Literacy Focus – January 2017 issue

Rotary Club of Bangalore launches 100 Happy Schools on the 100th year of  The Rotary Foundation

From left: Rtn Vivek Prabhu, RC Bangalore President Ranga Rao and Rtn Vincent P. Raj

RC Bangalore aims to celebrate TRF Centennial by creating 100 Happy Schools. Their priority is to build a ‘better world — one ­student at a time’ focussing on skills and continuous improvement in the ­education sector. Government schools near Bengaluru are being identified to modify and increase the number of students attending primary schools from disadvantaged areas. The ­project was officially inaugurated at MAF Rotary Government Primary School at Harokethanahalli.

Creating Happy Schools is indeed a panacea to the rural literacy scenario. “The malady of dropouts is as concerning as not enrolling in the schooling system,” says the Club President Ranga Rao.

The club enjoys huge CSR ­support to take this ambitious ­project ahead; 70 per cent of the total funds required will be raised internally by the members and balance 30 per cent will be raised through ­contributions from corporates, friends and well-wishers of the community. In the second stage, the club will train teachers to stay motivated and ­energise the children. The third stage will be to create model schools.

RILM calls for volunteers

Bring a smile, brighten a face, enlighten a life, Volunteer for TEACH.

Over the last two years Rotarians have worked with great sincerity and motivation to achieve what may be difficult for many to even think. Our goals were high, targets tough, but the Rotarians and Rotary clubs around India have hit the bull’s eye and we surpassed each goal that had been set.

Our achievements so far

Trained 19,467 teachers under Teacher Support. ­E-learning facilities have been provided to 9,009 schools under the E-learning programme; 61,500 adults have been made ­literate under the Adult Literacy programme; 45,107 ­children are in the process to be sent back to school under the Child Development programme; 1,402 schools have been converted into Happy Schools under the Happy Schools programme.

These achievements have been possible because of your dedication and hard work towards making India literate.

If you want to dedicate your little towards making someone’s life better and worth living, now is the best time to engage yourself with us.

Why become a T-E-A-C-H volunteer with RILM?

•    Connect with the community

•    Be the stepping stone to ensure quality education in India

What can you do as T-E-A-C-H volunteer?

•    Train teachers

•    Engage with students as a Volunteer Teacher

•    Impart functional Literacy to an adult ‘non-literate’

•    Raise social awareness to empower adult learners

•    Participate in sending children back to school

•    Help with communications and branding

We are also looking for chartered accountants, ­educationists, architects, engineers, social development professionals who can lend their knowledge and skills in monitoring our projects and help us improve our work, by applying to be a T-E-A-C-H cadre.

Join us in achieving Total Literacy & Quality Education in India. Register today as a T-E-A-C-H volunteer. Visit:

Passion and Mission – Two wheels cover 10,000 km

Karthik, a digital forensic investigator by profession and a biker by passion, embarked on a motorbike journey on October 1 from Chennai through the States of Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, West Bengal, to reach ­Sikkim and across the border to Bhutan. His mission was to spread RILM’s ­T-E-A-C-H programme and create awareness about the importance of education and the results there upon for a pleasurable life. The theme of his cross-­border mission was “When you educate a man, you educate an individual and when you educate a woman, you ­educate an entire family”.

He travelled through ­Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam, Purl, Bhubaneshwar, Kharagpur, Kolkata, Siliguri, Gangtok, Phuentsholing, Thimphu, Paro, Zero Point, Nathula Pass and returned via the same route, ­covering a total ­distance of 9,700 km in 27 days. En-route, he visited Rotary clubs at Rajahmundry, Kolkata, Siliguri, ­Gangtok, Thimphu, and shared views on Literacy with the leaders and ­Rotarians. He stopped over at ­factories and industries to interact with the labour class about the importance of education and its role in uplifting one’s lifestyle. He highlighted RILM’s role in providing free education to make India 100 per cent literate.

He met the soldiers of the Indian army at Zero Point and conveyed the objective of his mission. They assured to speak with their families in different parts of the country to propagate the importance of education in remote villages.

In all these places, specific ­mention and emphasis was made over the most important aspect to involve uneducated parents in Swabhimaan Centres and to educate children for a better living in a developing society.

His experiences

“I found some communities in thickly populated areas engage their ­children in child labour to support their ­livelihood, ignoring the necessity of education for them. A considerable percentage of the communities have limited or no access to schools. Some even felt education as a nightmare.”

His expedition as an RILM ambassador, however, enabled him to meet rustic villagers and motivate them to send their wards to schools.

RILM Mobile App

From left: RID Manoj Desai, RIPN Sam Owori, RILM Chair Shekhar Mehta, TRF Trustee Sushil Gupta and PRID Y P Das at the launch of the RILM App at the Dubai Zone Institute.

Look out for the T-E-A-C-H App which was launched on December 17 by RIPN Sam Owori at the Dubai Zone Institute. Download it from the App store/Play store/iOS. It will make things easier for DGs, Presidents and Rotarians to get news, update projects, share pictures and also engage with us. It will be your gateway to find funds for TEACH projects.

RILM joins hands with Learning Link Foundation to train teachers


Rotary India Literacy Mission has signed an agreement with Learning Links Foundation (LLF) on December 10, 2016 to train teachers all over India. The training session will be for five days covering topics such as subject enrichment, classroom management, assessment and classroom transaction. Rotary/Inner Wheel Clubs can communicate with RILM to take up a training programme with LLF, raise a Service Order (SO) to avail services of LLF, prior to the training, release 50 per cent of the fee to LLF, after the completion of the training workshop, release final payment, coordinate with LLF in the identification of teachers.

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