Letters to the Editor – September 2020


Raising the bar

I have gone through all the seven issues of Rotary News from ­January this year which I had not been receiving for a few months as my name had gone missing from your subscribers’ list. Thanks for sending the copies. I was simply startled to see them! You have raised the bar tremendously and converted Rotary News into a proper, highly readable, national magazine. As an experienced magazine publisher and journalist, I should know! Well-done and keep up the good work.
Atul Dev

RC Indraprastha-Okhla — D 3011

The July issue is very interesting. Of all the articles, the one which I liked the most is, Work from home, an old norm by TCA Srinivasa ­Raghavan in the LBW column.

Guru Dutt NK, RC Dombivli East — D 3142

It is a matter of immense satisfaction that we get Rotary News on time despite the lockdown. The new RI President Holger Knaack has rightly focused on opening up opportunities. All the articles with accompanying pictures are wonderful as usual.

The article Withstanding adversity by Sheela Nambiar (July) is very helpful for balancing our health, work and life. The coverage on Covid relief camps and webinars, the write-up on Egypt with great pictures are all very good. The MoU with the HRD ­Ministry to make India literate and ­Africa’s river restoration project under the focus area of environment are milestone programmes for Rotary in 2020–21, and will redefine our future.

Soumitra Chakraborty, RC Calcutta Innovation — D 3291

Print vs e-version

I saw a boxed letter of K Ravindrakumar, RC Karur, batting for the advantages of a print version, as it provides reading pleasure, with an assurance by the Editor that print version is continuing. But we shall show a better way to the world.

While it is a pleasure to hold a print version in hand, we have to think of the damage to the environment as it entails felling so many trees to produce newsprint. Also, waterbodies are polluted when printed ink is dissolved into them. We have to ponder on all these issues, and remember that the earth’s natural resources need to be replenished.

Gopalakrishnan H, RC Hosur — D 2982

I received the July issue on the day GoI announced a new education policy. I wasn’t surprised to read the comment in Egypt… an awe-inspiring civilisation by Usha Kumar that she had learnt the ‘lacklustre’ history of India while in high school. But when I read the famous book The wonder that was India by A L Basham, an Australian author, I felt elated, though history was not my subject.

The author cannot be blamed for her comments on Indian history. It is the result of an ‘English’ education system imposed by the British and followed by our rulers till date which prevents us from appreciating our great history. We have to take pride in India’s great culture and civilisation. There is nothing wrong in glorifying Egyptian history; but it should not be at the cost of denigrating our culture. I hope this new education system will change our inferior mindset.

Radhesh L Bhat, RC Cochin Midtown — D 3201

It is astonishing to read that RID 9212 in Kenya has taken up a unique river restoration project described in Rotary-UNEP implement Africa’s largest river restoration project. This mega project for sustainable development partnering with UNEP has 74 clubs across 11 counties in Ethiopia and Kenya as joint stakeholders.

DG Joe Otin, who is also a Rotary Ambassador to UNEP, has done tremendous preparatory work since 2018 to take up this project aiming to provide fresh water, increasing the ecosystem along the river bank and enhancing the forest area, all laudable objectives. This project fits in with our seventh area of focus which is environment. Our best wishes to the project team of RID 9212.

Veeranna A Huggi, RC Shimoga — D 3182

Let’s donate to TRF

Congratulations to the Rotarians of RC Nasik Grapecity for their commendable work on the water pipeline project. The happiness it would have brought to the tribal villagers is imaginable. Keep up the good work.

Rajagopal Iyer, RC Coimbatore West — D 3201

I earnestly request Rotarians to donate liberally to TRF as this will help the poor who need our help. Let us donate as much as we can and at the ­earliest. We can join hands to make major contributions to the Foundation this year. In my RI District 3212, DGND V R Muthu and DG P N B Murugadoss have become AKS members by each contributing $250,000 to TRF. Let us donate now instead of waiting for the right time.

A Easwaramoorthy, RC Tirunelveli West — D 3212

The cover photo of Kamalamma in the June issue, with her innocent smile, aptly shows her joy in giving to society even when her funds are limited, and she can give only `500 as her contribution in preparing fresh meals for the needy. She is a great example to Rotarians whoa are striving to make the world a better place.

R U Raman, RC Pon Puduppatti — D 3000

A true Rotarian

I am a former president of RC Madurai Next Gen and nephew of PDG A N Muthuraman, who passed away recently. As a child I accompanied him to Rotary meetings, when I visited his home in Trichy. Thanks to him, most of his children, nephews and nieces, including me, are in Rotary. He was an avid reader, and had a good command over the English language. A couple of times, my ­letters were published in this magazine; even before I could read them, I would get a call from my uncle to appreciate me. In his passing Rotary has lost a member who was true to its objective till the last moment. And if this letter is published, I will no longer get a call from him.

A Ganesh, RC Madurai, Next Gen — D 3000

Left Rotary, but wants magazine!


I am Dr Veerraju Veera, a retired scientist from ISRO, now residing in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. I am a past Rotarian from RC Kakinada Central, RID 3020, and was in Rotary for 15 years. In June 2020, I left the club on personal grounds. As a Rotarian, I got Rotary News regularly.

I am deeply interested in going through the magazine. In recent years, it has undergone so many improvements, attaining international standards by good coverage of Rotary events such as RI conventions. conferences, along with beautiful and high quality ­visuals of Rotary leaders. The articles are duly balanced by the ­Editor’s views on different topics. All these have taken the magazine to new heights.

Considering the above, I have developed a fascination for Rotary News, and wish to continue reading the magazine even though now I am only a past Rotarian. I would like to continue to subscribe to the magazine. Please let me know how I can remit the subscription due as an individual subscriber, so that I may continue to enjoy the magazine uninterrupted.

Dr Veerraju Veera, retired ISRO scientist, Kakinada

We at Rotary News are delighted to note you’d like to continue reading the magazine even after leaving Rotary.We’ve got your ­subscription dues and will continue sending the magazine to you. Editor


Jones is the name


In 2005, Carolyn Jones of Alaska in the US became the first-ever female trustee of The Rotary Foundation. In 2022, Jennifer Jones of Ontario, Canada, will become the first ever female president of Rotary International. Both these ladies have made their historical mark in our organisation. It is my sincere hope that when the book about Rotary’s Second Century of Service is written, Jennifer Jones will not be forgotten as was Carolyn Jones when the book about the first one hundred years of the Rotary Foundation Doing Good in the World was published.

Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar, PRIP 2005–06

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