Letters to the Editor – October 2021

The plight of Afghan women

The editorial on the fate of Afghan women is timely. To help education in Afghanistan, RC Emerald City and other clubs in RID 5030, Seattle, US, are reported to have committed to support the activities of the local Afghan NGO, Agriculture, Health and ­Development Organisation (AHDO), which had constructed a new school there. The then Ministry of Education provided instructors and support staff to operate the school and may continue to do so. We hope the education of girls is not neglected.

K M K Murthy, RC Secunderabad — D 3150

The visuals of the Taliban beating Afghan women are really disturbing. The new Islamic government has a dozen plus ministers who are on the United Nations’ terrorist list. This ­government has the tacit support of several countries. Only a civil rebellion by the citizens of Afghanistan with ­support from countries around the world can save the children and women of this jinxed country.

Koka Dayanand, RC Nellore — D 3160

My compliments for yet another brilliant issue with content having a nice blend of emotions, information, focus and inspiration to align with the theme of Serve to Change Lives.

Reading your editorial on the plight of our Afghan sisters living under ­Taliban rule brought tears to my eyes. Afghanistan is rife with violence, which is now exacerbated to the level of ­tyranny and cruelty. I wish we could all do something for them. The article 10 years of giving hope to burn victims is inspiring and it is lovely to see our club’s project Beti Siksha being featured.

Kriti Makhija, RC Delhi South — D 3011

The plight of Afghan women after the Taliban takeover of their country is vividly narrated in the editorial. Now, the Taliban are showing their brutality on journalists too with horrible scenes being aired on TV channels.

Afghan novelist Khaled Hossieni, a goodwill UNHCR envoy based in ­California, in his book A thousand splendid suns has lamented the fate of Afghan women under the Taliban regime. God save Afghanistan.

Edward Mendonsa, RC Shankerpura — D 3182

Erode hospital, a colossal effort

I am amazed by the speed and energy with which RID 3203 Rotarians built a ₹20 crore super specialty 400-bed ­hospital in just 45 days. A colossal effort was made by PDG Dr ­Sagadhevan, his team, and DG ­Shanmugasundaram. A salute to these Rotarians.

S Mohan, RC of Madurai West — D 3000

Rotarians are proud of the Erode ­Hospital built in 45 days. This will enable training of 150 more ­doctors. A noble work by Erode Rotarians

T D Bhatia, RC Delhi Mayur Vihar — D 3012

The building of the Erode Rotary ­Hospital in just 45 days proves once again that Rotarians can achieve much bigger things if they believe in ­themselves. I hope that Rotary ­continues to maintain this medical facility as requested by the Erode GH dean Dr Mani.

Rm Muthukaruppan, RC Sankarapuram — D 2982

We have to appreciate the tremendous work done by Erode Rotarians in setting up the 400-bed Covid hospital. PDG E K Sagadhevan is the spirit behind this project. If we know how they got the raw material, other clubs could also do such mega projects. Said RI Prez Mehta: “In my 36 years in Rotary, I haven’t seen a single project of this magnitude.” Hats off to ­Sagadhevan and his team for this wonderful service project.

N Jagatheesan, RC Eluru — D 3020

I compliment you and the entire team of Rotary News for doing a good job issue after issue with balanced ­coverage of diverse subjects. Kudos to Erode Rotarians for setting up a ₹20-crore hospital in 45 days. It is interesting to read about a renowned singer/musician in each issue.

Shivkumar Israni, RC Bombay — D 3141

Health projects carried out by different clubs made good reading. The TANKER’s state-of-the-art dialysis centre and the complex heart surgeries being done by RC Bombay are worth reading. These are inspiring projects.

Dr Sanjay Kolte, RC Nagpur — D 3030

President Mehta’s message on increasing membership is timely. To engage new members, good communication, understanding, caring and respect are crucial. We should appreciate the work of new members and guide them to understand the club’s vision, values and projects.

Naveen Garg, RC Sunam — D 3090

It was so thoughtful of you to publish a black and white cover page for the great legend Dilip Kumar. I compliment you and your team for the excellent coverage on the late thespian.

Prabhat Kedia, RC Guwahati — D 3240

Rotary building a bridge in a small ­hamlet at Shegaon taluk in Maharashtra is noteworthy as it helps the farmers to market their produce. Rotary Hockey Foundation is doing a commendable job of training over 200 Odisha girls in hockey and the Rotarian coach spending over ₹20 lakh from his pocket in this endeavour is commendable.

Pon Muthiayan, RC Aduthurai — D 2981

President Mehta has urged clubs to celebrate Rotary Days to boost membership and as a public image-building exercise. Editor’s priority to write articles on women’s empowerment and girls’ eduction is most welcome. Rtn Jatinder Sharma has enriched Rotary by taking up coaching of Odisha girls in hockey. The article How a wedding reception led to creating a rural eye hospital is interesting; and the construction of check dam in Rajasthan by Delhi clubs is worth ­cherishing. All articles are eminently readable, especially those of general interest to readers.

R Thayumanavan, RC Cuddalore Midtown — D 2981

Rotary Plus

Our thanks and appreciation for publishing the article Covid awareness drive in tribal hamlets in the August issue of Rotary Plus with this event on the cover. God bless the editorial team

D K Zarekar, RC Nasik-Ambad — D 3030

During induction, new members at ­present extend their arm forward with an open palm facing downward, which is a Nazi salute in Hitler’s Germany. Rotary is an organisation that promotes peace, friendship and goodwill. Whereas, Nazis are racist and cruel. I suggest the right forearm of a prospective member, at the elbow, be held upright with an open palm facing forward. This is the posture of peace greeting. Do consider this.

Ramakrishna K, RC Puttur — D 3181

Mehta meets Modi


The cover ­photo of PM Modi receiving RI ­President ­Shekhar Mehta was nice. Mehta’s message on educating girls and the Editor’s note on the plight of Afghan ­women ­under ­Taliban ­regime are spot on. Kudos to Erode Rotarians for building a ₹20-crore hospital in 45 days. Great to read about the hospital for burn victims in Coimbatore. RC Delhi’s Beti Siksha is a novel project. ­Mehta’s announcement on recognising those who bring members will yield good results in a short span. A Marathon Man by PRIP Rajendra Saboo is worth reading. All articles are well-­written and pictures are  eloquent. A neat job by the ­editorial team.

Philip Mulappone M T, RC Trivandrum Suburban — D 3211

President Mehta meeting PM Modi is a booster shot for ­Rotarians. I turned all the pages of the magazine to read about the details of their meeting but couldn’t find them. Hopefully we will be given these in his next message.

R Srinivasan, RC Madurai, Midtown — D 3000

We’re proud to see the picture of PM Modi with President Mehta, and hope his tenure will be a golden ­period for Rotarians, particularly in India. Modi is a proactive leader and I am sure that Rotary clubs will ­contribute significantly to ­India’s ­development under ­Mehta’s ­leadership.

Anil Saxena, RC Lucknow — D 3120

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