Letters to the Editor – April 2016

Letters_3No loose balls in Rotary News!

As cricket fans, we always pardon our favourite bowler for bowling one or two loose balls in between his tight bowling. Same with our favourite author, a book here and there that we find not to our expectations, out of his many. But let me confess, since you have taken over as the Editor of Rotary News, there hasn’t been even a single ‘loose ball’; each month’s issue gives me (and I am sure all readers) such a satisfying experience! The February issue is yet another classic example. You steering your editorial from hope and humanity of the TRF to brutality and violence of the ISIS, is simply superb. Compliments to RI President Ravindran for such a lovely article with a very novel and personal way of inviting Rotarians to the RI Convention!

Good to read about Rotary Peace Scholar Sachin Rane. I hope we Rotarians come up with Peace Fellows for our own country who would actively participate in Media management and make a difference in the chaos that erupts over so many petty things all around us every day. Union Minister and our own Rtn Piyush Goyal’s speech is so encouraging. I am sure we will respond to his call. Thank you for the coverage. It’s not just great reading but great visual treat through some of the fabulous photographs that makes the entire experience of Rotary News enriching. Right from the front page (front and back inner) to photographs of the Rann of Kutch and the women’s initiative in Ankleshwar, the content was interesting. Thank you Team Rotary News!

Rtn Atul Bhide
RC Thane Hills-D 3140

A versatile editor

The editor of Rotary News is a unique and a versatile editor of the magazine which I’ve been reading since 1988. There are 23 articles published in the February issue, and 8 of them are written by her, besides an excellent and extraordinary editorial covering humanity and brutality. I have also read thoroughly the other 8 articles written on different topics.

The knowledge is abundant and the spirit of Rotary is exceptional, enthralling, emphatically encouraging the readers’ inspiration and goes beyond my imagination. I wish her all the best to contribute more to the Rotary world.

Rtn Dr MA Waheed
RC Hyderabad-D 3150
I would like to compliment you on the wonderful job you are doing with Rotary News. It is such a pleasure to go through all the articles. The March issue is excellent … wonderful photographs of the step wells of Gujarat, etc. The article I loved most is about Sandra Shroff; what a wonderful human being, so much dedication towards the schools and college, God bless her. Our Inner Wheel district has also taken up the project of mentally challenged in a big way. Of course, being a Sindhi, I really enjoyed the article on Sindhi food.

Sushu Kamlani
Spouse of Rtn Ajit Kamlani
RC Bombay Midtown-D 3140
I eagerly wait for the arrival of Rotary News every month. The articles are full of positive energy. I run a playschool in a small town in Punjab. We feel proud to belong to Rotary when volunteers come there and offer polio drops to the little kids. I am thankful to RI for the eradication of polio, providing meals to starving children, organising blood donation camps for Thalassaemia patients and for providing relief for earthquake victims. I feel happy to narrate to my students about the various Rotary projects.

Sunita Moudgil
Spouse of Rtn Baljinder Moudgil
RC Samana-D 3090
Thank you for the article on D 3000’s silver jubilee in which RI President Ravindran participated, covered by Jaishree. DG Theenachandran has fulfilled his promises. Your editorial is very impressive.

Rtn Nan Narayenen
RC Madurai West-D 3000

Hats off Sheeja

I am a regular reader of Rotary News. The February issue was very interesting, particularly the article Women on Wheels, which will help unemployed women. Sheeja is a model for our educated unemployed women and proves that women are not weak but as strong as men. I appreciate her courage, hard work and self confidence.

Rtn Babu Poojary K
RC Belthangady-D 3180

Heartfelt appreciation

Our project of a ‘Smart village’ in Bibipur, Haryana was eloquently articulated in the March issue. It has been a long time since a project of our club was profiled in this prestigious publication, and this encourages our club and partnering foreign clubs. I appreciate your support, as I can imagine how many requests you must receive. I was present at the village again today, for a dental camp, showed the article to the Panch and other villagers, who felt deeply honoured.

Rtn Bharat Joshi
RC Delhi Midtown-D 3011

Letters_1Two exemplary women

It was very appropriate that when International Women’s Day was celebrated in March, Rotary News carried two interesting articles on two eminent female champions — Rajashree Birla of Aditya Birla Centre for Community Initiatives and Rural Development and Sandra Shroff of UPL on their CSR activities.

It is good to note that both women have teamed up with Rotary clubs to bring changes in the lives of people. Rajashree Birla’s involvement in the eradication of Polio in India and Sandra Shroff’s initiatives for promoting education and health in Vapi and its surrounding areas are great. Thank you for projecting the image of such great women in our country through your very impressive writing skills. As usual, the issue contains other excellent articles such as A life changing engagement (Setu Gandhi), No to noodles (Kiran Zehra), 25 years and going strong (Jaishree).

There is no wonder that the editorial team gets overall appreciation for their high standards. In a nutshell, thought-provoking and well-thought out writing page after page every month. Readers are a lucky lot. Congratulations, keep it up!

Rtn R Srinivasan
RC Madurai Midtown-D 3000
The Sandra Shroff article was great. Rotary has given a lot to India. We have even suggested a road in Vapi be named after her.

Rtn PHF Sethu Kanagasabai
RC Coimbatore Town-D 3201
The articles about Sandra Shroff and Rajashree Birla were truly inspiring. What a wonderful way to commemorate Women’s Day! The whole issue of ethics, trust and altruism should evoke a huge positive response from many Rotarians and non-Rotarians who read our magazine. Both have shown to the world that the corporate sector promotes ‘creative capitalism’ as a new form of trusteeship as envisaged by Gandhiji for adopting CSR. I thoroughly enjoyed the issue.

Rtn Gaurish Padukone
RC Bhatkal-D 3170

Letters_2Rann of Kutch

It was great to read Colours of Kutch in your February issue. And Mandvi Magic made me happier, as I belong to Kutch and Mandvi. The coverage was superb. Welcome to Kutch, Rotarians friends. “Agar Kutch nahi dekha to kuchh nahi dekha.”

PDG Dr Harshad Udeshi
RC Mandvi Kutch-D 3051

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