Lipoma and cyst removal camp in Dondaicha

Ten years ago Dr Ravindranath Tongaonkar, member of RC Dondaicha, RID 3060, and President of the Association of Rural Surgeons of India and International Federation of Rural Surgery pointed out that cysts and keloids usually don’t cause pain unless they are inflamed or infected and usually disappear on their own and “that is the main reason why most of the rural and tribal people living in the region ignore it.” Since then the club has been organising an annual surgical camp to treat lipomas, sebaceous cysts, corns and keloids in the rural areas around Dondaicha in Dhule district, Maharashtra.


This year over 250 patients were examined at the Government ­Sub-­District Hospital. A team of 15 surgeons and two anaesthesiologists performed surgeries on 175 patients. The camp was funded by club ­members and few other individuals; and Aalay Surgical Company gave ₹25,000 for the camp. PRIP Kalyan Banerjee visited the campsite and appreciated Club President Sanjay Nikam, Secretary Dr Nileshkumar Pawar and Project Chairman Dr Jain for the initiative.

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