Making Rotary Clubs app savvy

Roster on Wheels (ROW) might be just a mobile app for Rotarians but for the Rotaract Club of Thane Hills, “it is our passion.” Founded in the year 2011, the club is a band of like-minded youngsters who believe that ROW is the future and they are going the extra mile to prove it.

Over a cup of coffee with a friend, Rotarian Narendra Rao conceptualised a digital roster “for a Rotarian, by a Rotarian.” Rao who was into ­hardware and software business sought help from a friend, Khushi Dugha, a young entrepreneur and member of the Rotaract Club of Thane Hills. ROW was created and was up for sale; Rotaractors of Thane Hills began to actively market the app.

Rotaractors of Thane Hills.

“You cannot carry a hard copy of your roster and contacts everywhere you go. Printed material containing members’ details, both personal and business information, is a waste of paper. Imagine the environmental damage,” said Sumit Gupta, Senior Development Executive, ROW. With the support of DG Ajay Gupta, RI District 3140, these Rotaractors set out to “explain the importance of this smart and eco-friendly app,” and at the end of two years they registered 1,500 Rotary clubs from India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, ­Bangladesh and Malaysia for this app.

“We are working hard. From live-demonstrations given to e-administrators of various clubs to sitting down with Rotarians and convincing them about the benefits of this app, we do it all,” says Khushi (current Vice President of ROW) who has met 50 DGs in India and abroad. “It’s like convincing people to use Whatsapp when they just prefer using sms and calling. It’s not easy to market a new concept,” she added.

Many of them still want to use the printed roster. “Very few Rotarians understand the concept that technology is simplifying life. But I am sure that with our perseverance we will be able to formulate a way for a better tomorrow and help connect Rotarians globally… the digital way,” says the Vice President of ROW.

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