Letters to the Editor – April 2019

Rotary hospital a boon to Vapi

Started in 1980 by the Rotary Club of Vapi, it is ­unbelievable to note that this hospital, being run by the Rotary Charitable Trust, offers paediatric heart surgery. I congratulate cardiac ­surgeon Dr Kalpesh Malik and his team for doing a challenging surgery on a four-year-old boy who was having two chambers only in  his heart.

It is great to note that the ­Chairman of this Trust, PRIP Kalyan ­Banerjee personally takes care to see that the ­hospital is ­maintained clean and hygienic. Kudos to RC Vapi.

N Jagatheesan, RC Eluru — RID 3020

March issue has a good cover photo and inspiring ­articles such as Talking peace in troubled times is not easy (­Editor’s Note); Inspire Rotaractors to Rotary (RI President’s message); Maloney connects with Chennai Rotarians by Jaishree; Rotary Hospital in Vapi by Rasheeda; Rotary ­Endowment — a promise to ­tomorrow by Ron ­Burton; and A genetic compulsion for giving & doing good.

My congratulations to Dr Azad Moopen, Chairman, Aster ­Healthcare Group for spending ₹50 crore every year for charity.

Daniel Chittilappilly
RC Kaloor — RID 3201

Ravishankar inspires
Rotarians to give

By educating the girl child we are empowering women and thus curing many social ills, paving the way for a healthy society.

Whether we talk about Nakushi or Dhonda, all such age-old traditions have to be done away with by the Rotarians in India who are involved in the difficult task of building a better society.

The lovely pictures of the smiling, happy children of the North-East region in the Feb issue impel us to believe that individuals with vision can accomplish daunting tasks and show the world that Rotary can alleviate illiteracy and strengthen the social fabric with its humanitarian service.

Thus, many Ravishankars will inspire Rotarians to go ahead with their new ventures for humanity with renewed zeal. There has been an upsurge of interest in the Rotary world, especially in India, after the example set by Ravishankar. You have captured the smiles, hopes, excitement and possibilities available to the disadvantaged people in our North-Eastern region in a few photos supplementing the editorial. The cover story is a well-structured article which will boost the spirits of Rotarians in the country. We really need such stories of success.

Arun Kumar Dash,
RC Baripada — RID 3262

In the article While you are having Madurai idlis… Rtn Ravishankar says, “If you keep money that is more than your need, it turns into poison.” I totally agree with his remark. I had been to Bengaluru and tried my best to meet the RC Bangalore Orchards President. His contribution to TRF is rich and praiseworthy.

Last year, our club has been upgraded to PHF club and because of good Rotarians, we are progressing well.

A Easwaramoorthy,
RC Tirunelveli West — RID 3212

Rotary’s peace efforts

Regarding the heinous terrorist attack on CRPF convoy in Pulwama in Jammu and Kashmir last month which caused the tragic loss of 40 of our jawans, I convey my condolences to the families of the martyrs. Rotary’s efforts through Peace Centres around the world that sponsor scholars for peace programmes deserve appreciation as rightly mentioned in the Editor’s Note.

RI President Barry ­Rassin’s remarks about Rotaractors are really encouraging and their ­valuable ­services in the African continent are laudable.

Glad to read that Karunguzhi is the first town in India to have an FST facility to undertake a ‘full cycle of sanitation’ as stated by RID C Basker in his message.

The article Let us not build barriers to Rotary by Rasheeda Bhagat is an informative and meaningful one. RIPE Maloney has made a suggestion to connect Rotary to the United Nations to get connected to the world, an ­innovative idea.

The article A genetic ­compulsion for giving & doing good is very inspiring. Kathakali — Dance Drama; Building trust in the North-East; Rotary Hospital in Vapi offers paediatric heart ­surgery; and even the smaller articles are worth reading. As usual, the photos are colourful and appealing to the readers.

M T Philip, RC Trivandrum
Suburban — RID 3211

I would like to know whether the Peace Centres run by RI teach peace in the Gandhian way, if not what is their curriculum approach. A police officer from Maharashtra went for higher studies under this scheme. We would like to hear more from him. An article on this will be useful. I also suggest, in addition to this course, ‘Leadership in Action’ for various ­professions can be included.

Sanat Jain, RC Raipur
Heritage — RID 3261

It’s great to read about the ­International Assembly in the Feb issue where RIPE Mark Maloney unveiled the ­2019–20 Presidential theme, Rotary ­Connects the World, and emphasised that Rotary allows us to connect with each other across geographical differences; to people we would never otherwise have met; to communities, professional ­opportunities and to the people who need our help.

RID C Basker in “Peace through Service” mentioned ­former Canadian PM and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Rtn L B Pearson has said, “How can there be peace in the world when ­people do not know each other, when they have never met?” He added that Rotary’s involvement in ­community work brings the world closer and helps to make it a better place through its global network of Rotary, Rotaract clubs and districts with good support from TRF.

Naveen R Garg, RC Sunam — RID 3090

Exemplary projects

On behalf of my club, I congratulate RC Nasik ­Grapecity, RID 3030, for ­taking up nice ­projects such as ­mammography, literacy and ­educating Adivasis on the ­importance of hygiene and ­sanitation, among other services.

My special thanks to Naresh Shah, the charter president, Rtn Asha Venugopal, PDG ­Dattathreya Deshmukh, DGE Rajendra Bhamre and DGND Ramesh Mehar for their contributions in these projects.

Cherukuri Santaram,
RC Nashik Smart City — RID 3030

My sincere congratulations to you and the editorial team on the way Rotary News is ­reinventing itself in this new era of publications. I look forward to read your magazine just like others who read it with eagerness.

Sajanan K Nambiar,
RC Vapi Riverside — RID 3060

Rotary News: a reference point written from a human angle


I have gone through all the issues of Rotary News from cover to cover. I can vouch that the last four issues were remarkably ­well produced. As an RIPR in Kolkata recently, the ­magazine helped me a lot to ­authenticate all my facts and ­figures for my speeches. After ­reading these issues I can write a full-page article on the new trends in Rotary.

The magazine has become very interesting, ­readable, informative and rich in content. I feel your news sense is so strong that you notice the focal point of every topic that must be highlighted and which will interest ­Rotarians as readers.

I admire the way you touch new issues and present us with a new ­perspective all Rotary projects and ­activities. The articles and images make this monthly ­magazine a reference publication for all things related to Rotary. ­Congrats to the ­editorial team.

Rtn Ajay Kala,
RC Jaipur Round Town — RID 3054

I loved the article The neem tree with sweet leaves by G Singh in the February issue. ­Human-interest stories such as these make life worthy. For that matter, I always find the articles in Rotary News are written with ­importance given to the human angle and that makes the ­magazine such an interesting read. Thank you for yet another lovely issue.

Atul Bhide, RC Thane Hills — RID 3142

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