Letters to the Editor – March 2019

Making the right note

The Feb issue deserves ­appreciation. In the ­Editor’s Note on Educating a girl is like opening a school, Rasheeda Bhagat quotes the words Nakushi (unwanted in Marathi) and Dhonda (stone, or a burden) that describe vividly the plight of rural girls in search of water in a parched land. But all these tags no longer deter Rotary’s vow to free this world from backwardness and spread awareness on the importance of educating girl children.

Other articles like RI ­President Barry Rassin’s message on Strong clubs bring out transformational projects; and RID C Basker’s ­message Peace through service are informative for Rotary clubs. And all the pictures and articles are lovely and worth pondering over.

AK Sandwar, RC Dhanbad Mid Town — RID 3250

The Editorial on girl ­children’s education ­creates an ­excellent awareness which is very much needed in our ­community. ­Generally girl children are sent for household chores and other labour work such as on construction sites. So it is necessary to educate ­parents to send their girls to school. Our vision should be more on ­developing good institutions for children’s education.

The North-East region requires not only education but also health awareness ­programmes as there aren’t ­adequate medical facilities for treatment. Many people are coming from North East to ­Bengaluru, ­Hyderabad and Chennai for medical treatment.

A stunning all-women’s market in Imphal is another interesting story in this issue. Women need self-employment and Rotary should undertake ­service projects for such needy people in our community. ­Congrats to the Editorial team for presenting such wonderful and informative articles.

PRN Chandra Mouli, RC Berhampur, Midtown – RID 3262

The Feb issue is very nice. Congratulations for the same. Please refer page 80: A Rotary ­circle in Mysore article. The club’s district number is printed as 3180 instead of 3181. This is for your information.

Aa Cha Ashoka Kumara, RC Mysore North — RID 3181

The article on the Interactor Tanvi Roy of Bengaluru who had spurred her imagination to create a day-care for the children of maids and drivers is very inspiring. That the ­current generation of children are already trying to solve problems in their respective communities augurs well for the Rotary movement and the country. More strength to Tanvi and our Interactors.

Gopinath N, RC Bangalore Indiranagar — RID 3190

I became emotional after ­reading the article Rotary salutes ­martyrs in the Jan issue as I was in the NCC and a ‘C’ certificate holder in bayonet fighting during my college days. We can’t imagine how Indian soldiers are giving their best ­service to safeguard the nation and its ­citizens, ­irrespective of the weather being too hot or cold. Every citizen should feel proud about them and their ­sacrifice. Thank you for ­giving one of the best articles on Rotary clubs of Chennai paying a tribute to our martyrs.

Venu Gopal Yalamanchili, RC Guntur — D 3150

A powerful message

In the Jan issue, there is an inspiring message from RI ­Director C Basker titled The ­Four-Way Test in which he says, “Helping hands are better than praying lips.” By which he means that serving the society is the most powerful ethic in real life.

Secondly, the article by Frank Bures 20 years of ­service beyond borders explains the magic of ­Rotary’s spirit and passion for doing something good for ­humanity. PRIP ­Rajendra Saboo, who has undertaken medical missions to African nations, shows how he has followed his own theme as RI President ‘Look beyond Yourself’. There were threats to his medical team during such missions, and 20 years later, he has ensured the conducting of over 67,000 surgeries in different parts of world. The role of Saboo and his wife Usha will always be remembered and inspire others in Rotary.

Staying fit after 40 by Sheela Nambiar is a must-read article as it is related to each and every ­Rotarian. It tells us how to keep our life stress-free, relaxed and the importance of a healthy life.

Naveen R Garg, RC Sunam — D 3090

Empowered women

The article A stunning ­all-women’s market in Imphal by Rasheeda Bhagat is an ­excellent piece. It encourages women to become self-made entrepreneurs, thus lifting themselves up the ­economic ladder. Also, that they are exchanging old currency notes with new ones for a 10 per cent ­commission is interesting news.

S Balasundararaj, RC Sivakasi Central — RID 3212

Spreading cheer


I was delighted to see in the Feb issue the cover photo of the smiling faces of D Ravishankar and his wife Paola, with ­schoolchildren in Manipur, for whom the couple has given a substantial sum of ₹1 crore to construct schools. The pictures and the article have spread cheer among all of us as they have donated their wealth to the needy and underprivileged. It a fact that only those who share their wealth will be blessed with happiness and contentment in life.

I was saddened to read from the Editor’s Note the ­heartrending stories of unwanted girls who are tagged as Nakushi or Dhonda in Maharashtra right from birth and that even today there are thousands of girls thus named in the State.

RI President Barry speaks about transformational service which is the need of the hour for the successful working of Rotary clubs around the globe.

It is happy news that Aster Group and Rotary have signed an MoU to build homes in ­flood-devastated areas of Kerala.

The article Path to the ­presidency is very informative and to be read by all Rotarians for guidance and the write-up The Old Boys Reunion Ordeal by TCA Srinivasa Raghavan is humorous and filled with facts.

All other articles are ­impressive and the pictures are unique. Thanks for preparing a good ­magazine each month with so much effort.

M T Philip, RC Trivandrum Suburban — RID 3211

Thank you for the inspiring article A Rotarian partners with a Colonel to change lives in the North-East that details the work being done in Manipur by Col Christopher Rego and his team. We request you to provide his contact details so that we can partner with him for some of his projects.

Rtn Pankaj Varma

Col Rego can be ­contacted at phone nos: 70222 60784; 94362 34587. E-mail: ­chrisrego @sunbirdtrust.com – Editor.

My congratulations for bringing out a colourful magazine. My non-Rotarian staff are fascinated with Rotary News and say it is interesting and absorbing like a marriage album, as it is so colourful and full of positive vibes.

V Pasupathi, RC Erode — RID 3202

I was thrilled to see the Feb issue with so many letters ­appreciating the Rotary News team.

The Editorial — Educating a girl is like opening a school; ­President Barry Rassin’s message on the need for strong clubs; Peace through Service by RID C Basker; Surat welcomes Maloney by Jaishree; A new Rotary-­Aster ­partnership in the offing by ­Rasheeda; Rotary’s support to transgenders; Empowering girls; and Connecting the World by Arnold Grahl were superb.

I congratulate Aster Group and RID 3201 forbuilding homes in the flood-devastated Kerala.

Daniel Chittilappilly, RC Kaloor – RID 3201

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