Letters to the Editors – July 2020

Kudos to RC Mumbai Queen’s Necklace

The May issue contains many reports on Covid-related activities by Rotarians in India and we can be proud of these. Thanks for the wide coverage of the relief work done by Rotarians during this pandemic, even during the lockdown.
I extend my good wishes to the virtual ­convention. The Editor’s note on the Covid ­warriors during the pandemic and the positive effects of the lockdown on nature are interesting to read. A single Rotary club in Mumbai — Rotary Club of Mumbai Queen’s Necklace — collecting ₹11 crore to feed Mumbai’s hungry is praiseworthy. Also, I was delighted to read the noble deeds of Mark Balla for WinS in India.

Glad to know the team led by Rajendra Saboo was able to ­complete 500 major surgeries in Zimbabwe. All the photos and write-ups are nice. The editorial team is to be appreciated for their sustained efforts.

Philip Mulappone M T, RC Trivandrum Suburban — D 3211

I found that many clubs in our country provide food to needy during the lockdown. But it is really great to see that RC Mumbai Queen’s ­Necklace distributed nearly 1.6 lakh meals per day for more than 40 days of lockdown from March 24. It is both surprising and heartening to know that the club raised nearly `11 crore for this noble cause from their own businesses, partners and well-wishers.

Even though it is a herculean task to prepare 1.6 lakh meals per day, the club partnered with Iskcon, TajSATS flight kitchen and several others to prepare this huge volume of food, and despite logistic difficulties, managed to get more than 200 volunteers for the supply of meals to the migrant labourers, daily wage ­workers and other marginalised sections of ­society. Hats off to the wonderful service rendered by this club. Congrats to president Sonal and
her team.

N Jagatheesan, RC Eluru — D 3020

Congratulations to RC ­Mumbai Queen’s Necklace for the ­amazing project of delivering food to needy. Secondly, kudos to the photographer who took the cover picture. The happiness on the child’s face speaks volumes about the ­goodness in this world . Finally, thanks for selecting this photo for the cover page. Keep up the good work.

Brij Khandelwal, RC Madras Central — D 3232

Excellent work by RC Mumbai Queen’s Necklace in providing food to the needy. Salute to the club and its project team.

Kiran Oza, RC Bhavnagar (Main) — D 3060

In the article Zimbabwe medical mission does 500 surgeries, PRIP Rajendra Saboo recalls, “After Sam (Owari) died, (the then) President Barry Rassin said to me, ‘Raja, let us see if we can fulfil the dream that Sam had.’” I thank PRIP Saboo for keeping that dream going.

This was definitely a model project of Rotary whose ideal is to serve humanity. Medical services further add to its depth. I congratulate Saboo and his team for going to a ­farawayland for doing such great service. Thanks Rotary News for highlighting this medical mission to motivate all of us.

Dr Sanjay, Aggarwal — D 3080


A fitting tribute to Frank Devlyn


The article by PRIP Kalyan Banerjee, Frank will light up heaven with his sparkling smile, was truly inspirational. For youngsters, it is important to adhere to the basic principles of Rotary to imbibe its true spirit. To know the grandness, yet cordial character of PRIP Frank Devlyn, who was a true model for all Rotarians in doing service, is exhilarating. Philanthropy is a great virtue by which social inequalities can be brought down and the world needs more women in the forefront to share their qualities. Hope the life of Devlyn serves as a beacon of humility and compassion for all Rotarians. I expect more such ­inspirational articles on Rotary leaders.

It is a great example of leading from the front as RI President Mark Maloney himself participated in the VTT medical mission to Zimbabwe (May issue). It is heartening to note that Rotary India has carried out this true humanitarian service. As a dental surgeon, I feel proud to know that multiple procedures were done by PDG Dr G K Thakral and Dr Rashmi Thakral. The gesture of PRIP Rajendra Saboo and RC ­Chandigarh in sponsoring congenital heart surgeries for children from Zimbabwe reaffirms the role of Rotary in being a glorious ambassador of peace and prosperity for millions of needy people.

Dr Jayasekharan V P RC Payyanur — D 3202

I enjoyed reading the articles written by PRIPs Kalyan Banerjee and Rajendra Saboo as well as the editorial paying rich tributes to the late PRIP Frank Devlyn. I had sent to the Editor a 500-word tribute to Devlyn, and pat came the response — in exactly seven minutes — regretting her inability to publish it. As I was my club president in ­2000–01 and had worked in the area of avoidable blindness for many years under the leadership of PRIP Devlyn, I was a little disappointed. However, on reading the three excellent write-ups, two by our PRIPs Saboo and Banerjee, and the editorial, recalling his greatness and contribution to the Rotary world, I could understand why I received that super fast response!

Let me recall here that I had sent my wishes by email to Devlyn on his 75th birthday and after some time, he responded through a mail stating, “Every now and then, I like to reminisce by re-­reading a few special letters brought together in a ­personalised memory book that was given to me as a gift by my wife and daughters. These birthday messages and letters remind me of how much persons such as yourself value my friendship.” These touching words show his simplicity and friendship which have been well-­highlighted in both the articles and the editorial in the June issue.

Dr M V Ravikumar RC Bangalore , Koramangala — D 3190

Kamalamma with her positivity and optimism reaffirms that there is pleasure in giving. You have enhanced your image by highlighting her generosity.

V Pasupathi, RC Erode — D 3212


Nothing to beat the pleasure of  reading printed magazine

I have received the e-magazine and hope I will receive the hard copy too. While savings are possible in bringing out an ­e-magazine, there is nothing like holding a copy in hand, still fresh with the smell of print, flipping through the pages, pausing at the interesting ones, looking at the pictures of people we know personally, reading the stories associated with them, slowly digesting what we read, and sharing the content immediately with our members and family through WhatsApp.

I always keep Rotary News beside the cash table in my store, pick it up and read whenever I find a few free minutes. ­Sometimes I show the magazine to our customers and share with them what Rotary is doing around the world. My father, who is a Lion, reads the whole magazine and points out to me what I might have missed out. Yes, the e-version has its own advantages, but nothing can equal the pleasure of reading a printed version.

K Ravindrakumar, RC Karur — D 3000

Yes, you will indeed receive a printed copy! — Editor.

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