Letters to the Editor – August 2018

More women leaders needed

Your effort to promote gender equity is praiseworthy. In the coming years we will experience a situation in Rotary where more women district governors will steal the show in the leadership contest. Your statement that ‘women are cost conscious’ is widely acknowledged. It is really an encouraging sign that women are coming out and becoming visible in every field. The existing chaos and anarchy prevailing in society will end and a new world order will be established once gender equity becomes a reality. It is not a Utopian view but based on truth and realism.

Arun Kumar Dash, RC Baripada — D 3262

Proud to be Rotarian

In the article Rotary honours a philanthropist par excellence (June issue), I was surprised to note a statement of PRIP Kalyan Banerjee, which says “An Italian Rotarian instantly gave a cheque for $1million for relief work in Kutch after it was devastated by a massive earthquake. He never asked me how his money was spent nor did he visit India. It can happen only in Rotary.” It is really an honour being a Rotarian.

N Jagatheesan, RC Eluru — D 3020

World-class content

I am a Rotarian since 2010 and a regular reader of Rotary News.

I compliment you and your Editorial team for bringing out a magazine with world-class content, articles and listing of Rotary projects done across districts. Once I receive the magazine on the 10th of every month, it is unputdownable as most of the articles are engaging and interesting. Kudos to you and your team.

Nipun Patel, RC Kankaria Ahmedabad — D 3054

A project will get replicated

Rotary Club of Mandi is thankful to you for publishing the story of our leaf plate project (Improving women’s livelihood). The story was well done by Kiran Zehra who added the recent ban on plastic and thermocol plates in Himachal Pradesh and interviewed the members of RCC Gharwasra. She has also well explained in the article that these eco-friendly leaf plates have health benefit. I have now been requested by many clubs in our district to give details of this project so that they can also start such a project in their community.

Surender Mohan, RC Mandi — D 3070

The message from the RI President and RI Director is really inspiring. No doubt all Rotarians are obliged to and should inspire the new members as well as the existing ones to contribute to Rotary in all avenues of service. The club president should lead from the front.

Peter Drucker, the Father of Modern Management, once said: “The secret of success is 1 per cent inspiration and 99 per cent perspiration.” So, the entire army of Rotarians should not wait for someone to inspire to get into active work, rather they should proactively start to work right now and continue forever.

Dr NRUK Kartha, RC Trivandrum Suburban — D 3211

Promote Rotary on social media

As Rotarians, we all have hundreds of amazing stories about the work that our clubs accomplish in our communities. It’s time every club effectively uses social media to spread the good word beyond the network of Rotary clubs.

Social media has revolutionised the way people connect with friends, family and acquaintances. Hence, clubs must post their projects and programmes on non-Rotary sites and networking groups with good pictures accompanying the details. A club can thus effectively create a positive public image of Rotary in society.

R Murali Krishna, RC Berhampur — D 3262

Nice layout, rich content, gender equity


The July issue is superb in its new layout, the cover page and its notable content. The ­Editor’s note on ­Ushering in more gender equity, within and outside Rotary aptly describes the necessity of adding more women members in Rotary.

The theme for this year is Be the Inspiration and we are indebted to RI ­President Barry Rassin for striking a ­perfect balance between ­Bahamian bonhomie and ­decisive ­leadership and ­choosing such an effective theme.
The success stories about him are impressive and ­adaptable; he is a visionary administrator and under his able leadership, Rotary is bound to scale new heights.

The article Where women are given wings by ­Rasheeda Bhagat has Judge Swati ­Chavan, a Rotary peace scholar, throwing light on “an innovative project to empower divorced women”. Definitely, this project can be followed by other clubs also. Another story Giving a second chance to girl dropouts is an effective and useful project being done by RC Ankleshwar.

All other articles are worth reading. My regards to the Editorial team in its efforts to maintain the standard of Rotary News with worthy articles, club reports and clear pictures.

M T Philip, RC Trivandrum Suburban — D 3211

Congratulations on the very appealing new design of the cover page. It’s a great way to welcome the 114th year of our Rotary journey. The new look has made Rotary News appear bolder, better and more distinct. I am sure the reach is going to be phenomenal. It’s bound to enhance the public image of our organisation. Let’s keep reinventing ourselves for the better. Kudos to you and the entire team.

DG A V Pathy — D 3201

Though I am impressed with the entire content of the July issue, a special ­mention has to be made about the Editor’s Note and the ­interview of Rotary Peace Scholar Judge Swati Chavan (Where women are given wings) of Pune on women’s empowerment.

Our society is blessed with the presence of devoted and selfless women, who struggle to lead a stable and peaceful life. They prove themselves as the best achievers both at work as well as at home. They are gifted and balance all situations. In Rotary, we can see good examples of women who have taken up district and club ­leadership in recent years. Thanks to the Editor for ­featuring regularly interesting articles on women and their special skills not only in Rotary, but ­elsewhere too.

R Srinivasan, RC Madurai Midtown — D 3000

The interview with Judge Swati Chavan was ­impressive, instructive and inspiring. The Judge vividly explains the problems of deserted and divorced women in society. The main problem is getting the alimony order implemented. She has pointed out that men are ready even to go to jail but they do not want to pay the maintenance amount to divorced wives. In this context, the innovative ­project of Swayam Siddha to train divorced women in some gainful  employment will certainly help them lead an ­independent and peaceful life. Rotary clubs from across India should come forward to ­participate in this pragmatic project for divorced women as suggested at the meeting by PRIP Kalyan Banerjee.

S Lakshmanan, RC Ambasamudram — D 3212


₹100 crore to Foundation


Rtn D Ravishankar of Hara Builders, the ­ ­President of Rotary Club of ­Bangalore Orchards, D 3190, has donated
₹100 crore to The Rotary Foundation. Hats off to his grand ­donation for a noble cause which will help TRF to work for a much better world.

Hasmukh Patel, RC Pune Westend — D 3131

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  • Aug 17 2018 at 5:32 pm

    Really happy to note that Rtn D Ravishankar of Hara Builders, President of Rotary Club of ­Bangalore Orchards, D 3190, has donated ₹100 crore to The Rotary Foundation. He is an inspiring and motivating personality for Rotarians.
    Hats off to his grand ­donation for a noble cause which will help TRF to work for a much better world.

    • Rotary Club : ROTARY CLUB OF ATTUR -Rotary Dist 2982

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