Letters to the Editor – January 2018 issue

Nice articles in November

The launch of an online Rotaract News to carry the activities of Rotaractors from January is welcome. RC Jalna Midtown, D 3132, can send a small write-up with details of Shudhu tablets to be published in Rotary News. It is well said by RI ­President Ian ­Riseley “a dollar given to TRF has more muscle than a dollar given to most charities.” Smile at a person and watch its powerful impact, said PRIP Gary Huang. It is true. I have visited ­Arizona, US, thrice with my wife, also a ­Rotarian, and each time attended 8–9 clubs ­as a guest. We were always greeted with warmth.

Giving Dignity to the Forgotten is a heart-rending article about the deprived and homeless. In A ­Budapest teaser it is rightly pointed out that during group tours, a few cribbers and ­habitual ­latecomers, could ruin the entire trip. As an octogenarian, I have experienced such situations many a times during group tours.

My hearty greetings to the ­beneficiaries who got free houses from RC Attur, D 2982, in 2000 and I am happy to note that the houses are being maintained well by the occupants and even after 17 years, the club ­members meet the beneficiaries ­periodically. Our congratulations to the five clubs.

I wonder at the handwork of Anil Sutradhar at his age (92). He is ­making Chau masks in Charida village in Purulia district and this is the only place in the world for creating this beautiful art. The word ‘Sutradhar’ also refers to god or creator of new things.

S Muniandi, RC Dindigul Fort — D 3000

It was a pleasure going through the November edition. For the first time I have gone through almost all the ­articles as all of them were worth reading. You along with your team are doing a commendable job.

Shuddha Jal project is much needed in both our villages and towns where there is water scarcity. Three cheers to Rotary Club of Jalna Midtown for providing pure water to schools there. Water contamination causes ­contagious diseases. The drop in the number of patients and increase in school ­attendance after using Shuddha Jal is a positive. We should take up this ­project at a large scale and provide pure water to the needy in India. I have already taken the lead to do that in my area.

It was informative to read about the innovation of Dr Amar Agarwal in eye surgeries. Using one cornea for ­implantation on two patients is a remarkable achievement. The journey through Buda and Pest (A Budapest teaser) is very interesting and influences the reader to go there. Please include some places in India too.

Rotary in Action highlighting the various projects taken up by different Rotary clubs inspires the Rotarians to “make a difference” in the life of ­others. The Chau Mask Makers enriched our ­knowledge about the lesser known art of mask making in Charida village. On the whole, it was worth the time going through the ­magazine. ­Continue the marvellous work.

Dr Parvesh K Sablok, RC Paonta Sahib — D 3080

The article by Jaishree on the ­platinum jubilee celebrations of RC Tinnevelly and the global grant project done by the club was great and informative. My salute to all who work for Rotary News, which has attained international standards.

P Chockalingam, President, RC Tinnevelly — D 3212

It was great to read about the ­humanitarian work done by RC Delhi South and RC Sri ­Ganganagar. The DG Bagh Singh ­Pannu’s pledge on organ donation is laudable. And the article on Budapest took us into the world of imagination.

Naveen Garg, RC Sunam — D 3090

Fighting cancer with passion

I was impressed with the ­article on RC Ambala’s dedicated efforts against cancer in the October
issue. The ­article — RC ­Ambala’s ­cancer hospital gets a flying ­Ambassador — lucidly describes the passion of ­Rotarians of the club in fighting ­cancer. They have set an example by constructing a huge cancer ­hospital with state-of-the-art ­facilities with the help of matching grant and RC Boca Raton, USA.

But the most important lesson is that they have not ceased to work after providing a cancer hospital with 100 beds. Rather they are now on an expansion mode and aim to add another 30 beds and high-end ­medical equipment. My sincere regards to Dr Jai Dev who has ­contributed `8 crore in this project.

Dr Prosenjit Ghosh, RC Green Land Silchar — D 3240

Towards better Indo-Pak relations

I re-read Towards a more peaceful world, by RI ­President Riseley with interest. It ­fascinated me. His remarks on the “scourge of war” and the forthcoming, “series of six presidential peacebuilding conferences” are thought-provoking with reference to India and Pakistan. Without peace, life will never be happy and prosperous. The world will never be liveable and lovable.

When Rotarians from India and Pakistan meet at any Rotary or other events, we greet each other, exchange smiles, shake hands and hug each other. But the border dispute remains unresolved for more than seven ­decades Why the ­governments of India and Pakistan have failed to resolve it? It is time for Rotary to step in, under its Peace and Conflict ­Prevention/Resolution head to help India and Pakistan find an amicable way to resolve their differences.
In India we have PRIPs, PRIDs, past TRF trustees and PDGs. Likewise, in Pakistan, there are a good number of Rotary leaders. Let us together ­constitute a forum of Rotary leaders and chalk out how to persuade India and Pakistan to resume talks. Here, Rotary will play the role of a friend in need for both the countries.

Ramakrishna K, RC Puttur — D 3181

December fare

Your December Editorial is a bait for clubs to do better ­projects and at the same time make it known to the rest of the region in which Rotary News spreads its wings. With your promise to the northeast, an olive branch is being extended to the other far off and remote clubs which are ­quietly doing their bit. Kudos to you, Editor.

The RI President’s message — Towards a more peaceful world — rings in hope in the otherwise disturbing situations that threaten peace but I wish he had held one peace conference in our region. You have done justice to ­Setubandhan, the ­multi-district conference, by covering it in detail starting from Tripura CM’s call to Rotarians. It is news to me that Kerala is not the only State with high rate of literacy and it has a competitor in the northeast.


It is good to know through the Regional ­Editors’ meet that the print magazines are here to stay. Hats off to RC ­Bangalore for ­sponsoring 106 Happy Schools. May their tribe grow.

Jaishree’s report on the 75-year-old RC ­Tinnevelly with the visit of PRIP Ravindran was ­interesting and informative. I am happy to note that some of the DGs (Meet your Governors) are positive and bold to say that they will induct only quality members.

Nan Narayenen, RC Madurai West — D 3000

The December edition is fantastic for its content, especially the colourful ­pictures. The article Finding an oasis in the desert has attracted me with its heading and the ­accompanying pictures, which will surely draw readers at first sight.
But only while reading, we can understand the content with its focus on leading a peaceful and ­satisfied life even at old age, a difficult phase in human life. The directives given by the writers are very useful. Also, the advice “don’t be afraid to take an ­unfamiliar path, they take you to the best places” and “your life is the ­greatest ­enterprise in the world. Only you can stop it from going bust”, is ­excellent. Thanks for publishing such ­valuable articles. Season’s ­greetings and best wishes for the new year.

MT Philip, RC Trivandrum Suburban – D 3211

The December issue sports a new look and an ­eye-opening ­message from RI Director C Basker. All the ­articles under the logo “Rotary in Action” are superb.

S Sivasubramaniann, RC Tirunelveli Town — D 3212

I am proud to be a member of RC ­Tinnevelly, D 3212, which is ­serving the community for 75 years. Even though we are 75 years old, we are still young, strong and have much more ­community ­service to do.

K Girish, RC Tinnevelly — D 3212

I appreciate the article Fun, food and charity… in aamchi ­Mumbai which gives an invaluable message — how to collect the funds to serve ­society. The ­article motivates ­Rotarians associated with ­corporate clubs to organise such events. Congrats to DG Prafull Sharma for taking up this excellent task.

T D Bhatia, RC Delhi Mayur Vihar — D 3012

Thanks for the report 4-Way Test Award for Bunkar Roy in the December issue. The life of Roy was well covered, well-researched and much more than what I had mailed you. It was like icing on the cake.

Piyush Doshi, RC Belur – D 3291

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