Literacy Focus – July 2017 issue

TEACH at Atlanta

Showcasing the TEACH projects at the House of Friendship in the RI Convention at Atlanta was a significant milestone for RILM this year.

RILM Chair Shekhar Mehta in the TEACH booth at the Atlanta Convention.

Termed as one of the best booths at the HOF, the TEACH stall attracted several ­senior Rotary ­leadership and delegates from all over ­America, Italy, Mexico, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The programme reached out to those who wanted implement it in areas where literacy is a big challenge. The Happy School vertical had the maximum takers, along with Adult Literacy and E-learning programmes. We are hopeful that TEACH will lay the foundation for a revolution in global ­education and literacy.

The XPD road trip

The XPD team being given a warm welcome in the UK. Also seen PDG T George Sundararaj (extreme right).

An expedition across 24 countries in 70 days was undertaken by an all-women team comprising Meenakshi Arvind, ­Mookambikai Rathinam and Priya Raheja on a Tata Hexa car from Coimbatore. The road trip, ­promoting ­Rotary’s ­Literacy drive, was flagged off by the HRD Minister Prakash ­Javadekar at the Rotary South Asia Literacy Summit held in ­Chennai. On June 6 the team reached ­London where they were ­welcomed by the Indian High ­Commissioner Dinesh Patnaik, Minister ­Coordinator A S Rajan and First Secretary ­Counsellor Balaji. The rallyists raised funds along the way and spread RILM’s ­endeavour to achieve Total ­Literacy and ­quality education in India through the TEACH verticals.

Bikers spread the message

Rotarians Prashanth Babu and Shoba S Rao from Rotary ­Bangalore Downtown, D 3190, embarked on a bike ride on May 13, 2017 from the RI Headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, rode across 22 States, covering 12,000 km over a period of 34 days, and arrived at the RI Convention in Atlanta. ­During their journey, the two Rotarians sensitised people about the plight of children who drop out of schools either due to lack of funds or basic facilities such as toilets, ­transport etc. They sought to curb the dropout rates and bring these ­children back to school.

Prashanth Babu is an entrepreneur; his association with Rotary dates back to 1993 via Globe ­Trotters ­Athletic Union. He was charter ­president of the ­Rotaract Club of Bangalore East End in 2000 and he became member of Rotary Bangalore Downtown in 2012.

Rotarians Prashanth Babu and Shoba S Rao on a bike expedition.

Shoba S Rao started as an active Interactor, later joined the ­Rotaract Club of Bangalore East End and became a Rotarian of Rotary ­Bangalore Downtown in 2016. She works for Visteon ­Technical and Services Centre as Senior Software Design Engineer.

All the expenses incurred for the ride were borne by the two ­Rotarians. They believe strongly in sharing their combined good fortune to help those who have not had the same ­opportunities, and access to ­education that they and their child have had. They are often asked why they can’t just donate the money spent on the trip to the cause, for which they say that ­raising ­awareness towards the cause will result in a long term and sustained benefits to the project.


One click to view your Asha Kiran child

More than 32,000 children are enrolled in the Asha Kiran centre for the bridge course. They are in process to get back to school. Each of them are tagged with 32,000 donors. Have you seen your sponsored child yet? Download the T-E-A-C-H App today and view your sponsored child with just one click.

Simple steps to download the T-E-A-C-H App

  • Go to Play Store
  • Search for ‘TEACH by RILM’
  • Download the App

Go to ‘My Asha Kiran’ and with just a click on it, you can view your sponsored child.

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