Letters to the Editor – July 2016 issue

 E-1Seoul convention

Korea here we come… 43,000 plus Rotarians. What a sight it must have been! ‘Walk for peace.’ Yes, Rotary sets ­examples and ­fulfils them. Peace walk should continue in every city, every ­country, till the message – live in peace, love thy neighbour- reaches all.

Rakesh Bhatia
RC Belur  – D 3291

Cheers to Rasheeda for ­portraying the Seoul ­Convention in virtual reality. Enjoyed the reporting … can understand and appreciate the effort your team must have made to bring an account of the Seoul Convention and South Asia Reception when the ­convention had just got over.

R Murali Krishna
RC Berhampur – D 3262

As usual great reporting of the RI Convention in Seoul by Rasheeda and her team. It is a fitting tribute to outgoing RI President K R Ravindran for conducting such a great convention and for making the organisation more accountable and enhancing Rotary’s Public Image. We should now concentrate on eradication of TB, and create social ­responsibility through TEACH and WASH programmes.

Susant Tayi

Interesting issues of RN

The May issue has many inspirational stories. The talk with RIPE John Germ shows the way Rotarians can serve mankind and the interview by Rasheeda Bhagat with incoming Trustee Chair Kalyan Banerjee ­motivates us to get more involved and ‘Do Good’ in the days to come.

Veeranna A Huggi
RC Shimoga – D 3180

Congratulations for yet another very informative issue of Rotary News. We are in Rotary because we are motivated, wish to motivate and serve others. I am a proud Rotarian; if 1.2 million Rotarians can bring a change in the world, imagine what more we can do if more people join Rotary … so let’s all promote Rotary wherever we go.

Dr Rajendra Singhania
RC Raipur West – D 3261

Your editorial Winds of change at Rotary was very interesting. No doubt change is necessary, but the decision to enhance RI dues pinches and causes anxiety among all. Most people will agree with RI President K R Ravindran that women know the needs of the community better but their opinion is not sought. He says: “A club that shuts out women, shuts out much more than half the talent, ability and the connections it should have.” In Creating an ­IIT-like college for blind, Deepa Gadgil, along with other women Rotarians, is playing a major role. Happy schools, minds & bodies shows the wonderful job being done by Rotary. WinS Chair Sushil Gupta rightly says merely building toilet blocks is not enough; the real objective is to bring about behavioural change. Hats off to PRID Sudarshan Aggarwal for building Him Jyoti School for girls from disadvantaged families.

Raj Kumar Kapoor
RC Roopnagar – D 3080

Missing Subscribers

It is always a pleasure to read your Editorial every month.  Your message penetrates in the hearts of the readers.  In the June issue you had focussed the attention of Rotarians on “20,000 Indian Rotarians do not subscribe to any Rotary magazine.” This figure is an eye-opener for all Rotary clubs and the Rotarians.

I admire the power of your pen.  Your article Sangam of training, leadership and service on the contribution of Rotary in States like Chhattisgarh, Setting goals and enforcing rules, Data theft and Sanitary Napkins, are interesting to read. My heartiest compliments for your dedicated service to the Rotary Community. I eagerly wait to receive Rotary News every month.

Om Prakash Sahgal
RC Bombay Midcity – D 3141

It is very sad to note that most of the Rotarians do no subscribe to any Rotary Magazine. In fact RI should make it mandatory to have at least one Rotary Magazine in a month per Rotary member. I fully agree with our RI President that even in the digital age,  a hard copy can inspire, connect and give lot of visuals, informative matter and deep-rooted social activities all at a glance.

Piyush Doshi
RC Belur  – D 3291

WinS is an important Rotary ­project but apart from ­constructing toilet blocks in schools, hygienic disposal of soiled sanitary napkins is equally important. It is good to note that Rtn J Govindaraj, RC Madras East, is making sanitary napkin vending machines and incinerators.

N Jagatheesan,
RC Eluru – D 3020

Kashmiri Pundits

I am a Rotarian for the past 25 years. Rotary as well as Rotary News is always above all caste, creed and ­religion. But the article ­Memories … of Kasheer by Somnath Sapru tries to sow the seed of hatred while praising Kashmiri Pundits. Islam never promotes violence in any form.

PP Iqbal
RC Dindigul Midtown – D 3000

The account of terrorists’ attack on Kashmiri Pundits and their sad plight of having to flee their native land is both shocking and heart touching. Though they had to migrate, they maintain their identity with their costumes, traditions, ­culture, language, festivity, etc. They have become ­refugees in their own country which is quite pathetic and sorrowful.

SG Sayagavi
RC Davanagere
Vidyanagar – D 3160

A sher for the Editor!

I am a big fan of your writing. Your editorials are a dose of inspiration for me. A Sher for the Editor: ­“Shabdon ke Sitaron se jahan aise chamka diya, Unki roshni se andhre ujale ho gaye.

Sunita Moudgi
Spouse of Rtn Baljinder Moudgi
RC Samana – D 3090

The article on Immunising India in the June issue was excellent. The experience shared by volunteers from UK and other countries regarding NID was very useful. Our club has done 40 projects to create awareness on vaccination and nutrition in villages this year. Let’s create a healthy India and a Polio-free world.

Dr Jayesh Suthar
RC Sidhpur – D 3051

The article Keep moderate, regular exercise going is very ­informative. Thank you for publishing articles on health and general topics.

PHF Veerabhadrappa HN
RC Davangere Midtown – D 3160

This year I served as a GSE zonal co-ordinator; I find Rotary News is a very good quality magazine and low priced too, giving experience and essence of Rotary and all Rotarians should subscribe and read it regularly. Happy to note that the Rotary World Magazine Press Editors seminar was held in May where the Editors shared their views and ideas. I suggest that every month you carry one or two major projects from other countries in our magazine.

Suresh Kumar Devaki
RC Rayachoty  – D 3160

Klinginsmith-Ray---1The cowboy rides away …

You may have a cowboy hat, spurs, chaps, and a horse but you’re not a cowboy till you can ride like one. TRF Chair Ray Klinginsmith has really ridden like one and blazed a commendable trail.

Harjit Singh Khurana
RC Ludhiana – D 3070


Qawwali Time

Back-innerThe write-up ­Qawwali time in Hyderabad depicting RI Director Manoj Desai and spouse ­Sharmishtha brings cheers with their smiles. Smile and the world will smile with you; thank you for bringing us these ­cheerful moments.

Radheshyam Modi
RC Akola – D 3030

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