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Why not SHE-Power?

The Literacy Summit was outstanding, as the coverage on it, but with guilt I ask myself, “What have I contributed towards creating a cent per cent literate South Asia?”

The next day as I complete an article, the question pops up again. How can I pursue my passion for writing when millions are waiting to learn to read, write and even unable to sign? Why can’t we, the well educated, help at least a few to switch over from thumb impressions?


The top speakers at the summit have shaken my serene life a bit, and I have started contemplating on how blessed I am but how little I am sharing my blessings with the less fortunate.

We, the women in Rotary, especially spouses of Rotarians, need to ask: When we can excel in multitasking as home makers, career women, corporate heads, teachers and other professionals, why can’t we add one more wing of service to our work for a totally literate India? Actually every member of a Rotarian’s family can contribute, and the women can motivate their friends and neighbourhood women too.

Let us first access and learn the e-learning system that aims to bring education to the masses, especially in rural areas, and then help educate the children of our domestic help. Let the entire Rotary family in South Asia resolve to first start the journey from our homes, and unleash this latent talent.

Let us arise and hold hands with Rotarians who are fighting against all odds to bring total literacy in South Asia. Just go ahead and click on and carry forward its message and magic.

Rtn Jayanthi Raja Seenivasan
Rotary E-Club of Chennai
D 3230


Not numbers but Volunteers

apr15_John_Germ_croppedI am a ­Rotarian aged 78 from RC Pallapatti in Karur, RI District 3000. For the past 28 years we have been doing good service in Rotary. Though we are just 14 members in our club, all of us are interested in social work. We have tried to increase membership, but have not succeeded.

Fortunately I read in the March issue a statement from our RIPN John Germ: “We should not increase membership for the sake of numbers. We don’t need numbers, but we do need volunteers.”

Actually we are searching for volunteers, not numbers. I extend my whole-hearted thanks for the useful and meaningful thoughts of Germ.

Rtn Nagu Arumugam
RC Pallapatti – D 3000


I have come across some who have become Rotarians by just paying the membership but never attend the meeting or participate in club activities. Active participation should be given top priority.

Rtn M T Philip
RC Trivandrum Suburban
D 3211


Wake-up Call

Dear RIPE Ravindran,

On behalf of our DGE Parag Sheth, DG Ashish Ajmera, District Trainer Deepak Aggarwal, District 3060 Training Assembly Chairman Himal Pandya and all Rotarians I thank you for your brief but live address to us. When one has mastered something, they say, “Wake him up at the middle of the night and he will do it.” You made a lucid speech when you were woken up by PRIP Kalyan Banerjee past midnight your time. Your address was indeed a gift to the Assembly delegates.

We were so happy when ­Kalyanbhai put you on the speaker through his cell phone and we listened to you in pindrop silence. Your gesture in waking up past midnight in the US and addressing us in ­Bhavnagar motivates us to ‘Be a gift to the world.’

PDG Pradeep Gohil
D 3060

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