Letters to the Editor – April 2017 issue

A classy magazine


In 1912, a year after 1911, the delegates at the third RI Convention in Duluth, ­Minnesota, changed the name of The National Rotarian (12 pages) to The ­Rotarian. The then RI President Glenn G Head said our magazine should also contain reading matter of general interest. I’m glad this statement made 104 years ago is followed by the Editorial teams of The ­Rotarian and Rotary News. In the March issue, I find interesting ­articles such as Ability beyond Disability,  Serious Fun, Why Rotary has been branded a “unique organisation”, Hoarding money can make you crazy and the Editorial on Rotary spouses. All the articles are captivating and classic examples of excellence in journalism. Congratulations.

The Editorial team of Rotary News is making ­improvements in each issue which motivates not only the Rotarians and their spouses but also non-Rotarians to read the magazine with ­interest. Felicitations to the Editor and her team for their good work and all the best to continue to bring us such a world-class magazine every month.

R Srinivasan, RC Madurai Midtown – D 3000

In the March issue, Hands of Hope was heart touching. To commemorate the TRF ­centennial, RC Vapi (D 3060), the home club of our beloved Trustee Chair Kalyan Banerjee, gave away prosthetic hands to 177 people. This was a dream project for the club president Harish Kothari. Certainly, Rotary is doing good through TRF.

N Jagatheesan, RC Eluru – D 3020

I was impressed by the philosophy of AKS member Manoj Israni on giving away money to serve humanity. I have decided to plan something big by identifying and cutting down my unnecessary expenses. Kudos to the Editor for bringing out the best from everyone she interviews.

G Karthikeyan, RC Mannargudi – D 2981

I joined Rotary Coimbatore East (D 3201) two years back. I am very proud as a Rotarian and participate in the ­maximum number of projects and meetings in my club. The February issue has many useful messages and articles that are very useful for young Rotarians like me.

Rajesh Chinnasamy, RC Coimbatore East – D 3201

Let’s promote organ donation

There could be no better service than to donate one’s organs, especially when they give a new lease of life to six ­persons. Congratulations to Rtn Puneet Mahajan. In June 2011, Rtn N V Lakshmi of RC Cantonment Secunderabad
(D 3150) had cerebral haemorrhage and was declared brain dead. All her organs — heart, liver, kidneys and eyes were donated. Her ­family has established an NGO — N V Lakshmi Foundation (www.nvlakshmifoundation.org). Let’s start an Action Group to further the cause of organ donation.

N Mohan, RC Cantonment Secunderabad – D 3150

The article Why Rotary has been branded a “unique ­organisation” is motivating, informative and worth ­reading more than once. It inspires a young club ­president like me. Being a TRF alumni (GSE Team member in 2008), I have ­experienced how and why Rotary is a unique ­organisation, be it in its ­internationality, the service above self motto, or the Rotarians’ attitude of bridging bonds beyond boundaries. Rotary is unique because Rotarians across the world “act ­globally, impact locally.”

R Murali Krishna, President, RC Berhampur – D 3262

A library endorses Rotary Samachar!

Thank you for sending a copy of Rotary Samachar to our library. Do ensure that we keep receiving it as it has become very popular among the readers of our library.

Suryavanshi, Secretary, Su-Sahitya Pustakalaya,
Amravati, Maharashtra

The lucid write-up In the land of strawberries (Feb issue) by Jaishree gave a full view of  Mahabaleshwar. I was taken 15 years back, when I last visited the hill station. From the article, I could presume that nothing much has changed. Thanks for the wonderful narration, especially about the food.

I am happy to note that the property the writer stayed in belongs to a Rotarian. Rotary News should give priority to these types of ventures by Rotarians. Also, furnish the phone numbers of the owner so that interested Rotarians can contact them directly.

SS Nair, RC Kazhakuttom – D 3211

The cover page photo in the February issue does not ­confirm to Rotary’s norm. Also 80 per cent of the articles are in the name of Editor Rasheeda Bhagat. She just can’t be present at all these events and occasions. So, please name the reporters who have written these articles.

Hemant Gogte, RC Murbad – D 3140

She was very much present at ALL those events and did write ALL those articles!


Deepa inspires, Dutt shocks

I’ve had an opportunity to ­listen to Deepa Malik in ­person, ­interacted with her over email, and still find the cover story ­Ability beyond ­Disability ­bringing shivers to my body and instilling ­inspiration and pride in me as an Indian. Kudos to her spirit and courage. Making this the cover story in March, when we celebrate International Women’s Day is a tribute to the spirit of womanhood.

In your Editorial you have ­highlighted the spouses’ role and that made me think Deepa Malik’s spouse Bikram Singh Malik’s role in her accomplishments. We can all learn lessons from her as she is indeed an ­excellent ­example of ‘Serving Humanity’.

Thank you very much for bringing out a yet another ­wonderful issue of Rotary News which I always love to read and share.

Manoj Kabre, RC Bangalore Whitefield Central – D 3190


Hats off to Deepa Malik. It is difficult to imagine that one has undergone such a huge ordeal in a ­single ­lifetime. Hats off to her beloved family for the ­unstinting support and ­empathising with her. It should serve as an inspiration to us Rotarians.

It is wonderful that RI ­District chose her as a ­glorious example.

That is the grit part, but I do not approve of the showbiz part. I hope it is just an aberration, as
I feel a person like Sanjay Dutt fits nowhere into the Rotary scheme of things.

Shrikanth Kolathaya, RC Puttur – D 3181

I was shocked to see the ­photograph of Sanjay Dutt, a convict, on the cover. We speak so much about the importance of ­Rotary’s public image. By ­putting his ­picture we’ve endorsed our ­unfortunate ­fascination for ­celebrities, ­irrespective of their background or track record.

PDG C Suresh – D 3150

Iam surprised to see the picture of a convict on the cover page of the March issue. Is this in step with Rotary?

PDG Sajjan, Goenka – D 3140

I was aghast to see the ­picture of Sanjay Dutt; has he ­sponsored any Rotary projects, and if yes, does it free him from his past deeds? Such a person was invited for a District conference! Whose decision was it to invite him for the D 3141 ­Conference and on what basis was it felt that he deserves to be ­pardoned for all his sins in the past and invited as a speaker for the conference? Does this fit into the Four-Way Test of Rotary? I have great respect and love for Rotary but such instances shake me completely.

Sanjay Vaidya, RC Thane North – D 3142

We deeply ­appreciate the challenging approach of Deepa Malik (Ability beyond Disability, March issue). The support of her ­husband is excellent. His words, “Don’t worry about the legs. I will carry you in my arms all my life” is touching. Thanks ­Rasheeda for a superb article.

P Murugan, RC Golden City Nagercoil – D 3212

I am sad to see the March cover. Sanjay Dutt might have served the ­sentence but we all know he committed a heinous crime. What made Rotary to ­associate with such a person? And to use his ­picture? Are you ­running short of good photos of Rotary projects done to serve humanity?

Sandeep Goel, RC Karnal Midtown – D 3080

Sanjay Dutt was a guest speaker at the District 3141 conference, which I ­covered, and seated next to ­Paralympian Deepa Malik, whose ­inspirational story is told in the ­magazine, made a great contrast and hence the cover title ‘Grit & Showbiz’.


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