Letters to the Editor – April 2015

apr15_E-1Educative, Interesting

In the March issue, every page and every article, including photographs so carefully chosen (and shot by the Editor) gives us, the readers, a sense of satisfaction and resolve to do more for the community.

RIPE Ravi’s forthright address on the Rotary today and its management in his interview is excellent. The Editorial was superb and a vivid summing up of the SAL Summit, ending with the words “Isn’t that what Rotary does all the time … and hence succeeds?” — echoed the feeling of all Rotarians.

Thanks to RID P T Prabhakar for bringing to light the silent but great work done by Harakhchand Savla; the article, You conquered polio; now conquer literacy, is motivating. The comment of PRIP Saboo in his address that “whether it was a Rotarian in Chennai spitting into a decorative flower vase in the star hotel where he had taken a Swachh Bharat Pledge barely a few hours earlier (“I know who it was”) … made us think twice! The lovely pictures under the title Gifting them words, and Of bits and bytes by Jaishree, and all other articles are superb. Thanks for introducing the ‘Mail Box.’ Now we’d like to know … what next?

Rtn Nan Narayenen
RC Madurai West-D 3000


Since your joining, Rotary News has a different and enhanced look and feel. It has become more readable and has new features. I am sure Rotarians all over India are keeping this as collector’s item. We should now actively consider circulating Rotary News to non-Rotarians especially from Corporate and Government bodies to enhance Rotary’s Public Image. Keep up the good work.

PDG Deepak Shikarpur-D 3131


The March issue is brilliant in all aspects with excellent coverage of events, informative and educative articles, inspiring interviews, attractive photographs and above all, the eye-catching cover page. Your editorial has always been my favourite column; rich with innovative ideas and creative thoughts. The interview with RIPE KR Ravindran was thought-provoking.

Rtn Subhendu Mohanty
RC Nabarangpur-D 3262


The February issue was educative and interesting. The articles Of villages and beauty business, Rotary partners Sankara Nethralaya, Our Funds in Global Outlook and Beware of child abuse, were informative. The statement that 90 per cent of child abusers are family members and close relatives,was shocking. The magazine is unique.

Rtn PK Bhatnagar
RC Jhansi-D 3110


Rotary News has been reporting excellently well and giving readers the real aura of major RI events. Although I was not able to attend the literacy seminar at Pune, the report in the last edition gave me the feeling of attending the event. The presentation of Dr Sugata Mitra of the Hole in the Wall fame, though good, could have been covered in more detail. I personally feel such speeches should be made available online.

The previous issues and editorials highlighted the apathy of immunisation workers in some countries. I wonder why Rotary has not employed latest technology such as drones for delivery of polio drops. Maximum liability will be loss of the unmanned aircraft and not precious human lives.

Once again please accept my heartiest appreciation for the excellent coverage of events and quality content.

Rtn S P A Ganesh
RC Madurai Next Gen-D 3000


Impressive First Thoughts

Hats off to RI President Gary CK Huang for his February message, where he explains about sorting out problems regarding projects that don’t strictly adhere to RI guidelines. As advised, we should share stories regarding our projects — planning and execution — with friends and seniors to give better service to the community.

Going through the March issue, I was impressed with the words of RID P T Prabhakar in First Thoughts, advising us to further serve the community by giving examples of great personalities who have sacrificed their lives for the poor, needy and ill. I salute Harakh Chand Savla for doing great service to mankind. Millions of cancer patients and their relatives have truly found ‘God’ in this man.

The speeches of RIPE K R ­Ravindran and RIDE Manoj Desai at SALS were very interesting and inspiring. This wonderful magazine with improved appearance compels every Rotarian to turn its pages as it contains knowledge and information with relevant and thought-provoking articles.

Rtn Raj Kumar Kapoor
RC Roopnagar-D 3080


Your observation on South Asia ­Literacy Summit is a poignant ­indicator of infrastructure, activity and process of the existing scenario of India’s socio-economic fabric that has left a challenge for the Rotary soldiers who took a pledge along with the ­leaders to make India 100 per cent literate. The rainbows of hopes and aspirations are ­visible in the sky and your analysis of the ­summit is the quintessence of all realities reflected in the opinions of Rotary stalwarts and fellow Rotarians.

Rtn Arun Kumar Dash
RC Baripada-D 3262


Rotary News is getting more and more informative every month, and we are unable to leave even a single article as all are very informative, educative and thought-provoking. In the March 2015 issue, Lighting up the blind … by Jaishree and Girls plan your future by Kiran Zehra both the articles touched my heart.

Rtn B Pasupathi
RC Dalmiapuram-D 3000


Good Samaritans

I salute the noble deeds of Rotary clubs in Vellore for their ­philanthropic activities in flood marooned Jammu & Kashmir. It is indeed Service Above Self at its best. Besides this, the March issue has assorted articles like — A ­pan-Asian food odyssey, Smiles after Surgeries and Of Bits and Bytes which were good. Your coverage on SALS is excellent.

Rtn Ranjit Kumar Das
RC Cuttack-D 3262



Vive la Rotary!

Congratulations for the excellent March issue. The standard of the magazine is well maintained and further improved with impressive articles and good photographs on interesting subjects. Kudos to RIPE Ravi for his frank and bold views in the interview with the Editor of The Rotarian. In the ‘Letters’ column, a few Rotarians have expressed anguish on the current plight of Rotary and its way of functioning. But the dynamic process of growth in a service organisation is governed by its inherent strength to connect its legacy and heritage of the past, its achievements and its resilience to face the challenges of the future. The Rotary movement, founded by Paul Harris about 110 years ago, with service to people as its prime motive, will continue to flourish forever. When dynamic leaders like RIPE Ravi are getting top leadership positions of Rotary International with a keen desire to make vital improvements in the organisation, a clear vision and determination, all of us will continue to enjoy our membership and Rotary will grow still greater and attract enthusiastic men and women into its fold.

Rtn R Srinivasan
RC Madurai Midtown-D 3000



Star Rotarian

Congratulations! You have captured veteran PRIP Raja Saboo quite young. As someone said ‘Age is just a number; Passion is ­e­ternal’. This aptly applies to this star Rotarian. He has to share the secret of his evergreen charm and ­success as a Rotarian. In spite of his ­multifarious ­activities and busy ­schedule in Rotary, he never looks tired. I think the credit should go to his gracious Ann ­Ushaji, who always accompanies him.

Mumbai’s romance with butterflies by Jaishree is ­interesting and with an environmental lesson. Your choice of subjects is ­complimentary. A dutiful, ­dedicated Team!

Rtn Korukonda Butchi Raju
RC Anakapalli-D 3020



Special Children

Read the article on the Rotary Institute for ­Children in need of Special Care, in the March issue. It is a well written ­article. Please accept the compliments from an old teacher of journalism.

Rtn KP Sukumaran
RC Trivandrum-D 3211

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