Letters to the Editor – January 2021

Well done, RC Pune South!

Kudos to RC Pune South for completing 50 years in serving the community and transforming lives. Recognising sanitary workers by giving them moral support and utility kits is a remarkable project. It has empowered the community through Udyojak Mitra that trained the shepherds in making and marketing goat milk soap. Also, they have trained the ­doctors and medical students in Ethiopia and opened fixed deposits to help with the higher education of poor girls in the golden jubilee year. Let the club continue its journey in serving the community in more innovative ways.

Veeranna A Huggi, RC Shimoga — D 3182

The work of social activist Mayank Gandhi (Nov issue) is ­praiseworthy. His work has enhanced the farmers’ income, thus improving their livelihood. Two articles were interesting to read in the December issue. First, S R Madhu’s piece on Manna Dey, who has sung more than 4,000 songs, and got appreciation from Lata Mangeshkar for his ­exquisite rendition. My greetings to the writer for an excellent biography. The second article RC Pune South turns 50 with a bang is noteworthy as it completed a slew of projects covering health and hygiene, women’s empowerment, education and skilling. My kudos to the club.

Dr Pon Muthaiyan, RC Aduthurai — D 2981

RI President Holger Knaack’s message for the new year has changed all of my thinking about the year 2020. What a fantastic message he has given to all Rotarians. He has described how when the entire world was at a standstill, Rotary was not. We are being innovative indeed.

Dr Mahesh Kawle, RC Karaikal Centennial — D 2982

The cover story in the November issue titled Community farming for a prosperous India was really inspiring. Mayank Gandhi’s work is admirable and astonishing, particularly in the days after demonetisation. His hard work has transformed the village economy. Kudos to him.

Vinayak N Upadhye, RC Aurangabad — D 3132

In the November issue, the article about a Rotaractor Jaya Sagar who got help from RC Manali, RID 3070, is interesting to read. I am happy to know that the Manali club had donated a high-end computer to her for pursuing higher education in UK. Also, DG Davinder Singh has arranged for Rotarians in Bristol to contact her; how wonderful that this Rotaractor was helped in this way.

Hats off to club president G C Thakur and his team for doing this wonderful work. DG Singh’s effort in this project is appreciable. Let us make Rotaractors feel that Rotary is there to provide them help when needed.

N Jagatheesan, RC Eluru — D 3020

An inspiring true story

The article by PDG Rajan ­Deshpande (A Rotarian doctor recalls his brush with coronavirus) was not only a call not to take the pandemic lightly, but also an inspirational true story. He has recalled the events in a simple manner which ensured the readers were able to connect with the situation well.  The article rightly points out the pandemic has taken a toll on daily lives of people and health ­professionals are really exposed to the danger of this infection, despite taking precautions. Giving a bright light of hope for Rotarians and leading by example, Deshpande gives importance on spending time with loved ones and cherishing our dreams, which is also a core value of Rotary. This article was an inspiration to pursue our lives with great spirit and passion.

Dr Jayasekharan V P, RC Payyanur — D 3202

At the outset, I must ­congratulate Editor Rasheeda Bhagat for ­presenting us such a beautiful monthly magazine, with so many excellent articles. In the November issue, PDG Dr Rajan Deshpande has narrated the ­seriousness of the Covid virus and how he escaped from the jaws of death, after getting infected. I would request those eligible, who are cured from corona, to give back plasma in gratitude for life.

PDG N K Mishra — D 3262

Know your health numbers

Rotary clubs must hold ‘Know your numbers’ camps to monitor the weight, BP and blood sugar regularly in people and exhort every adult to know his three main health numbers. These camps are inexpensive and easy to organise.

During the camps, health ­literature pertaining to importance of having the right numbers — BP measuring 120/80, BMI less than 25, fasting blood sugar less than 100 and post-lunch sugar less than 140 must be emphasised. Let us distribute brochures containing simple tips to control diabetes, BP, heart disease, stroke and kidney failure with suggestions for a healthy lifestyle.

Govinddas Agrawal, RC Belur — D 3291

A Rotary info plus

Rotary News Plus is as good and informative as ever. My best wishes to the editorial team.

Arun Kapur, past district governor — D 3070

A ray of hope

With reference to your editorial, we hope Rotarians can act as a bridge between financial institutions and poor beneficiaries. They can play an important role in training the poor and unskilled to improve their livelihoods, working in partnership with local banks and governments.

Govind Sharma, RC Khandwa — D 3040



Chennai’s flower sellers deserve our help


The cover story on ­Chennai ­flower sellers was such a well-written article, giving me the impetus to do a special project called Chennai’s flower girls. Let’s see if like-minded Rotarians can join in this.

Dr B Dakshayani, RC Meenambakkam — D 3232

The December issue touches upon the plight of the poor and highlights their sufferings during the lockdown. I am sure our readers who move out of their comfortable apartments will look differently at our flower sellers and treat them with respect and empathy. If the ­buyers don’t bargain, that by itself would be a great help.

The other articles including Trustee Chair K R Ravindran’s ­appeal for funds to TRF, and defining its ­different ­categories, were interesting. The women in our ­family were very happy with the article on preparing Gujarati ­delicacies.

Nan Narayenen, RC Madurai, West — D 3000

The front cover photo of a flower seller at Chennai is simple but attractive and Kiran Zehra’s cover story is heartrending. RI President Holger Knaack’s message gives positive energy to march forward with new opportunities from the pandemic and marks 2020 as a year of strength for Rotary.

Editor Rasheeda Bhagat calls for economic rehabilitation of ­low-income group post-Covid, with microfinance as a sustainable ­remedy. Delighted to read about the various signature projects implemented by RC Pune South, which turned 50. Articles like Challenges and opportunities for ­Rotarians in a ­post-Covid world by K R ­Ravindran and Rallies, awareness campaigns mark World Polio Day are all worth reading.

Pleased to note that Rotary magazines are being published in 25 languages serving members in 129 countries. The write-up on Manna Dey is exemplary.Congratulations for the great work.

Philip Mulappone M T, RC Trivandrum Suburban — D 3211

In the December issue, the Editor’s note urging Rotarians, who have done ample Covid-relief work, to give economic relief and rehabilitation to the poor is an eye-opener. Congratulations to Kiran for the cover story on Chennai’s flower sellers, and their plight during this pandemic. S R Madhu’s report on Manna Dey and V ­Muthukumaran’s article on pandemic relief by ­Rotarians were both fantastic.

Daniel Chittilappilly, RC Kaloor — D 3201

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