Motorised limb fitment camp at Mettupalayam

In a mega two-day limb fitment camp, RC ­Mettupalayam Prime, RID 3203, in partnership with RC Poona  Downtown and Inali Foundation, distributed motorised hands to 250 amputees including those who had artificial limbs that were dysfunctional at Nanjiah ­Lingammal Polytechnic College, Mettupalayam.

DG B Elangkumaran (centre) giving a motorised limb to a beneficiary in the presence of Gift of Mobility project chair Dr Aravinth Karthikeyan (3rd from R) and RC Mettupalayam Prime members.

Unlike other limb fitment camps where prosthetics are chosen based on the size of the amputated limbs of the beneficiaries and thus facing various limitations in their usage, “the new motorised limbs operated by battery are aesthetically designed and are very flexible to enable the amputees to do a wide range of movements, quite similar to natural hands,” said Dr Aravinth Karthikeyan, charter president, RC Mettupalayam Prime, and chairman, ­Project Gift of Mobility.

Those amputees suffering from depression after their artificial limbs not working to their ­expectations were happy to receive the motorised limbs which enabled them to do various functions. “The beneficiaries who also came from neighbouring states were taught how to use the ­newly-fitted hands effectively and the smile on their faces after feeling the wide range of movements with their new limbs gave us immense satisfaction,” said Karthikeyan.

Also, the club has arranged continued service to the beneficiaries after the camp and a helpline ­number is given to them all, “so that any defective spare parts and battery will be replaced after a phone call from the amputees to Inali Foundation.”

A mobile shop owner who had lost both his arms could do all the functions now with motorised hands. “He is a happy man now as he is able to move both the limbs effectively during his work,” says Karthikeyan.

A team of volunteers of the Foundation came from Mumbai to conduct the limb fitment camp in an organised manner. Club secretary Jayaraman and other members coordinated well to make the artificial limb fitment camp a huge success. DG B Elangkumaran visited the camp and lauded the service of the club.

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