Letters to the Editor – August 2016 Issue

Surpassing The Rotarian!

Received the July issue edited excellently by you. I am happy to note the wonderful changes in presenting the RI information and news in a lucid manner that reflects the correct picture and makes us read the copy page by page. In the recent CoL, RI has diluted many rules and made a few things flexible. But under your editorship, Rotary News has not been diluted; in fact both its content and presentation have been enriched!

Both the interviews — of RI President John Germ and PRIP Kalyan Banerjee – reflect the mindset of these leaders. It is very heartening to see that on many pages our PRIP Raja Saboo makes an impact and our young-at-heart RI Director Manoj Desai and Sharmishtha bring us their smiles. The articles Into the wild and Managing Depression were really good.

Once again my sincere appreciation for the new look of our magazine, surpassing The Rotarian!

PDG Madhukar B Deodhar
RC Mulund
Mumbai – D 3141


Simple, straightforward, generous

600---Letter-to-the-Editor---kalyan-BanarjeePRIP Kalyan Banarjee’s ­profile in the May issue was very inspiring and has increased my respect for him even more.

I am a Rotarian since 1979 and I belong to D 3060. When ­Kalyanbhai was our DG and ­visited our club, I had hosted him in my house, which was not well furnished then. He and Binotaji slept on the floor ­without any complaint and he gifted my daughter his expensive pen. ­Kalyanbhai is simple, straightforward and generous. Even when he meets me today, he remembers my name and asks me how my club is doing.

Anil P Sohoni
RC Dondaicha Senior – D 3060

Women and Rotary

600---Letter-to-the-Editor---Women-and-RotaryMona Sitwala’s article Why single out women in Rotary? in the July issue is truly an eye-opener. I fully agree with her view. If we continue to ­introduce women members as “lady ­Rotarians,” it shows our reluctance to treat them as equals. I suggest we dispense with the practice of having a ­separate column for women Rotarians in the membership report published every month.

K Ravindrakumar
RC Karur, D 3000

Congratulations for giving us such good glimpses of Seoul Convention. The article on ­Single Mothers is also inspiring. But ­article on women in Rotary by Mona Sitwala is awesome. She has put the facts in the right ­perspective. This is the right kind of women empowerment.

Neelima Garg
RC Dehradun West – D 3080

Missing subscribers

It was shocking to know thousands of Rotarians are not subscribing to the magazine.It mirrors the ugly face of Rotary clubs in India. Each Rotarian contributes ₹5,000–6,000  as annual membership fees, out of which ₹ 420 is earmarked for the Magazine. I hear the reason for non-subscription is that many club Presidents unofficially collect information of members not interested in reading the magazine, perhaps due to language problems. Their subscription is diverted to club projects.

G V Sayagavi
RC Davanagere
Vidyanagar – D 3160

RI President John Germ says the most important qualities to be a good Rotary leader are good management skills, patience and the ability to motivate and work with people. The noteworthy quote from Bible: “To whom much is given, much is expected” is relevant to our well-to-do Rotarians. He says his hobby is Rotary which shows his commitment. It is disappointing to find that 20,000 Rotarians are not subscribing to any Rotary magazine. Subscription rules should be made more stringent to save these valuable magazines giving valuable information to all Rotarians.

M T Philip
RC Trivandrum Suburban – D 3211

It is sad to note about the missing subscribers. The Editor and her team are striving to bring out a quality Rotary News. I was happy to read about Rotary Editors’ day out at ­Evanston by Rasheeda. This is the best platform for the Editors to assemble and share ideas and strategies.

Healthcare for rural children by Kiran Zehra and Keep moderate, regular exercise going were interesting.

Raj Kumar Kapoor
RC Roopnagar – D 3080

Seoul Convention

The Korea convention will be remembered for long by both ­visiting and non-visiting Rotarians.

Rakesh Bhatia
RC Belur – D 3291

Thanks to your writing I got a ­whirlwind tour of the Seoul ­Convention. I travelled between ­Kintex 1 and 2 several times to ­thoroughly enjoy the articles!

Gaurish Padukone
RC Bhatkal – D 3170

Respect Rotaractors

The July issue was very interesting; Let’s respect Rotaractors was excellent; When Rotary gave his mother back to K R Ravindran touched my heart. Soon we will see the greatest day in the history of Rotary when the world becomes polio free. Congratulations to you and your team for publishing such an excellent issue.

Harkishore Chanda
RC Hailakandi – D 3240

RI President John Germ has urged us to respect Rotaractors, who are  the seeds of our Rotary Garden. If we nurture them now, they will do more for the ­society in future.

T D Bhatia, Rotary Club Delhi
Mayur Vihar – D 3012

RI President John Germ’s ­message to respect Rotaractors is very apt as they will become leaders of ­tomorrow. As a Rotarian who has worked with students I applaud the article and recommend its reading by all Rotarians.

N R U K Kartha
RC Trivandrum Suburban – D 3211

The July issue was an informative one; I liked best Kalyanda’s message, and the haldi farming story describing the good work of Rotarians to help farmers. RMB was a new concept to help grow Rotarians’ business.

Jagdish Vaghasia
RC Surat East – D 3060

After you took over as Editor, the magazine’s look, ­content, articles and specially photography, are among the best. I get my copy normally by the 10th, of the month but if it gets delayed even by a day,

I get restless. Thank you for improving our magazine.

Siddappa Kurki

Now both print and e-version of Rotary News are priced the same  at Rs 420. Please consider the suggestion to price e-version at Rs 240.

Dr Anil Latey
RC Poona Downtown – D 3131

Thanks for the article Into the wild. Very well written with feedback from beneficiaries. Now over 50 girls from the same school are clamouring to attend the forthcoming RYLA Nature Study and Adventure Camp, taking District RYLA to a bigger scale.

Radheshyam Modi
RC Akola – D 3030

One of the great responsibilities of a leader is to inspire his ­followers. We are fortunate to have read 12 great messages from PRIP KR Ravindran.  Each one of his messages was a lesson and thoughtful expression, and made a lasting impact.

R Srinivasan
RC Madurai MidTown – D 3000

The Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesighe ­recognising Rotary for its service is a matter of pride for all Rotarians. Also the report A Convention moment touched the hearts of all Rotarians.

PDG M Ashok Padmaraj
RC Nagercoil MidTown – D 3212

The Editorial of the July issue Fun time at Seoul and Meet your ­Governors were very ­interesting. RI President John Germ’s view on respecting Rotaractors should be respected.

Santosh Tiwar
RC Rainbow Jalna – D 3132

In Rotary, every July brings new aspirations, motivational themes, new agenda, new teams full of zeal and enthusiasm. Seeds of hope are sown by new hands and experienced hands take care of a good harvest.

Rajendra Singhania
RC Raipur West – D 3261


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