Letters to the Editor – March 2020

Diverse subjects, colourful photos

Trustee Chair-elect K R Ravindran’s views on the new programmes and priorities of the Foundation at the International Assembly were really a motivating. I contribute every year on July 1 a small amount to TRF. Even though it is small, I make it a habit. Sometimes I think how my contribution will support our TRF. But after reading this article, I feel part of TRF’s doing good in the world. I request all those who read Rotary News to do the same and motivate ­others to do so too. This will enable us to reach our Endowment goal for 2025 with more motivated donors.

Lakshman Sreedharala, RC Anakapalle — RID 3020

It is amazing to be a part of Rotary India Centennial Summit 2020. I am delighted to be a witness of this event at Kolkata, as this opportunity comes once in a lifetime.

My compliments to Rotary News which is full of colourful pictures and articles on diverse subjects that ­influence the readers at large.  Articles such as Beekeeping to boost Pune farmers’ income, Simple steps to rescue heart attack victims and RC Nagpur plays Santa Claus for ­mentally-challenged children on its 75th Charter Day turn the focus on some of the burning issues.

Soumitra Chakraborty, RC Calcutta Innovation — RID 3291

A worthy mag for non-Rotarians too

My compliments to you for turning Rotary News into a highly readable magazine, that even non-Rotarians find it interesting. I like to read first the LBW and Wordsworld columns before going over to other Rotary articles.

In the Jan issue, the feature that you did on the famed street food of Indore was interesting. The book review titled A book for our times by Sandhya Rao in her regular column is very timely and reflects the true ­philosophy of the Rotary movement. I am pleasantly surprised at the choice of books that you pick up for ­review. This also applies to the introductory piece on A Chequered Brilliance by Jairam Ramesh in this issue.

I also like the regular feature Meet Your Governors as it offers readers a good opportunity to get acquainted with the life and work of our  district leaders. In a way, it has filled a ­vacuum. Similarly, the format of Club Matters is pleasing and at the same time bringing out the essence of the diverse work being done by the clubs across the country.

PDG Lalit Surjan — RID 3261

Helpful RI staff at RISAO

It’s heartening to note that RI ­General Secretary John Hewko has given instructions to TRF staff that when they review GGs, their role is to get a ‘yes’ and not a ‘no’.

I’ve served as a primary contact for one matching grant and two global grants. I had a pleasant experience in getting approval for all these grants as the applications were processed quickly and the approvals came faster than we expected. The TRF staff at Evanston and RISAO were courteous and helpful. Yes, they sought a few clarifications just as anybody would do before parting with money. Once we addressed their concerns, the approvals came fast. We appreciate their efforts and cooperation. Clubs must state facts in their GG applications as this will get the job done quickly.

K Ravindrakumar, RC Karur — RID 3000

The cover story Suicide is a cry for help (Dec issue) was excellent and an eye-opener. Jaishree has brought into focus the nitty-gritty that create depression, pushing the young to commit suicide. We should all look seriously into the causes and take steps to improve external situations that drive vulnerable youth to take this extreme step.

Payal Agarwal, RC Calcutta Mahanagar — RID 3291

Rejecting beauty stereotypes

Kindly refer your editorial Shattering the ‘beauty myth’… (Dec issue). Your passion to go back to the past is to be admired because only in that way you have unravelled the mystery of the ways of the world, human sentiments and diversity. Rejecting stereotypes needs a lot of guts and challenges and most of the youth of today is changing its outlook. They have come to understand that beauty is skin deep and not based on colour.

Arun Kumar Dash, RC Baripada — RID 3262

A delightful campendium


In the Feb issue, the article on RIPE Holger Knaack launching the new presidential theme Rotary Opens Opportunities at the IA 2020 was inspiring. It is a perfect theme for the new Rotary year when Rotary India is celebrating a century of service.

The plethora of opportunities Rotary opens through its five Avenues of Service for club members is huge and we only need to embrace the motto of Service above Self in feelings, thoughts and actions to enrich our experience as Rotarians.

R Murali Krishna, RC Berhampur — RID 3262

There were several interesting articles in the Feb issue including the one on RIPN ­Shekhar Mehta where he has urged us to do service projects that reflect 10 per cent of government work. I congratulate the Editor for doing an excellent job in giving us an interesting and informative magazine that includes ­features on noteworthy and inspiring projects done by Rotary clubs.

The Editor’s Note An Institute to remember (Jan issue) was superb and the articles on the Indore Institute were excellent. RI Director Kamal ­Sanghvi’s promise to hold an “Institute of heart” at Kochi in November is good news to the people of Kerala as well as Rotarians in this region.

Please increase the pages for Letters so that the views of Rotarians from different parts of India can be accommodated; the pictures of senior leaders can be reduced.

Daniel Chittilappilly, RC Kaloor — RID 3201

(We accommodate almost all the letters that we receive from our readers after suitable editing: Editor)

What a nicely compiled Feb issue of Rotary News. The articles Institute honours strong-willed achievers and Simple steps to rescue heart attack victims are informative and helpful. And most valuable was the Project Positive Health campaign with the slogan Ek chammach kum, chaar kadam aage. This campaign will have a great impact on the health of citizens.

Chitranjan Bansal, RC Roopnagar — RID 3080

The two-word mantra of RID Bharat Pandya — hope and opportunities — is in sync with RIPE Holger Knaack’s theme, Rotary opens  opportunities. RIPN Shekhar Mehta has shown us an exciting path with his ­suggestion ‘Let us do service projects that reflect 10 per cent of government work.’ For me, Rotary News, with its wide range of information, is an ­encyclopaedia and when I read it in Tamil I can appreciate each and every page of the magazine.

Dr Subramanian, RC Puliangudi — RID 3212

I have been reading Rotary News for the last 47 years, since I joined Rotary in 1972–73. This publication holds a ­special value in spreading Rotary, informing about many events of social interest, and ­encouraging ­Rotarians and the public to ­participate in Rotary projects and activities. I was inspired, first to become a Paul Harris Fellow, and later a Major Donor, after reading the magazine, though I am a teacher having a limited monthly income.

I liked the article on RID Bharat Pandya’s views on ­regionalism and federalism. Regular columns like the one on books, On the racks,  Convention Countdown and reporting of club activities and projects such as beekeeping, ­protective clothing for garbage collectors, and restoration of lakes in Chennai are all interesting.

Madhav Kashalikar, RC Sangli Midtown — RID 3170


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