Letters to the Editor – Dec 2020


Great Indo-Pak initiative

I am very pleased with the Indo-Pak projects by Rtn Ravishankar Dakoju. Let these projects be the first steps to resolve misunderstandings and the festering border dispute between the neighbours. I request all the PDGs named in the article and Dakoju to adopt some more fellowship programmes and get more PDGs from India and Pakistan to join. Rotary, as a friend of both the countries, should persuade and suggest means to promote peace and our projects and programmes must become a people`s movement in both countries. We the people of India and Pakistan must come together to amicably settle all outstanding issues to establish peace and goodwill.

Ramakrishna K, RC Puttur — D 3181

Great articles on Yunus, our music legends

The October cover story on Yunus was an eye-opener. So many facets of his personality have been brought out. His faith in Rotary’s ability to bring change in the world was heartening. Rotary News has done yeoman service by bringing us this article.

Group Capt V G Deodhar, RC Nasik — D 3030

The points made by Yunus were thought-provoking. The recognition of Rtn Tunji ­Funsho by Time ­magazine and S R ­Madhu’s article on Kishore Kumar were great. Though Kishore sang his own songs whenever he acted, for some songs when the music director felt that Mohammed Rafi could sing them better, Kishore readily agreed. Once when a song to be sung by Rafi required ­yodelling, he requested the music director to get it done by Kishore, the master of yodelling. But when the music director insisted on Rafi singing it, he went to Kishore, got ­valuable tips on ­yodelling and then sang the song, which was filmed on Feroze Khan. That was the camaraderie singers shared in the past.

Santosh Tiwari, RC Jalna Rainbow — D 3132

The article on SPB’s journey was interesting. He has carved a niche in the hearts of Tamils with thousands of songs, entertaining lakhs of people. Of course, one of the high points of his career is Sankarabharanam in which he has sung under K V Mahadevan’s music composition.

Dr S Subramanian, RC Puliangudi — RID 3212

Thanks to Rotary News for bringing out the concept of micro entrepreneurs as envisioned by Yunus. His comment on not going back to pre-corona days is thought-provoking. His concern on Covid vaccine distribution needs to be addressed by policy-makers. Rotary can take a role in vaccine distribution among weaker sections.

Vinod Kumar A K, RC Nileshwar — D 3202

Reading the cover story on Prof Yunus through your article was great. I could not retain much on the webinar and was looking for details, which I got in our magazine, and which have ­created a deep impression of his ideas in my mind. Our district has adopted microcredit projects. The newly designed Club Hop looks nice and beautiful.

R K Bubna, RC Belur — D 3291

I read the cover story on Muhammad Yunus with lot of interest as my father, the late Rtn Jayant Shah, had travelled specially to meet Yunus. This was before he got the Nobel Prize. He had gone to understand about microfinance and the Grameen Bank, and was very impressed by Yunus’s work. After returning, he started microfinance through the Disha Trust in association with RC Poona North and Janki Devi Bajaj Trust. It catered mainly to the remote villages near Pune.

Yogesh Shah, RC Poona Central — D 3131

Muhammad Yunus has nicely explained the concept of social entrepreneurs, touching on a host of developmental issues. His visionary thoughts and plans will make the right impact in the world. Thanks for the excellent write-up.

Dr Pon Muthaiyan, RC Aduthurai — D 2982

A great story on the newly-formed Rotaract club in Arunachal Pradesh. It was with absolute delight that I read the news of the charter of RAC Namsai. This will help bring parity for the youth of the region with the rest of India in the coming years. More power to President Khusbu Sharma and DRR Tushar Jalan.

Gopinath N Pandalai, RC Bangalore Indiranagar — D 3190

We are thankful to Rotary News for publishing our project on environmental protection. This was our first ever project published in this magazine since 1979. It was a great drive initiated by our club to develop a Rotary Vatika at the Jagsundri temple. We planted around 300 saplings dedicated to our Rotary leaders. We also planted ­saplings in the name of Kiran Zehra and Editor ­Rasheeda Bhagat. On behalf of all ­Rotarians from our club, I thank you for the article.

Sunil Kumar Dogra, president RC Kangra — D 3070

The September and October issues are just fabulous with both the cover stories epitomising the distinct character of Rotary.

I have listened to Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus in the webinar programme and his presentation was impressive and realistic. Covid has opened new opportunities on the virtual platform where we can listen to distinguished persons. I also admire the lines spoken by RIPE Shekhar Meta, “soft spoken, mild mannered, humble…” on the late PRID Yash Pal Das.

Soumitra Chakraborty, RC Calcutta Innovation — D 3291

Kudos to PDG Sylvia Whitlock

The article When the mouse roared in the September issue is an eye-opener. PDG Sylvia Whitlock, who fought the legal battle for the right of women to join Rotary, in spite of stiff opposition by the then leaders, and went on to become the first woman governor. It is great to learn that for the first time a woman, Jennifer Jones, will become the RI president in 2022–23. This is true empowerment of women in Rotary.

Major D K Zarekar, RC Nashik-Ambad — D 3030

Community farming shows the way


Activist Mayank Gandhi has touched a magic lamp by ­introducing community farming in Maharashtra. This region, once known for farmer suicides, has become a prosperous area. PDG Rahul Timbadia has proved that Rotary, with its extraordinary network of people with ­focus and skills, can create big change.

Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus spelt out reasons for the world heading towards disaster — Global warming, concentration of wealth and growing, massive unemployment. An eye-opener.

K M K Murthy, RC Secunderabad — D 3150

The cover story on community farming was ­motivating, informative and imparted knowledge. If farmers in ­Marathwada can achieve acche din through the passionate efforts of Mayank Gandhi, then there is hope for India to realise the same. PDG Timbadia’s acts are inspiring and worth emulating. Your write-up deserves wide circulation for motivating Indians.

Rajeev Chhabra, RC Nagpur — D 3030

Community farming can add so much in the growth of our nation. Glad to hear from the RI president that the RI board is forming a task force to assist clubs to attract new members, the need of the hour.

Editor’s note covers many ­important aspects which require Rotary’s intervention. RI directors have stressed the importance of TRF, our shining jewel. It’s good that measles and ­rubella will be eradicated by 2023. RC Bombay ­Rotarians’effrot, despite monsoon floods, are laudable.Delighted to read A Rotarian doctor recalls his brush with coronavirus and the article on RC Quilon turning 70.

Club Matters was more apt than Club Hop. The earlier photos were clearer and of viewable size, which is important to clubs. The content is meaningful; I appreciate the good work of the editorial team.

Philip Mulappone M T, RC Trivandrum Suburban — D 3211

The November issue has ­impressive content. The story on community farming is interesting and in tune with ­Gandhiji’s vision. The planting of fruit trees will promote the economy and conserve ecology. My ­compliments to the Editorial team for giving such useful articles. The gifting of a laptop to a deserving girl, the article on our melody icon SPB, with striking photographs, are interesting. Yet another landmark in the history of Rotary is the nomination of Jennifer Jones as the first ever woman RI president.With its sparkling inputs, this issue is a ­befitting Diwali gift.

PDG Tarachand Dugar, RC Madras East — D 3232


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