Letters to the Editor – March 2023

Panduranga Setty remembered

While the news of PRID Panduranga Setty’s demise saddened the Rotary world, it was highly saddening for us at RC Karur, for we share a special relationship with him. Back in 1997–98, when our club was a small one, we invited him to be the chief guest at the installation of our club officers for that year. Despite Karur being far away from Bengaluru, he readily accepted our invitation. He and his wife not only attended the event, but also donated a drinking water facility complete with a pumping line, an overhead tank and delivery lines to a home for destitute children in Karur. To this day, whenever the warden of that home meets us, he recalls that project with gratitude.

There is an interesting anecdote to his visit as well. The train from Bengaluru arrives at Karur at 4.30am. We had gone to the Railway station to receive him but couldn’t find him. What had happened was that Setty and his wife, having overslept, got down at Dindigul and took a cab to Karur from there. This travel and the project would have certainly cost him a tidy sum. A man with a big heart, he refused our request to bear his travel expenses and spent the money from his own pocket. As the then club president who was installed by him on that day, I feel both proud and sad to share this story.

K Ravindrakumar, RC Karur — D 3000

The short but scintillating ­message titled Learning and Training by RI director A S Venkatesh is a ­motivating piece for all Rotarians. Updating of training methodology, taking feedback, and continual improvement are essential factors for our progress. Thank you, sir for your words worth a million dollars.

Former Indian president Dr Abdul Kalam with whom I had interacted for the launch of a ­vehicle programme in ISRO for more than two decades used to tell us that “Learning without knowledge is learned ignorance”. We feel so sad when we find some of our district leaders use the Rotary forum to boost their image and develop their business.

N R U K Kartha, RC Trivandrum Suburban — D 3211

I was impressed by the Valentine’s Day message by RID Mahesh ­Kotbage titled Love the world around you in the Feb issue. I read it twice. He has inspired Rotarians to serve the communities we live in and those elsewhere. We are proud of our top leadership who spread the message of ­Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.

S K Sablok, RC Nahan Sirmour Hills — D 3080

An enjoyable read

Enjoyed reading the article Gavaskar’s third innings (Jan issue) after knowing about Rotary News. Please keep me on your active post list. Editor Rasheeda’s writings are readable as ever in this publication.

Yoginder Diwan, RC Parwanoo — D 3080

Good job by Rotaractors

Rotarians should be impressed by the action of Rotaractors who had organised a blood donation drive at the Visakha Vista institute. India has a young population and youth must be drawn to become Rotaractors. They will be the backbone of Rotary in the future as they have got the ­passion to take up noble projects while still in Rotaract clubs.

T D Bhatia, RC Mayur Vihar — D 3012

Rotary News Plus adds value

Rotary News Plus is a very good initiative to improve the public image of Rotary. Through this e-magazine our projects reach the masses. Many congratulations.

Gajanan Mane, RC Karad — D 3132

A worthy school project


Glad to see schoolchildren, along with their principal, in a village school playground created by RC Bombay Worli as the cover photo of the Feb issue. This picture aptly depicts Rotary’s commitment to service. The Assembly Moments photos on the front inner cover are excellent. RI President ­Jennifer Jones narrates well the importance of empowering girls by citing the life of ­refugees in the Nakivale ­settlements in Uganda.

The Editor’s note explains well the ­environmental ­disaster that is unfolding in Joshimath by pointing out how such calamities can be prevented. RID ­Mahesh ­Kotbagi asks us to ‘love the world around you’ as ­Valentine’s Day approaches, while RID A S ­Venkatesh very relevantly turns the spotlight on learning and ­training at all levels.

Foundation trustee chair Ian Riseley explains how Rotary promotes peace around the world. ­Kudos to RC Bombay Worli and the school principal Ravi Kajale for their dedication and hard work. Other articles like Plea to Indian Rotarians…., Making Rotary irresistible, Indian laws need active citizenry, DGs have made India proud and RID 3231 hosts a multidistrict meet are all readworthy. Nice to read about Hemant, ‘king of soft, seductive and caressing voice.’ The Rotary theme for 2023–24, Create hope in the world is meaningful and apt to the present world order.

I was really sad to hear the news of the passing away of PRID ­Panduranga Setty whose commendable service will be remembered by Rotary. Condolences to all bereaved. Thank you, editorial team for your dedicated efforts in making Rotary News one of the best among its ilk.

Philip Mulappone M T, RC Trivandrum Suburban — D 3211

Editor’s in-depth study on each subject before penning it down is praiseworthy as she tries her best to make the issue crystal clear and easy to understand. Her recent editorial on Joshimath, “an environmental disaster waiting to happen” is self-explanatory.

Hats off to RC Bombay Worli for transforming a tribal village spending crores of rupees. The uncanny efforts of the Rotarians deserve appreciation. The smiling faces of children and the principal depict the inner happiness. I am at a loss of words to convey my compliments to Eidtor Rasheeda Bhagat for having huge stamina for travelling and gathering all information in respect of ­various projects ­being undertaken by ­different clubs and presenting to us to have an update on Rotary activities across India.

Raj Kumar Kapoor, RC Roopnagar — D 3080

The Feb cover, showing the newly-created playground by RC Bombay Worli in a ­Zugrewadi school, is commendable. There has been a complete transformation of the village, including the Adivasi school which has got a new building with a well-equipped library and laboratory. It was heartening to read that separate toilet blocks with running water for both girls and boys were also provided.

Kudos to the club and the school principal for their ­devotion in improving the ­living standards in the village and facilities for the tribal school.

K M K Murthy, RC Secunderabad — D 3150

RI President Jones rightly says that empowering girls and women to realise their full ­potential will create new pathways for membership growth and will usher in lasting change for better communities.

The tireless efforts of ­members at RC Bombay ­Worli in lifting a tribal village are ­commendable. Thanks to their hard work, the village has now got an upgraded school with all facilities. Also, due credit should go to the school principal Ravi Kajale for his commitment to renovate the school despite hardships.

S Muniandi, RC Dindigul Fort — D 3000


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