Letters to the Editor – May 2019

A clear, blunt message

Rasheeda Bhagat has put certain points bluntly without mincing words while reporting incoming RIDE Bharat Pandya’s address in Let’s not make Rotary a touch and go organisation. “Poor planning and improper leadership positions is another drawback.” This is true. With improper planning, many clubs thrust leadership on unwilling people who fail miserably.

“My club is like this only, this is our tradition, we don’t want women or younger members in our club.” This point hits the nail on the head. In certain clubs, a person or a group wants to control and dictate terms to the president and his team. Past presidents and senior leaders should be mentors and not dominating factors.

Club leaders should have a strategy to motivate new members to take up leadership roles.

V V Narayanan, RC Chennai K K Nagar — RID 3232

Rotary News turns ‘spicy’

The article Talking about Real Food in the April issue is fabulous. Some culinary items rock my memory. I am no foodie but relish the best across regions. For a starter, dosa is a delight with its diverse manifestations, a piece de resistance on a table, amidst many delicacies. My taste buds blossom when I think of oothappam at Madras K Iyer of Triplicane, where badam halwa was served in a shack. As a student we would rush to enjoy this piping hot stuff fresh from oven.

Goan Vindaloo at the Mavalli Tiffin in Bengaluru was awesome. Here tiffin was served in silverware. Andhra fish curry, Hyderabad biryani, Kerala avial, and Guntur’s Avakaya Gongura chutney and other regional delights leave a spicy tang on your taste buds.

North is different with delicacies made in the tandoor. Rotary News has turned spicy as well with a melange of gripping narratives.

J V Reddy — RID 3160

The March issue was impressive with good stories and colourful pictures. The project activities of different clubs (Club Matters) are very inspiring to read.

Sudhir Kumar Garg, RC Muzaffarnagar — RID 3100

I thoroughly enjoyed the article Sending your club president-elect to the Convention by John Blount, Chairman of RI Convention 2019. He had nicely described the benefits of sending the presidents-elect to the RI convention as it motivates clubs to take up fundraising.

M V Subramanyam, RC Proddatur — RID 3160

Sending President Elect to the Rotary Convention is a great idea as they will get the opportunity to meet Rotarians from over 200 countries, exchange ideas and discuss fundraising. The club will thus learn core values of Rotary: leadership, integrity, service, diversity and fellowship. Giving them a hand by Jaishree is an exceptional project where Rotary clubs provide artificial limbs to amputees.

Naveen R Garg, RC Sunam — RID 3090

LN 4 camp project done by RC Mettupalayam, in association with RC Pune Downtown, is excellent. In RID 3000, our First Lady Sarala Kannan along with her team organised a similar LN 4 camp this year. Flood-hit Kerala has got a benefactor in Dr Azad Moopen, of the Aster Group, who has set aside 20 per cent of his wealth for charity. We wish him well.

S Muniandi, RC Dindigul Fort — RID 3000

Reading Rotary News in Tamil is gratifying and touches our hearts. RI Director’s message on sanitation, the inspiring message from RI President Barry Rassin and Let us not build barriers to Rotary by Rasheeda Bhagat were all interesting to read.

Other captivating articles on the Rotary hospital in Vapi, prosthetic hand, Kathakali and Dr Azad Moopen hooked the readers. The visit of RIPE Mark Maloney has been covered with nice picture and articles. Kudos for bringing the edition in Tamil too.

Pon Muthaiyan, RC Aduthurai — RID 2981

The experiences that I’ve had as a Rotarian while travelling all over the world is nicely captured in the words of RI President Barry Rassin in his April message. When I travel around the world, I am welcomed by fellow Rotarians. I only have to approach them and give them my travel plans in advance, and the rest happens spontaneously in a flow.

In the last six months, I have met Rotarians from nine different Rotary clubs in six countries. I appreciate the opportunity Rotary offers me as a member and the excellent hospitality I got while meeting global Rotarians.

The point Rassin expressed about Rotaractors is equally important. The energy and enthusiasm that I have seen in the Rotaract Club of Shishu Mandir is beyond imagination. As Rotarians, it is great to accompany Rotaractors and mentor them.

Manoj Kabre, RC Bangalore Whitefield Central — RID 3190

Arrest membership decline

I bring to the attention of RI President Barry Rassin, RIPE Mark Maloney and RIPN Sushil Gupta through your magazine the issue of constant fall in membership. Encourage spouses to join Rotary, at half the RI dues and induct quality members. DGs should monitor attendance. After polio, it is time to adopt new healthcare programmes.

Sanat Jain, RC Raipur Heritage — RID 3261

Let there be all-round coverage

For quite some time, I find projects from southern States getting more coverage in Rotary News. Will it not be better if equal importance is given to Rotary projects across the country? I am ready to extend any help to achieve this objective.

Rtn Aniel Sahni — RID 3011

We welcome project reports from all over India. But clubs in the South are more proactive in sharing their ­projects. Clubs in other regions need to follow suit.


Vapi, a jewel in Rotary India’s crown


The article on the Rotary hospital in Vapi (March issue) is a great inspirational story for a sustainable and humanitarian service project. RC Vapi has done many such service projects for schoolchildren, nursing schools, hospitals and colleges. Behind all these, there is this great Rotarian, PRIP Kalyan Banerjee. I had the privilege of visiting Vapi with PRIP Wilf Wilkinson in Feb 2007. He had asked me to accompany him to Vapi and I was there to witness the foundation laying ceremony of Rotary Advanced Imaging Centre of Haria L G Rotary Hospital by Wilkinson in the presence of Banerjee. There I saw the work of Kalyanda… what a kind-hearted, humble, down to earth, dedicated, committed and passionate Rotarian.

Aswini Kar, RC Bhubaneswar Meadows — D 3262

RI Director C Basker is forthright with his vision on sanitation. This is a big problem in rural India, particularly undeveloped villages. Rotary has taken up so many memorable projects to bring change in the community but we still need more planning for better sanitation.

Garlands galore is an excellent article and very colourful too, depicting our tradition and the Indian culture of felicitating VIPs. Another interesting article is the Rotary hospital at Vapi. The city fulfils PRIP Kalyan Banerjee’s dream of having an iconic Rotary city in India. Wherever we go in Vapi, we find Rotary’s presense visible through projects and this shows the greatness of our leader. Vapi
is a diamond in the crown of Rotary India.

Mindfulness for well-being is informative and useful article. The Club Matters is really attractive with nice photos and it’s a good encouragement to clubs to carry on with their community projects. One should read the magazine a number of times to feel the pleasure and the enrichment it gives to readers.

PRN Chandra Mouli, RC Berhampur Midtown — RID 3262

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