, providing new benches and training teachers and students on various aspects of critical thinking. “WinS programmes are being held and reusable pads are distributed to girl students,” said Club President Hemant Sharma.

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