Letters to the Editor – February 2015 issue

Kudos to 3230


The new year issue is filled with lot of interesting articles and news items with colourful photos. Each one is worth reading. I congratulate your leadership and active journalism. The article, No way to run Rotary, is worth reading. RIPE ­Ravindran’s ­emphasis on ­transparency, ­performance and cost cutting at all levels is ­welcome and long overdue in Rotary. He really means ­business. If ­implemented it will make club leaders more ­responsible and accountable. I congratulate D 3230 for making India proud through the largest human flag formation.

Rtn T Susant
RC Berhampur-D 3262

Excellent Jan issue

Rotary News is now catering to the taste of all readers, with a ­variety of articles. Water in ­Rajasthan, bullets in ­Pakistan, ­challenges being faced by polio workers in ­Pakistan, ­interview with Mukesh ­Malhotra, are master pieces. Your team has excelled; keep moving to ­further heights. Jai Hind.

Rtn Col Gopinathan
RC Wadakanchery-D 3201


Congratulations for bringing out an excellent magazine. Kindly publish ­articles on the contribution of Rotary in the formation of the UNO, Rotary ­Cancer Institute at AIIMS Delhi, ­memories of ex-PM I K Gujral as ­President of RC Delhi and late JRD Tata as a member of RC Bombay.

Rtn Sanat Jain
RC Raipur Heritage-D 3261

I received an excellent Jan issue, with welcome changes and bold views in ‘From the Editor’s Desk.’ I found ­interesting articles on Gary and Corinna, Vanakkam Chennai, First Thoughts, RIPE Ravindran’s speech, Colour and Sparkle, the photo pages, Giving away Money. ­Congratulations to your team.

Rtn S S Venkatachalam
RC Chennai IT City-D 3230

It is immensely pleasing to find Rotary News in a novel get-up with Rasheeda Bhagat as ­Editor, with enlightening articles and profiles of men in action, such as Achyuta Samantha of KISS.

Rtn Korukonda Butchi Raju
RC Anakapalli-D 3020

The photograph in Tiranga Makes History is superb. From the Editor’s Desk is perfect. The presentation of No way to run Rotary is very nice. Prime Minister Modi’s ­message is like a tonic, photo ­collage in District Scores is excellent. If possible, please include ‘Rotary Quiz’ to develop Rotary knowledge.

Rtn C Pandian
RC Dindigul-D 3000

The new concept of Rotary News is noteworthy and more ­readable. ­Additional page for ‘Letters’ column is most welcome.

Rotary News has become more informative and less illustrative; club activity pictures are parted with. Of course it is difficult to select a picture from over 1,000 clubs reporting.

Last cover page drew attention, ‘Register by 15 December 2014 for the lowest rates’ in Jan issue which reaches readers not before 10th Jan!

Rtn Arvind Patel
RC Bombay Northwest-D 3140

It was a stunning experience to read Dada J P Vaswani’s column, The ­Stunning Gift, in the Jan issue. It is a lesson for the present younger generation to practise good deeds so that they will reap good things in life, per return.

Rtn B Pasupathi
RC Dalmiapuram-D 3000

The January issue is very informative. Articles related to day-to-day life — saving energy and water — will make the magazine more interesting.

Rtn Dr Sheban
RC Thuckalay-D 3212

More space for Rotary projects

I find that very few grant projects are being reported in Rotary News. The place is taken over by high ­profile Rotary meetings at the top level with photographs running into several pages. The poor Rotary club projects have taken a back seat and reported without proper ­photographs. We hope the Editor will ­seriously look into the matter.

Rtn Gopalakrishnan Natarajan
RC Rajapalayam-D 3212

Valuable lesson in First Thoughts

RI Director’s First Thoughts contains valuable suggestions about Rotary awareness and the wonderful thoughts about William T Sergeant, who after 12 years of membership, no office, little contribution and worst attendance record, was asked to write the club bulletin and later was elevated to RI Director, which shows anybody with initiative can rise to any level. Thanks for publishing such motivating thoughts.

Rtn M T Philip
RC Trivandrum Suburban-D 3211

Well-penned Editorial

The Peshawar carnage which is against human values needs to be condemned by all sensitive individuals and ­Rotarians world over. You took your right pick by penning such an issue which is to be debated at all quarters for a viable solution. Your pointer to introspect the true spirit and essence of religion and to punish the offenders twisting ideology is a bold proposition.

Rtn Arun Kumar Dash
RC Baripada-D 3262

Not welcome

2014: the election that changed India by Rajdeep Sardesai is political news. Rotary Samachar should have Rotary news of the world. Rajdeep Sardesai is not neutral.

Rtn Dr R K Sinha
RC Jamshedpur-D 3250

Research required

My response to the Jan issue would run to four pages — that is the value of the Vanakkam ­Chennai ­Special! The frank and ­forthright address of RIPE Ravi is very ­rewarding; he looks at the crux of the problem and has a lot of courage to say what he did.

All the reports and coverage of the Institute gave me, a Rotarian for 42 years, who has not attended larger meetings other than District ­Conferences, a better picture of Rotary. Why don’t you research Indian Clubs on the lavish spending by aspirants for the DG’s post, or for starting new clubs and adding non-existent members just for their votes? These aspirants spend lavishly amounts which can be donated to TRF or to construct a community hall in their city. Such work will be well appreciated by Ravi, though not by our PDGs, DGs, DGNs and DGEs.

Your team is on the right track and in one issue after another there is something novel.

Rtn Nan Narayenen
RC Madurai West-D 3000

Kudos from a R’Ann

Initially when I saw you as Editor of Rotary News I wondered how a non-Rotarian can write about Rotary and its activities. But my husband and I were pleasantly surprised to see Rotary News blossom into a beautiful magazine, under your editorship. I’d just skim through the magazine every month when it arrived, but now I find myself reading it from end to end; it is so absorbing. I am a Rotary Ann but attend many weekly Rotary meetings.

R’Ann Sobhana Narayan
RC Kalamassery-D 3201


Stop wasteful expenditure


Your article, No Way To Run Rotary, on the ­extempore speech by RIPE K R Ravindran was both ­inspiring and timely; my salute to him for his advice to Rotary leaders. This was long overdue. For quite some time Rotary in India has been functioning like most other NGOs. The pomp and show without ­substance has become the bane of most clubs. The DGs too follow the same ­practice. These days PEMs and such meetings have become ­dining and enjoyment events. Most clubs in Delhi cannot afford such ­extravaganza. It will be interesting to know the real cost of such events. Balls and grand dinners are organised in the name of Rotary Foundation. Huge funds are collected. Has anyone assessed how much actually comes in the Foundation kitty out of such ­collection drives? I hope and pray the advice given by RIPE is followed both in letter and spirit. I must compliment RIPE for his advice on ­appointment of Rotary officers at district level. Today’s District ­Directory is voluminous and generally distributed much after the start of the year. This has to be rectified. With good wishes and hope for achhe din for Rotary India.

Rtn Gulshan Rai
RC Delhi Midwest-D 3010

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I am noticing a sea change in the ­layout and contents of Rotary News, since you assumed office as Editor. The classy editorials speak volumes about your experience as a Journalist. Congrats and do carry on the great work.

Rtn Raghunandanan Parakkal
RC Palghat East-D 3201


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