Letters to the Editor – November 2021

Agents of change

The article Africa’s Agents of Change (Sep issue) showcased the contributions of Rotary Peace Fellows in Africa towards ­peacebuilding. The new peace centre at the Makerere University is supported by the Otto and Fran ­Walter Foundation which has pledged $15.5 million. Many peace fellows after completion of their studies engage themselves in peacebuilding around the world. It really makes one to ­ponder why we should not explore the feasibility of engaging them and utilise their services in our ­trouble-torn Kashmir.

Ramaswamy N P, RC Rasipuram — D 2982

RC Coimbatore Metropolis has done yeoman service by reaching out to over 600 burn victims in partnership with a hospital. Rotary flag atop Mt ­Annapurna summit is a proud moment for all Rotarians.

Dr Pon Muthaiyan, RC Aduthurai — D 2981

Mehta meets Modi

I was happy to see RI Prez Mehta greeting PM ­Narendra Modi on the cover of the September issue. Editor ­Rasheeda Bhagat in her editorial Who will help Afghan women made us feel the helplessness, fear and pain of Afghan women. RID Mahesh ­Kotbagi’s ­message on organ donation is important as even relatives often don’t donate blood. The words of RID A S Venkatesh, “every child should get quality ­education,” are noteworthy. Along with the implementation of all the programmes of the government, Rotary will also have to be engaged in providing quality education for every child.

Atmaram Gupta, RC Maharajganj — D 3120

While reading about the Afghan women in the Editor’s Note, my hands were trembling, as the future looks so bleak for Afghan women. RI President Mehta has laid right emphasis on girls’ education.

All the members of RC Delhi South deserve praise for the project Beti ki Shiksha. Both the RI directors’ messages are meaningful. Hats off to RC Coimbatore Metropolis for its Hope after fire Project under which 600 burn victims have benefited.

Raj Kumar Kapoor, RC Roopnagar — D 3080

RI President Mehta’s message rightly focuses on improving the livelihoods of underprivileged people. We have to work tirelessly and follow his guidance to achieve our goals.

The Editor’s note on girls’ empowerment dwells on the fate of Afghan women. The article on ­Mehta’s whirlwind tour of African countries rightly talks about challenges in providing sanitation, scholarship for girls and bridging other critical gaps for the internally displaced people in that continent. On the grim situation in Afghanistan, we can only pray for a good administration by the Taliban.

S Muniandi, RC Dindigul Fort — D 3000

Praise for Rotary News Plus

A nice cover page showing big tricolours with Rotary Wheel, a great selection for the cover page. Thanks for the good selection of service projects by Rotary clubs across India.

Naveen Garg, RC Sunam — D 3090

This e-magazine is a good initiative to keep our planet eco-friendly by avoiding newsprint and also it connects Rotarians by sharing their club projects and programmes.

Vikalp Jain, RC Waiganga Balaghat — D 3261

Fans of Rotary News… and the critics


It’s heartening to see on the ­October cover a tiny tot entangled with tubes being treated for a congenital heart defect at the Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital. RI President Mehta describes well the importance of serving ­humanity. The Editor’s note depicts the problems being faced by women in ­Afghanistan under the Taliban regime and the need for empowering girls. RID Mahesh Kotbagi stresses the importance of peacebuilding and how Rotary can be a partner in this great process.

RID A S Venkatesh explains the need to engage members in club ­activities to grow more and do more. Trustee chair John Germ shows the path for eradicating ­polio from the world. It is a delight to read the cover story on the Sanjeevani Centres doing 16,000 paediatric heart surgeries so far. Glad to note Rotary gives such importance to African countries for their progress and prosperity.

It is good news that Rotary has helped two million Indians to get vaccinated against Covid. Articles like Weaving Colourful Dreams, Rotary a grand symphony to do good, and From home to sweet home are all worth reading. Pandit Jasraj, the music veteran, will be remembered forever. Also, Club Hop pictures are beautiful. We are happy to get a value-packed edition every month.

Philip Mulappone M T, RC Trivandrum Suburban — D 3211

I am happy to note that Rtn Vivek Gaur and other two trustees at the Sanjeevani Hospitals are taking up critical congenital heart ­diseases in children. I feel like a part of this ­organisation as I am also a practising doctor. The article Aging blues by ­Srinivasa Raghavan is relevant at the present times offering a good piece of advice to the elderly. Kudos to RC Kodaikanal for vaccinating the entire population of this hill town against Covid.

Dr Basava Varahalu, RC Razole — D 3020

Rotary News must be kept in a ­library and maintained by every ­Rotary club in India as it will serve as a part of knowledge extension for new as well as senior Rotarians. It will educate Rotaractors on the essentials of Rotary and the kind of service it does. Thanks to the Editor and her team.

Abhay Kishore Chandwar, RC Dhanbad Midtown — D 3250

Ever since you had taken over the responsibility of Editor of ­Rotary News you have been doing a marvellous job with your experience and professional expertise in the field of journalism for a long ­period. Till then the editorship was handled by a few Rotarians, and once you came in, we ­readers felt a fresh fragrance. However, in the recent past, there is an over indulgence in your ­editorials, ­coverage of events and inclusion of ­non-Rotary articles and generous publication of photos of ­Rotary leaders, making us feel that the magazine has become a commercial journal, instead of an exclusive magazine for Rotarians to know about Rotary projects.

In the September issue, the pictures of Indian ­Rotary ­leaders ­occupied most of the pages. It ­appears that you and your ­teammates are only ­singing praise of ­senior leaders, who are ­supposed to be serving ­Rotary ­without any personal ­projection, or a trumpeting band. Rotary News needs to become more ­professional.

Sampathkumar, RC Coimbatore Elite — D 3201

Rotary News is primarily meant only for Rotary matters, but I am pained to find that in the recent past it is slowly being changed to any other magazine. The most glaring example was the coverage of Dilip Kumar in the July issue. What was the need to give him ­coverage of so many pages?

As a result of this lopsided ­attitude, genuine events of ­Rotarians are not being published in the magazine in the manner they deserve.

B Devdas Rai, RC Mangalore Central — D 3181

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