Letters to the Editor – February 2019

Nice articles in Jan issue

I was pleased to see the January issue delivered in an eco-friendly paper envelope instead of a polythene cover which, reiterates Rotary’s commitment to the environment. The Editor’s Note denotes the pathetic condition of our farmers which I hope the Government acts on. As stated by RI President Barry Rassin, diversity of vocation is Rotary’s strength. RID C Basker rightly quips that helping hands are better than praying lips. It’s a pleasant surprise to note India has 4,000 Major Donors, 92 AKS members, and RID 3142 has donated $25,0000 to build homes for Kerala flood victims. RIPE Mark Maloney’s remark about ­Rotaract activities in India is worth reading as he says we should avoid having retired individuals as DGs. Health tips by Sheela Nambiar are useful to keep ourselves fit after 40. Colourful Colombia is an ­interesting article. Thanks for publishing a ­magazine with high standards.

M T Philip, RC Trivandrum , Suburban — RID 3211

RI Director C Basker’s message on The Four-Way Test is ­eloquently simple, stunning in its power, and ­undeniable in its results. This test offers a positive vision in a world full of tension and uncertainty. It guides us to win friends, ensure a happy home life and develop high ethical and moral standards to become successful.

R Murali Krishna, RC Berhampur — RID 3262

I am a Rotarian for over 30 years, and have been a regular reader of The Rotarian and Rotary News. Thanks for carrying my report Miracle gets a ­second life with excellent editing. Editing in Rotary News has improved considerably since you have taken over as its Editor. The content is ­informative and readable.

R K Bubna, RC Belur — RID 3291

A regular reader of Rotary News, I find these days the articles are interesting. In the January issue, ­Rasheeda Bhagat’s editorial Our distressed farmers need help; Barry Rassin’s message Diversity of vocation – Rotary’s strength; RI Director C Basket’s message The 4 Way Test; Jaishree’s A Black Tie dinner ­celebrates generosity and the travel article Colourful Colombia were all excellent.

I congratulate RC Poona, RID 3131, for conducting training ­workshop for Empowering women with ­self-defence, which is the need of the hour.

Daniel Chittilappilly, RC Kaloor — RID 3201

Thanks for the Tamil edition

Thanks for bringing out Rotary News in Tamil. The Editorial on The virtues of deweeding… is ­excellent as it rightly throws the ­spotlight on election-related woes and ­misappropriation of funds ­plaguing our clubs. It is ­unfortunate that while we have Rtn Ravishankar ­donating ₹100 crore to TRF, we also find ­irregularities in ­project ­implementation. These stains must be removed. Switching over to paper envelope is laudable. The December issue has rich content.

K P Balasubramanian, RC Ambasamudram — RID 3212

Thank you very much for ­publishing the World Heart Day activities of our club. It gave us all as much joy as we had in organising the event.

Dr Vijaya Bharat, RC Jamshedpur — RID 3250

Farm distress

I read the editorial Our distressed farmers need help with interest. This issue is disturbing my mind due to farmers’s suicide in Maharashtra and Telangana. Political parties take up farmers’ issue only during elections, and middlemen profit while the farmer suffers.

Former Tamil Nadu C M

M Karunanidhi dealt with this problem by starting farmers’ markets to give them direct access to consumers. Other States need to follow suit. Farmers also need low-interest credit.

The article RC Madras South finds an angel crusader for its ­paediatric project is touching and proves that ‘God lives among human beings.’ Dr Prashant Shah has saved many ­children with his magnanimous approach, so we can say god lives in him. Rtn R Saravanan, President of RC of Madras South, deserves appreciation. His emotional quotient has taken him to greater heights.

S Mohan, RC Madurai West — RID 3000

Regarding your editorial Our distressed farmers need help, you should know Rotarians do not give suggestions to elected governments. As a learned journalist you should know your limitations. In Rotary, we do only humanitarian service. We have a government to look after our farmers of India. Media houses may report many things which may be true or false. But, I suppose, Rotary News can’t. If the government fails in its bounden duties, it can be voted out.

K C Senan, RC Bidar — RID 3160

RIDE Sanghvi makes a fine point

There were good articles in ­December issue; in Classification ensures diversity, RIDE Kamal ­Sanghvi says “Rotary needs to change the world and we need to take a much larger responsibility.” With ­professionals, industrialists, doctors etc, a club has huge potential, “but we are still giving only books and ­pencils.” He urges ­Rotarians to take up large service projects.

These words of Rtn Ravishankar are inspirational. Even after donating ₹100 crore to TRF he says: “I ­haven’t done anything great… I find that some Rotarians belong to a variety

I call cosmetic Rotarians.” How true! The article Discard your anxieties, ­hang-ups is really good.

Naveen R Garg, RC Sunam — RID 3090

President Rassin says the Rotary News cover featuring him is not about him but the flamingo who wants to go against the tide. This is not easy but we as Rotarians should have values and vision to try. How inspirational!

Soumitra Chakraborty, RC Tollygunge — RID 3291

I was overjoyed to read Rtn ­Ravishankar, the donor of ₹100 crore to TRF, say “I haven’t done anything great.” He set an example to all Rotarians when he admitted how he suffered in his childhood and school days which led him to donate such a big amount to Rotary. I find no words to thank this donor and his family members but can only say ‘May god bless them’ and wish that such people will increase in our Rotary family.

Dr D H Rama — RID 3160

It was great to see RC Chandigarh, RID 3080, supporting around 150 ­families with health and hygiene ­projects which are not an easy task. The distribution of blankets, an ­initiative of Usha Saboo, can be ­replicated by other clubs. Rotary through its ­projects can be a true inspiration to the community.

Congrats to Editor Rasheeda Bhagat for giving a good insight on the event.

Vijaya Kumar K S, RC Bangalore Basaveshwaranagar — RID 3190

Act against dishonest Rotarians

Rotarians are supposed to be men of integrity. That is why they are chosen for this service organisation. But members of some Rotary clubs are not transparent and honest in ­utilising funds and bring a bad name to their clubs. Such Rotarians should be debarred and their membership terminated instantly. Club presidents should be made responsible for such lapses. Your suggestion for the ‘deweeding process’ in the Editorial (Dec issue) should be initiated by the leaders as early as possible.

Arun Kumar Dash, RC Baripada — RID 3262


Service beyond Borders


The article 20 years of ­‘service beyond borders’ explains how ­passionately PRIP ­Rajendra and Usha Saboo have been working through the Rotary platform. I met him during my PET/SET training programme in Chandigarh. His pet project brought sick people from underdeveloped countries for treatment in PGI, Chandigarh and he organised medical camps in Africa with a team of doctors.

His motivation ­compelled me to rejoin Rotary as a ­member in RC Delhi Mayur Vihar to serve society. The photo of Saboo attending an African child gives me strength to continue with service.

T D Bhatia, RC Delhi Mayur Vihar — RID 3012

It is great to note that PRIP Saboo, a non-medical person, had flown to African countries as a volunteer to serve ­African people, and has organised over 67,000 ­surgeries in Africa from1998. Hats off to him.

N Jagatheesan, RC Eluru — RID 3020

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