Literacy Focus Strengthening District Institute of Education and Training (DIET)

PRID Shekhar Mehta
PRID Shekhar Mehta
Chairman, Rotary India
Literacy Mission

In March Rotary India Literacy Mission is focusing on strengthening the District Institute of Education and Training (DIET). Institutions under the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) that conduct induction training for fresh recruitment of elementary school teachers and periodic in-service training for others. The purpose of the DIET is to improve the performance of elementary school teachers through better training to enhance the learning outcome of students.

How to participate in strengthening a DIET?

• This is best done at the RI District level as there is a DIET in every revenue district and RILM is aiming to improve one DIET in each State.

• Visit the DIET nearest to your location and contact the Principal. Some DIETs have their own websites which too can be visited to obtain preliminary information.

• Discuss with the Principal and Teacher-Trainers if the pre-service training and in-service training of primary/elementary school teachers is taking place as per the policy prescriptions of the Regional Committees of the National Council of Teacher Education. Visit the website


Having discussed the academic and related status of the DIET, ask the Principal and Teacher-Trainers the ways in which the DIET can be assisted in areas such as improving the library with teacher training material (including e-modules for teacher training), computer, crucial laboratory equipment, etc. Use the Form T 6 for DIET Survey to assess the felt needs of the DIET.

• In accordance with such need assessment, estimate costs, tie-up funds and start the process of strengthening the DIET. Any item involving construction and staff or other items of expenditure of recurring nature may have to be avoided.

• It is advisable to locate a “Good DIET” in your State or in a neighbouring State and visit the same. This can be done by the National Committee Members for Teacher Support. This will help in understanding what all needs to be done to improve the DIET under consideration.

• RILM has not prescribed any specific model or funding assistance for this purpose. It is expected that Districts will be able to access TRF grants to finance these activities.


How to understand the efficacy of the DIET strengthening process carried out:

• You may ask training staff/teacher educators of the utility of the facilities installed in facilitating their training tasks.

• You may ask those teachers who have undergone pre-service and in-service training from the DIET, post intervention by the Club, about their training experience.


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