Letters to the Editor – August 2017 issue

Rotary’s principles getting diluted

The article We need clubs with ­Quality, not Quantity in the June issue is well written by Jaishree and ­provides ample food for thought. Growth is vital and anything that does not grow decays. We often see new clubs being formed. But is this really growth? At least some of them are mere artificial ­subsidiaries created to ­support ­personal or group ­interest. There must be some ­restriction and ­supervision in the ­formation of new clubs. It is ­disturbing to see that Rotary’s ­principles and standards are ­gradually being diluted. It has come a long way as an ­organisation of great value to society because of the ­dedication and selfless service of many. The ­hard-earned goodwill and ­appreciation need to be ­preserved ­without ­blemish. The core values and ­principles of Rotary need to be put to better test in the choice of new members.

P O Thomas, RC Alleppey — D 3211

This article is an ­eye-opener to club authorities. We have to select quality members who are ­willing to serve humanity. If strict scrutiny is not done during ­members’ selection, the name of Rotary will be spoiled.

The message from RI ­President John F Germ (June issue) is ­impressive. He says the essence of Rotary is to be of ­assistance and show the willingness to work for the good of others.

I was happy to read Happy hours leads to happy village, happy school by Rasheeda Bhagat (July issue) which mentions the work done by Rotarians to help a school on the ­outskirts of Chennai by ­providing chairs, benches and tables. Hope Rotary can do something to overcome such pathetic ­condition of our schoolchildren.

M T Philip, RC Trivandrum Suburban — D 3211

Let’s shun hypocrisy

Hypocrisy is the gift of modern ­materialism where basic ethics are ­sacrificed at the altar of personal gains. Some of us Rotarians also show signs of hypocrisy when we do something contrary to what we preach.
This needs to be curbed before it takes shape so that this august ­organisation is not affected. Our Four-Way Test is a strong safeguard against hypocrisy, if we practise it in our deeds and actions.

PDG Kuldip Dhir — D 3070

New RI President a real ‘gem’

The new RI President, blessed with quality education and vast experience in various top posts of Rotary for nearly 30 years, will be an asset in planning and implementing projects.

We Rotarians feel proud of such a ‘gem’ who, along with spouse, PDG Juliet, can inspire us to implement Rotary programmes successfully.

GV Sayagavi, RC Davanagere Vidyanagara — D 3160

You are making a difference!

I am delighted to see Rotary News getting more young, vibrant and informative. The coverage of ­Suchitra, the young ambassador of WinS (May issue) was great and I will share this story with school ­students when we do a WinS ­project. Articles on Odisha’s handlooms (Ikkat… the interlock of colours); Goa: Cashew Trail; and Beware of fat-burning myth make the magazine interesting for the entire family.

With its changed format and content, Rotary News seems to be perfect, though I know the Editorial team will keep working to make it more interesting. Three cheers for your zeal and commitment as you are making a difference.
Assistant Governor Niten Agrawal

RC Gorakhpur Midtown — D 3120

I am grateful to you for publishing the article on Rtn Kulbir Dodd’s MKD tablets (Tablets to cure ­illiteracy, June issue) which seeks to eradicate illiteracy.

Its publication has helped me to convince Kulbir to donate an ­additional $60,000 in the last week of June, and he has now become eligible to be an AKS member with cumulative donation exceeding $250,000.

PP Kumar Shinagare, RC Poona North — D 3131

Article on DGs welcome

Thanks for the Meet your ­Governors article, which spells out the vision and dreams of the new District Governors.

It gives immense pleasure to know that each district has its own projects to serve humanity. The wish-list of giving more and more to TRF, enhancing membership, extending healthcare to cancer and kidney patients, building hospitals, literacy projects and hygiene initiatives are interesting to read.

Hope this column will ­provide more ideas and thoughts for ­innovative projects to the incoming District Governors.

Veeranna A Huggi, RC Shimoga — D 3182

Clarion call for greener planet

Time is ripe for a total revolution in environment. Your clarion call in the June Editorial — Plant a sapling, start a revolution — is appealing.

RI President Ian Riseley has urged the 1.2 million Rotarians to plant trees and make a difference so that others will follow suit. And you have beamed this meaningful message to Rotarians all over South Asia. The drumstick revolution in D 3131 and the historic Chipko movements are spectacular models to benefit humanity.

Polio got the primary attention of Rotary for decades, followed by illiteracy. Now, let us take up the environmental challenge.

Arun Kumar Dash, RC Baripada — D 3262

This magazine is not a place for debatable articles like The economics of Faith (July issue). Without getting into the polemics of the case being made out by the author in support of cow slaughter, I feel such articles are best avoided. It is better to restrict the range of articles to friendship, fellowship and service through Rotary.

D Narayanan, RC Madras Midtown — D 3232


In the RI Director’s July ­message it was erroneously mentioned that Rotary is entering its 117th year, while it should have been 113th. The typographical error is regretted.

Thanks for inspiring articles

We are a two-year-old club and since inception, we are very much interested in Rotary News. We find every issue of the ­magazine is full of Rotary ­information and its ­activities which really encourage us and during our regular meetings, we always discuss the various ­topics ­covered by Rotary News.


We are grateful to ­Editor ­Rasheeda Bhagat and her team for ­inspirational articles in every issue which ­motivate us in our ventures and service towards mankind. As Rotarians, we are happy to subscribe and be proud readers of Rotary News.

Ashim Bhattacharjee,
Charter President, RC Green Land Silchar — D 3240

I am a regular reader of Rotary News, one of the best ­magazines covering a whole range of subjects, besides ­focusing on Rotary’s key areas such as polio eradication, ­education, fitness and the need to help the poor across the world. Hats off to the Editor who has covered the major portion of the July issue as all the main articles were her contributions. One can only wonder at her stamina and enthusiasm to work tirelessly by travelling long distances.

Bill Gates’ ­generosity is matchless (Polio has been my top priority over a decade, July issue). As philanthropic ­partners, Melinda and Bill Gates, are walking the ‘extra mile’ to eradicate the ­disease. Gates’ announcement that “together we will raise $450 million towards ­ensuring there is zero polio” in the next three years is ­wonderful. God bless the couple.

I loved RI President Ian Riseley’s words of ­substance: “Rotary challenges us to become better people: to become ­ambitious in the ways that matter, to strive for higher goals, and to incorporate ­Service Above Self in our daily lives.”

Rotarians are always ready to help, and are true followers of the Bhagvad Gita which says “service to mankind is service to God.”

Raj Kumar Kapoor, RC Roopnagar — D 3080


Baseless charges against D 3070

The letter from PP ­Harjit Singh Khurana from ­Ludhiana, ­denigrating D 3070 has damaged our reputation. This man is a ­habitual critic who does not attend any ­function, ­including the ­Governor’s visit to his club. Your publishing the ­letter without checking the facts has damaged our ­reputation. If our ­District is ­portrayed in a bad light, will it not affect Rotary’s growth in India?

PDG Gurjeet S Sekhon — D 3070

I am shocked that this letter, which is in bad taste, was published ­without verifying facts and has ­denigrated the entire District 3070. Our action must serve the interest of Rotary and not otherwise by carrying ­unsubstantiated views.

PDG Arun Kapur — D 3070

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