Letters to the Editor – November 2016

A very interesting write-up ­Bonding beyond borders by Rasheeda Bhagat which narrates the story of how Rotary youth exchange programme of 1991 has cemented bonds between the 377 young men and women from different nations. The organisers of the FB group deserve praise as its membership now stands 278. Such global youth exchange programmes are really useful but they should be encouraged to join Rotary clubs which was not done as regrettably mentioned.

The editorial Girl power at Rio, is an eye-opener to all Indians, especially Rotarians. As you rightly said, to achieve eminence in Olympics, raw talent has to be spotted early, encouraged and nurtured. I do hope the authorities will take corrective measures and rectify problems that our athletes faced in Rio. Only then can India excel.

M T Philip
RC Trivandrum Suburban – D 3211

I congratulate your team for bringing out such a motivational ­October issue. I always find the magazine an inspirational ­treasure for Rotarians. The cover story was really innovative and inspirational. We have seen how a Rotary Youth Exchange programme can create a bond of togetherness and ­international understanding, and promote world peace. The accounts of Emma Naas, Gunaar Braunn, David PS and Valerie Nys touched the heart. The article A Cherished Moment was really a blessed one.

Ashim Bhattacharjee
RC Greenland Silchar – D 3240

Wow! Is not Rotary all about making a bridge of kindness and compassion?  The story of nostalgic memories and reunion of the 1991 YE group tour members; or your own meeting and seeking blessings from Mother Teresa; or our goal of complete eradication of Polio and Literacy projects… the central idea is the same.  Rotaractors’ involvement in Rotary or bone marrow donor Capt Mohan’s gesture; artificial limbs for Sri Lankan war victims, or cancer treatment centre at Guwahati… are all the steps of such a bridge.

Rajendra Singhania
RC Raipur West – D 3261

Thank you Jaishree. I hope the ­article I have more than I need will inspire more Rotarians to do more for the betterment of society and for the sustenance of Government-run schools.

Kiran Poddar 
RC Jaipur Mid Town – D 3052

It is always interesting to read Club Matters, but may I place a request here to give more attention to the subject dealt with, and less to members so that the value of the service is brought into focus.

Rakesh Bhatia
RC Belur – D 3291

Helping Sri Lankans

Congrats to the Indian Rotarians who helped the Sri Lankan war victims to rebuild their shattered lives. It is true that simple things done with a noble heart brings the greatest reward. I am proud of being a service-minded Rotarian and I want to support our community.

Venkatesswary Gupta
RC Sankagiri – D 2982

Many thanks for publishing the article What your family should know. I hope Rotarians read it and may be published in the Club Bulletin to spread the message.

Krish Chitale
RC Madras – D 3230

Your article on PDG Nagesh of District 3190 was very ­inspiring. A phenomenal person and a true Rotarian, his achievements will be a guideline to others. Wish to see more articles like this.

LS Sidduram
RC Mettupalayam – D 3202

Senior folks may suffer

In the article Demystifying interest rates, the author suggests a further reduction in interest rates on loans given by banks, which will reduce fixed deposit rates. Senior citizens accounting for about 35 per cent of the population draw monthly interest on their FDs to meet their daily needs. They may suffer if there are further cuts in interest rates. It is very difficult for children to look after their parents as most of them are settled abroad or in other cities.

KMK Murthy
RC Secunderabad – D 3150

Importance of training

As a third generation Rotarian Past President, I have fond memories of reading The Rotarian earlier and now the Rotary News. The article by Jaishree Training the Trainers in the October issue was very interesting. As a professional soft skills trainer and a Rotary Leadership Institute faculty, I could relate to the tips mentioned. We often find in international gatherings that people speak very fast using a lot of ambiguous words and the listeners are ­unable to follow. Body language is very important and in many cultures people react differently to different body language gestures and symbols. As a trainer the idea is to elicit the answers from the participants rather than reel off figures and statistics or show a long power point presentation.
We look forward to more such useful articles.

Dr Anjana Maitra
RC Rourkela Steel City – D 3261

Rotary News at a public library

I read the October issue of Rotary News at government library in Ooty and was overwhelmed to find that you are the Editor of Rotary News. I ­recollect with fond memories the ­articles you wrote in The Indian Express in the 1980s, which I read with keen interest.

I find you to be honest, trustful and ­dedicated in your work. Your present job at Rotary, which is classified as one of the world’s leading humanitarian ­organisations, will bring Rotary’s selfless service to public attention.

John D’Souza

A ‘Dil se’ issue

Letter-to-Editor---October-WrapperAccept my congratulations for yet another Dil se issue of Rotary News. With such warm and happy faces of three lovely ladies, the feeling starts right at the cover itself.

Maybe the fact that our daughter just returned from her one-year RYE programme in Denmark gave me a connection. She too loved the article and has shared it with her RYE friends across the globe.
Thank you for sharing the cherished moment, your divine experience with ‘incarnation of love’ Mother Teresa. The photograph with her blessing you and her hand on your head, has magic in itself, one feels it as a live moment . . . maybe that’s her power.

IPDG Nagesh deserves praise. It is so reassuring to be a Rotarian with people like him around. I loved the ­Weaving smiles, embellished with great photographs; the article on Japan was great too. With ­subjects ranging from ­service to science to ­economics, the ­magazine has crossed the boundaries of Rotary and can be of equal interest to a non-­Rotarian as well. In Brief has made the last page equally interesting.  Thanks in particular for an article on our Club’s Literacy and Child development project ‘Signal School’.

Atul Bhide
RC Thane Hills – D 3140

Girl Power at Rio

Undoubtedly, at Rio, girl power was on good display. But, it was few and far between. You have rightly called for gender equality.

Arun Kumar Dash
RC Baripada – D 3262

It was deeply annoying to go through the editorial on the ­prevailing ­discrimination in the treatment meted out to our ­athletes and officials accompanying them to sports meets.

The Sports Authority of India and the Sports Minister should look into such discrimination and amend rules and regulations in such a way that our athletes get the facilities and treatment they deserve. This will definitely boost their morale and pave way to India winning more medals.

Sayagavi G V
RC Davanagere Vidyanagara – D 3160

It was a pleasure to read your editorial Girl Power in Rio. I salute your findings and your excellent presentation. You have rightly said that “Champions don’t emerge from nowhere; they have to be identified at a young age.” This reminds me of an incident during my visit to the American Sports Training Institute in Denver in USA, where I saw a 10-year-old girl swimming and training under the watchful eye of her coach. The coach was constantly ­comparing her timings with that of the then reigning Olympic champion. He told me he was preparing her for the Olympics scheduled eight years later. This is exactly what you have outlined in your editorial.

Your articles When Kutch threw up a hero, Two new records & a model village, Where crafts weave magic and The cells that save lives are highly informative. My compliments for penning such wonderful articles.

Om Prakash Sahgal
RC Bombay
Mid City – D 3141

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