Message from the RI Director – November 2016

The New Normals

I’d like to draw your attention to the interesting words… New Normal. It is a term in business and economics that refers to the financial conditions following the financial crisis of 2007–08 and the aftermath of the 2008–12 global recessions. The term has since been used in a variety of other contexts to imply that something which was previously abnormal has become commonplace.

Rotary in India is undergoing a great change. After visiting many Districts, let me highlight the New Normals in Rotary in India:

• Director’s visit to 34 of 36 Districts in 2015–16 and 18 Districts in 2016–17.
• Troika meetings to draw Strategic Plans for the Districts.
• Think Tank meeting of all Coordinators twice/thrice in a year.
• DGE Goal Setting with all Coordinators before the year begins.
• COG meet in many Districts.
• Vision 20:20 seminars in many Districts with the RID visit.
• My Voice-My Vote to understand the needs of Rotarians.
• Importance of Retreat Meet is highlighted to all Districts.
• Midyear Review Meet of DGs at Zone Institute.
• Short, crisp and punctual Newsletter, The Quest, every month.
• More professional approach with no flowers, no gifts, short introductions and 90 minutes inaugural sessions.

Friends, this is my way of looking at Rotary to increase accountability and short term/long term vision. These are the important New Normals for which you all have supported me. The results are obvious. We are Number One in Membership and Number Two in our contribution to the Foundation in the world. Kudos to you all. Hope you liked being the Change Maker, Trendsetter or the Difference Maker.

I am so happy that RIDE C Basker wants to continue many of these changes, such as DGEs Goal Setting, Coordinators’ Meet, etc. Honestly I feel that Rotary’s potential is enormous!

If you agree with me then let us implement one more New Normal — The 4 Rs: Rotary’s Rapid Relief Response. I salute all the senior leaders and Smiling Sheriffs for making it possible. PRIP Rajaji will steer it as Chair. I am confident our Public Image will improve manifold and Rotary will be the talk of the town, whenever a disaster strikes in future.

wLet us give our best in this centennial year of our Rotary Foundation so that it is remembered as a year of more New Normals for Rotary in India. I am reminded of the good words of our own Trustee Chair and PRIP Kalyanda: “The least a leader can do is to encourage others.” Let us continue our journey with this positivity for the simple reason that Rotary is a never-ending journey for a better tomorrow.

Manoj Desai
Director, Rotary International

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