Letters to the Editor – May 2016


Make it more visually appealing

My father became a ­Rotarian when I was ten years old, and since then The Rotarian has been ‘must read’ for me. When I joined Rotary, I continued with Rotary News, then edited by KV Chari. Over the years the magazine has shaped my thought process and made me a broad-minded and open-hearted Rotarian. It gets better each year and with each editor. But many new Rotarians don’t read it. This is a challenge and for Rotarians who don’t travel, it’s impossible to know the magnitude and diversity of Rotary. So to make them read, can we change the layout, make it more visually appealing, make some articles shorter with a link on the web for the complete article? Let’s identify ways and means to get more Rotarians to read the magazine.

Rtn Sajanan Nambiar
RC Vapi Riverside-D 3060

600---Jennifer-JonesGreat interview

I am a Rotarian for the past 50 years; I found the ­feature on ­Jennifer Jones interesting; ­Rasheeda Bhagat’s beautifully crafted interview is highly ­appreciated. She has shown her journalistic acumen in ­probing deeply into the mind of ­Jennifer Jones about roles and ­opportunities for women in Rotary. The interview was a good read.

Rtn Radheshyam Modi
RC Akola-D 3030

I am very pleased with the ­article — We’ll see an RI woman ­President in five years. I support the idea of a woman taking up the duties and ­responsibilities of an RI ­President. At ­present, Rotary has many ­eligible women for this position — ­Jennifer, ­Carolyn or Noyer, to name a few. ­Certainly, to become an ideal RI ­President, it is the ­leadership qualities, being well-versed in Rotary ­matters and personal integrity that ­matters and not the gender.

Rtn K Ramakrishna
RC Sullia-D 3180

The April issue was ­impressive. The front inner picture of the two Nepali girls with the RI ­President K R ­Ravindran says it all.  All the ­articles and ­photos by the ­Editor were ­excellent. Well done! I look forward to a woman becoming an RI ­President in the coming years. The feature We’ll see an RI woman ­President in five years is a boost to all woman ­Rotarians, and should be read by all Rotary spouses. ­Jennifer Jones’ record-breaking ­performance is appreciable. Her words are heart-touching and portray her dedication and love for Rotary — “I loved being club president so much that I could have continued for 20 years! The hardest part was stopping!”

I congratulate D 3230 and D 3590 for their excellent project — Happy Village. The most impressive article was Returning their childhood. The life which God failed to give the children, Rotary gives. My best wishes to RC Guntur Adarsh. This issue makes me more proud of being a ­Rotarian. Thanks Rotary, thanks Rotary News!

Rtn CA V Jayaprakash
RC Salem East-D 2982

600---WrapperRotary News gets better and better

Congratulations to you and your team for making Rotary News a true mirror of news from several RI Districts, and highlighting activities of various Rotary clubs. A Rotarian for 30 years I find commendable the new look you’ve given to the magazine through beautiful layouts, thoughtful editorials, in-depth and objective presentation of Rotary’s current and future projects. The quality of photographs is excellent. A new series of articles by experts and professionals on various subjects such as health, food and tourism are added attractions for readers like me.

In any magazine readers expect two things — matter and manner. Matter every magazine does provide, but what enhances the value of the production is the manner.

Rtn BD Sharma
RC Phagwara South East-D 3070

I am at a loss of words to ­appreciate all your editions of Rotary News. You have proved to be an ­excellent and thoughtful editor. Your ­innovative ideas are clearly visible and I really admire you for this wonderful accomplishment. I am a professor of philosophy in Utkal University, ­Bhubaneswar, and founder of an all-women’s Rotary club — RC Bhubaneswar New ­Horizon, chartered in June, 2007.

Rtn Jayanti Jagdeb
RC Bhubaneswar
New Horizon-D 3262

All articles in the February issue were excellent. I have never read any magazine so thoroughly before though I am a voracious reader! The year I spent as President of my club is one of the best in my life. Kudos to you and your team for the pains you take in bringing out a wonderful magazine every month.

Rtn Jaya Savanur
RC Hubli Midtown-D 3170

Compliments to you and the Board for bringing out excellent issues month after month with captivating photographs and fascinating coverage of various services rendered by Rotary and other Rotary events. Rotary News was appreciated even by PRIP Charles C Keller for outstanding journalism!

Rtn K Shrikanth Rao
RC Shimoga-D 3180

Congratulations for your editorial, Two CSR Champions, published in March. Having highlighted the generosity of philanthropists, such as Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Rajashree Birla, you have inspired many Rotarians to loosen their purse strings. The cover story relating to the charity of Sandra Shroff bringing major changes in the lives of the ­people in Vapi, Gujarat is worth mentioning. Thanks for the heart-touching and inspiring articles and editorials.

Rtn CL Thomas
RC Kalamassery-D 3201

Rotary News is getting more and more interesting; my ­compliments to the Editor and her team. It is sad that once again polio vaccinators have been targeted in Balochistan, killing 15 ­people. Pakistan’s commitment to polio vaccination is laudable. Since 1985, Rotary has contributed $1.3 billion to protect over 2 billion ­children in 122 ­countries. And Rajashree Birla has helped ­tremendously in this ­campaign with matchless humility and ­generosity. The issue carries reports of many clubs working with TRF help.

I salute the Literacy Heroes, and compliment Nobel Laureate ­Kailash Satyarthi for his lovely speech. The ­February issue gives good details of TRF and the Rotary peace ­conference in California. I have enjoyed ­reading PRID P T ­Prabhakhar’s stirring speeches and now enjoy Manoj Desai’s writing.

Rtn Raj Kumar Kapoor
RC Roopnagar-D 3080

I am a Rotarian and past president of my club from 1985 and a ­regular reader of Rotary News. Under your ­editorship the progress of the magazine has been good. My wife, a past Inner Wheel president, takes more interest than me to read the magazine. All the articles are interesting and inspirational. I have a small request; kindly ensure that the magazine reaches us on time. I have received the March issue only in the first week of April.

Rtn Magan Tandon
RC Lakimpur Kheri-D 3120

My heartiest congratulations to the editorial team for the “Grand and Great” style in which Rotary News is being brought out. It is a pleasure to go through, being exhaustive and informative on how Rotarians are assisting in literacy, health, ­environment, etc and improving lives.

In the April issue, the articles: ‘Why didn’t you come earlier?’, ‘Returning their childhood’, ‘No longer Children of a Lesser God’, etc were enthralling. Each page has to be read again and again. My request: devote more space for news from Northern India.

Rtn R N Sehgal
RC Ludhiana-D 3070

I always read the President Speaks column. His speciality is narrating big Rotary matters with small interesting stories. The story of Mother Teresa and an airline director who had come to hand over a ticket to her was great.

Rtn N Jagatheesan
RC Eluru-D 3020

A veteran Rotary Spouse down memory lane, which reports Usha Saboo’s speech, is motivating and encouraging. She is a role model to all Rotary spouses, and I suggest Ushaji should share her experience with other spouses at suitable platforms. This will result in active involvement of spouses and add to Rotary’s success.

Rtn DK Zarekar
RC Nashik Ambad-D 3030

Step wells of Gujarat

I always wait eagerly to get my copy of Rotary News. The article on the step wells of Rajasthan and Gujarat is extraordinary. Every minute detail has been included in the description. I am from Patan, North Gujarat where Rani ni Vav is located and was very happy to see the inclusion of our world heritage site in our monthly magazine.

Rtn Dr Dikshit
RC Patan-D 3051

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