Letters to the Editor – February 2018

Time for introspection

All Rotarians in India must read the article Frankly Speaking in the January issue as the topics discussed are serious and disturbing. It is a shame that even now Rotary clubs resort to underreporting of membership with impunity. Also, the election of district governors, in spite of many changes brought by RI, is fought with money power and tall promises, as a result of such behaviour, says PRIP Rajendra Saboo, the good work done by ­Rotarians in India is lost. Also, when district programmes — PETS, SETS, etc — are held outside, even in foreign countries, it puts a lot of ­financial pressure on the presidents and ­secretaries-elect for travel. Because of this Rotarians are unwilling to take up the post of president and secretary.

Also, many districts publish a huge directory of 500 pages (sometime in two volumes) on glossy paper. This requires finance and the AGs and presidents have to get ads. In this era of paperless communication this is a big waste. A good website of the district can contain such information. There is no transparency in using DDFs, and TRF should look into the matter.

R Sivaramakrishnan, RC Trivandrum North — D 3211

Well crafted, striking Editorial

My hearty congrats for your ­January Editorial which can be termed as a magical box with a ­number of messages crafted in a ­subtle way, including the statements of top Rotarians that strike the mind hard. Our “love to complain and shoot off a letter, with copies to everyone around the world” must be stopped. Instead, we should seek solution in a dignified way without the cyber route.

Dishonesty in reporting of ­membership figures and absence of women business and professional leaders are issues that deserve priority. The “4-Way Test is not something, you just put up on a wall,” said the RI President most aptly.

V K Bansal, RC Delhi Uptown — D 3012

The coverage of the international project of RC Jersey City with my club is excellent. The write-up Global grant project transforms schools will enable RCJC to appreciate the care we have given to their prestigious project in India. I thank Rotary News for bringing out the magazine with such care.

Pradeep Wagh, RC Pune Shivaji Nagar — D 3131

RI Director C Basker’s message — Let’s serve through our vocation — is an eyeopener, particularly for those retiring in the near future, as how to remain active during our retired life. The example of 76-year-old Kalyanasundaram who donated his entire income and `30 crore award for the welfare of orphans is an exceptional example of service. All articles in the January issue, notably Cut out the extravaganza and fuss and Saboo’s 10-point message on leadership, make good reading. Congrats to Team Rotary News for sustaining the ­magazine’s standard.

M T Philip, RC Trivandrum, Suburban — D 3211

I am happy to note that the GETS sessions at the KL Institute were well-planned and executed under the leadership of PDG Sam Movva. He said that RI Director C Basker wants to continue this training cycle at the district level. Congratulations to Sam and his team from D 3020 and hats off to Baskar and the event Chairman R Theenachandran for making the KL Institute a grand success.

N Jagatheesan, RC Eluru — D 3020

More strength to small clubs

A successful leader must have three qualities — planning, monitoring and personal contribution. Readers will agree that Rasheeda Bhagat has all these attributes. That is why she can give us such an attractive ­magazine covering all walks of life. An ­excellent writer, she possesses the artistic caliber which is visible from the fantastic photographs and their placement. The cover photograph of the December issue is an example.

To reach out to the small clubs is indeed a laudable decision to keep up their morale. RI President Ian Riseley said Rotary is better placed than ever to have a real and lasting impact on peace through every area of service. Water, sanitation, health, education and economic development, can all avert conflict.

PRIP Kalyan Banerjee has ­correctly said, “Rotary has the ­tenderness, the softness, the ­kindness of a parent and the strength of a Government.”

RC Banglore deserves ­appreciation for renovating 106 Government ­primary schools and providing them with infrastructure and modern ­amenities, thus transforming them into Happy Schools with all facilities on the checklist.
Each word of Dr Soumya ­Swaminathan (Let RI take up the ­challenge of eradicating TB) is ­readable and thought provoking. After conquering polio, tackling TB should not be a difficult task if Rotarians join hands.

Raj Kumar Kapoor, RC Roopnagar — D 3080

You have done an excellent ­coverage of Setubandhan, the multi-district conference at Agartala. The article as well as photo feature Building a bridge and the write-up on the untiring efforts of Hospet ­Rotarians in serving the community through their eye bank and dialysis centre are laudable.

I am proud that RC Tinnevelly turns 75 this year. Being its member I know the good projects being done by the club. My hearty congratulations to them.

The steps taken by you to focus on smaller, energetic clubs that are far away from Chennai, as indicated in your Editorial, are well-timed and in the right direction.

S Rangarajan, RC Tirunelveli, Suburbs — D 3212

As always, I eagerly waited for the December issue and found you have covered many subjects. Yes, Northeast is really a wonderful place as we lived two years in Shillong. Keep up the good work.

Group Captain Deodhar, RC Nasik – D 3030

It was good to read the cover story on Sethubandhan, and see the event featured on the magazine’s cover with a good photograph clicked at the Rabindranath Tagore auditorium with a tagline “In Tagore’s footsteps”. It would have been apt if you had given a brief write-up on the Nobel laureate who is immortalised for giving our national anthem.

A L Perianan Shanmugam, RC Madurai Midtown — D 3000

A shift in policy to go pan-Indian on the part of Rotary News will positively and drastically boost the small clubs hitherto neglected as they were overshadowed by big projects. Your introspective vision is seen in every issue of the magazine having some novelty with articles on proactive changes in Rotary. Your ideas and convictions are expressions of a real ambassador of Rotary.

Rasheeda Bhagat’s article Let RI take up the challenge of eradicating TB is laudable as Rotary has done a commendable job in eradicating polio from India and many other countries. Now it is time to focus on TB.

Prof Shiv Sethi, RC Ferozepur ­Cantonment — D 3090

Strong message from  RI leadership

The December issue highlights the saying “Great people think alike” as the three RI icons — ­President Ian Riseley, Director C Basker and ­Trustee Chair Paul Netzel — ­concentrated their messages on three projects. The President said the world should be a peace-loving place wherein “no scourge of war” is visible. Rotary is a suitable platform to provide lasting peace in the world through its Rotary Peace Fellows programme. Director C Basker said India has the second largest number of diabetics and hence diabetes detection camps should be organised in their districts. Netzel stressed the power of partnerships.

RC Jalna Midtown, D 3132, has come out with two great projects (Shuddha Jal, November issue) for purifying drinking water. I appeal to all Rotarians to implement these ­projects so that students and villagers can be assured of potable water.

G V Sayagavi, RC Davanagere, Vidyanagar — D 3160


Bold, candid observations by Usha Saboo


I have before me the January issue and I am impressed by the ­regularity in ­publication, the choice of subjects, ­narration, overall design and ­layout. While all the articles are worth ­reading, Cut out the extravaganza and fuss written by Rasheeda Bhagat is superb. This is what Rotarians, in and ­outside Rotary meetings/events, say in whispers. To put out that in an article speaks highly of the ­boldness of the writer. We need to take the ­observations of Usha Saboo as food for thought and action. The kind of extravaganza and fuss in Rotary meetings must be replaced by ­simplicity and ­service-orientation, not in words but action.

We must not forget that we are a service organisation to help the community. Congrats to the Editor and her team.

C K Sardana, RC Bhopal Midtown — D 3040

I admire the service rendered by Usha Saboo, a ­non-Rotarian and the spouse of PRIP ­Rajendra Saboo for the last 57 years. She has made frank and honest admissions on the ­“extravaganza and fuss at the district ­conferences”, and has done great service to Indian soldiers by sending sweets to them on Diwali-eve. At the age of 82, she has passion to serve humanity. Kudos to Madam Usha Saboo.

Dr D Harischandra Rama, RC Anantapur — D 3160

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