Letters to the Editor – May 2020

Rotary’s water projects

The cover photo in the March issue has women performing a traditional dance with serial lamps on their heads. One can’t help but praise their skills in balancing their overhead load with perfect poise and a smile.

In his message, RID Bharat Pandya has rightly said “water and sanitation go hand-in-hand and together they are the key to progress”, because if water is life, sanitation is a way of life.

Rotary has taken up the gigantic task of providing clean water and intensified conservation efforts by spending crores of rupees under its various projects benefitting thousands of people across India. The construction of check dams in the Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan is one of the humongous tasks for which RI is joining hands with the government. Check dams were constructed in semi-hilly areas to check soil erosion during floods in the monsoon and thus land in the lower areas is saved, and more water is available for irrigating farmland. Hats off to Rotary for contributing to the success of Swachh Bharat and the Jal Shakti Mission of GOI as mentioned in the article Clean water and sanitation, a  priority for Rotary.

RI President Maloney has said: “We need to grow Rotary by getting men and women of diverse backgrounds, who are willing not only to join us but also to serve.” Bravo, ­Rotarians go ahead with the mission and “Connect the world” to spread brotherhood, equality and peace all around.

Raj Kumar Kapoor, RC Roopnagar — RID 3080


Nicely-compiled magazine

As a new member, it is delightful and inspirational to find that Rotary News is compiled in such a professional manner and my appreciation for providing a colourful account of Rotary India Centennial Summit in Kolkata which showcased both service projects and cultural events. The article on President Elect Holger Knaack offered great insight into priorities that all Rotarians have to follow in the coming years. The article Rotarians must always wear their pin: RIDN underlined the need to project ourselves to our communities. Membership Summary and Rotary at a glance are presented in such an orderly manner so that Rotarians can get an update.

Several articles were nicely compiled and the message of RID Bharat Pandya was a perfect example of inspiration which ignites the minds of Rotarians to dedicate themselves more to the needs of society. It is heartening to know that the Kolkata Summit has initiated service projects worth $300 million and as RIPN Shekhar Mehta states, India’s membership is a silver lining in the annals of the Rotary movement and is a clarion call to further strengthen our duties to the communities we live in. The focus areas such as health, WASH and TRF contributions have been the great assets for Rotary India. PRIP Rajendra Saboo has groomed several Rotary leaders in India over the decades with passion and each member has to imbibe such virtues in their early years of their Rotary journey.

Dr Jayasekharan V P, RC Payyanur — RID 3202


Rotary and Rotaract greetings to RIDN Venkatesh for his valuable suggestions in the article Rotarians must wear their pin always: RIDN. We appreciate his services to society.

G Sankar Ganesh, RC Srivilliputtur Green City — RID 3212


Rotarians in India celebrate every event in a grand manner and the Kolkata Summit is one such example when it comes to Rotary conclaves in the country. The theme dance Hindustan meri jaan touched everybody’s heart with its traditional message of unity and cultural ethos. My Rotarian friends comprising 21 members from RID 3262 enjoyed many such moments at the Centennial Summit.

The editorial has turned the spotlight on the contributions of Indian Rotarians, whether it is TRF giving or service projects. Today Rotary clubs in India are much ahead of others in pursuit of humanitarian services. Your editorial reflects the spirit of Rotary in India.

Arun Kumar Dash, RC Baripada — RID 3262


RIPE Knaack’s interesting insights

The interview with RIPE Holger Knaack under the headline “Business casual” was very interesting. He has thrown light on the need to induct both young and old members in Rotary. He is all for retaining the older members as they are good value to our organisation. He says, “There is no wrong age to become a Rotarian whether 18 or 80 years.” There is no perfect size for a Rotary club, he says and has asked us not to put ceiling on the number of members in a Rotary club. He welcomes retirees to Rotary because they have skills, time and passion to contribute. However, young people should be inducted considering the future of Rotary.

This is encouraging for senior Rotarians like me who have been in Rotary for over 25 years utilising every opportunity to serve Rotary and community. We only request our services should not go unutilised in clubs and districts as it would benefit Rotary.

Ramaswamy N P, RC Rasipuram — RID 2982


It is interesting reading about MHM in the article Starting a dialogue on Menstruation. I am a President-elect and MHM is one of the projects I wish to promote and create awareness among the public. I am happy that I’ve got some new knowledge and ideas about MHM projects.

Betty Mutebi, RC Lukaya, Uganda and Tanzania — RID 9211


All the Rotary Hero awardees at the Kolkata Centennial Summit are known for their outstanding contributions towards society and despite all odds, these people went ahead with their service. I know Adhik Kadam, his work in settling the life of Kashmiri girls is valuable and noble work. I wish all of them a great success in future.

Prashant Padmakar Bhalerao, Non-Rotarian

Timely e-version of Rotary News


Thanks for coming out with the e-magazine for April, which was a good move, especially with the majority of Rotarians staying at home. The remarks of RI President Mark Maloney in his message titled ‘Rotary cares for maternal and child health’ are impressive and an important necessity in developing nations.

His message aims at removing the causes of malnutrition and diseases at the grassroot-level. And he offers a pathway for a strong foundation to the positive growth of the child, and in turn the community, nation and the world. A lot of resources can be saved by having a healthy mother and child. Maloney’s words are truly inspirational to all of us to take up the malnutrition challenge. Having successfully eradicated polio, we can now gear up for a new challenge to do good in the world.

Vijay Hattiholi, RC Hubli North — RID 3170

Congratulations for successful publishing of the April issue of Rotary News and sharing the e-magazine. The coverage of 100 years of Rotary in India, including the articles on the Kolkata Summit, is excellent. For the e-magazine, I request you to cover more club activities across districts as it will encourage Rotarians to do more such projects. Keep up the good work.

Bhavesh Shah, RC Madras Midtown — RID 3232

I read the magazine regularly and now due to Covid-19, I am reading its soft copy. I notice there is the Rotary logo in front and back pages, but not in the inner pages. I request you to carry the Rotary logo on top in all the pages as it will promote the Rotary spirit.

D A Naidu, RC Tuni Central — RID 3020

The April issue is really worth reading. I think this digital platform is better than print version and should continue with the same as this will avoid excessive use of paper which in turn will avoid deforestation. Let us save wood to save nature.

Pawan Panjwani, RC Kolhapur Sunrise  — RID 3170

Thanks Rasheeda for sharing the April issue in the electronic form… every page is worth reading and loaded with information.

PDG Sunil Saraf, RC Tezpur — RID 3240

This issue has excellent articles worth reading. The digital magazine is a good initiative, but do continue with the print issue too.

Niranjan Waichal, RC Kolhapur Sunrise — RID 3170

It is good to promote the digital magazine instead of printing hard copies.

Indrakumar Goonetilleke, RC Colombo North — RID 3220


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