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Positive Health, Literacy are important

I’m addicted to reading Rotary News on my 30-minute train journey from Airoli, Navi Mumbai, to Nerul and back. Reading the wonderful articles is like having a delicious breakfast after the first one at home. The August issue was impressive with touching personal stories as that of PRIP K R Ravindran.

PDG Nancy Barbee’s love for India can be seen from her commitment to global grant projects during the 100th year of Rotary in India. PDG Geeta Manek of Kenya rightly says, ­“education is an equaliser, brings peace and is ­crucial for Africa”.

The obit on PRID Sudarshan ­Agarwal neatly summed up the ­service rendered by him through the Rotary blood bank, Delhi, Him Jyoti School, etc. Other articles on the ­Centenary ­Celebrations by RC ­Mysore; and A ­government school gets a facelift have embellished the August issue. The views of DG Mohan ­Chandavarkar were interesting.

Dr Balu Uphade, RC Link Town — RID 3142

Project Positive Health being taken up extensively in India is a good initiative; not a costly project, I wish it all success.

J P Verma, RC Bangalore South — RID 3190

To involve our families into Rotary projects, our club has started an Anns Committee which carries out many projects on their own and also attend family meetings. This ­initiative is fully exploring their talent to do good in the community.

C Surendran, RC Madurai North — RID 3000

Remembering PRID Sudarshan

Calling himself a ‘professional beggar’, the late PRID Sudarshan Agarwal was extremely generous in giving and a genial host. We have lost a great soul as the obit written by ­Editor Rasheeda shows. His service will be remembered by Rotarians ­forever. May his soul rest in peace.

The two RI Directors have rightly stressed on increasing women ­members in Rotary. The medical mission to ­Madagascar led by PRIP ­Rajendra Saboo has done great service. It was good to hear PRIP Ravindran say,“I am what I am only because of Rotary.”

It is an irony that despite being young, successful and empowered by the internet, the millennials are depressed. In the centenary year of Rotary in India, we wish the first club — RC Calcutta, RID 3291 — all the very best for this milestone.

S Muniandi, RC Dindigul Fort — RID 3000

It is an irony that after doing good to humanity for decades many of us are pushed to oblivion and hence, it is up to journalists to unearth such people and bring them to limelight. Had there been no obit on PRID Agarwal, perhaps his work and service, including the Him Jyoti School, would have been buried in obscurity. Thanks for keeping his work and contributions alive.

Arun Kumar Dash, RC Baripada — RID3262

An exemplary bone bank

The bone bank and Rotary’s saving infants with genetic defects make our eyes wet. We are proud of being in an organisation which really means Service above Self. A few clubs in our district have started a campaign ‘No alcohol meetings’.

Dr N R U K Kartha, RC Trivandrum Suburban — RID 3211

Happy to know about the new bone bank which was inaugurated by RC Madras Central, RID 3232.The allograft bone fitment is a wonderful gift to the cancer patients as it is less expensive and provides a permanent solution. This will spread awareness on the good work done by Rotary.

Chinmaya Mahapatra, RC Bhubaneswar Heritage — RID 3262

I felt happy reading RC Mysore ­celebrates platinum jubilee. PRIP Kalyan Banerjee inaugurated the event and spoke at length about the club, underpinning the need to take up more health and education projects. The photos accompanying the write-up are superb. Also, the photo feature with the headline Enjoying a story under a tree (front inner ­wrapper) gives a peek into a school run by Rotary Mysore West. Many thanks to the Editor.

H Krishna Murty, RC Mysore Brindavan Club — RID 3181

RI President Mark Maloney reminded us to grow in numbers. Rotary recently adopted a diversity, equity and inclusion policy that sends a strong message that we embrace inclusiveness. Rotary has clubs all over the world and reaches a broad range of people with service projects. So, we are already having diversity, but the other ingredient — inclusion — is the key to unlocking and maintaining the full benefits of that diversity. Kattey Halliday, author and past president of RC Adelaide, who is a facilitator in the Diversity Inclusion Branch of the South ­Australia Police, says, “For cultivating inclusion, we have to make our clubs accessible, give all members something meaningful to do, provide diversity and include training.” This is self-explanatory.

K M K Murthy, RC Secunderabad — RID 3150

As regular readers we can say Rotary News has evolved over the years with great diversity in articles, news coverage, and messages from Rotary leaders. The quality of reporting is great. The Editorial team is able to maintain the same quality in the Tamil edition also.

The August issue has interesting content; most appealing being PRID Agarwal’s obit. PRIP Saboo has rightly said, “the legend lives on”.

R Srinivasan, RC Madurai Midtown — RID 3000

Annapurna – Rotary’s role model


I go through almost all articles in the magazine and am delighted at the exemplary projects carried in the September issue. RC Solapur’s amazing tiffin-meal project has left me at a loss of words to convey my appreciation to the members and successive presidents who have kept the project alive for 12 years! I wish them all well to sustain this gigantic project for the elderly citizens — 438,000 tiffins at a cost of ₹1.44 crore! Bravo, friends, continue with this zeal and efficiency to do “service above self”.

The Rotaractors of Austin Institutes deserve congratulations for their project on menstrual hygiene and making rural children aware of ‘good touch, bad touch’.

Raj Kumar Kapoor, RC Roopnagar — RID 3070

I was delighted to read about the Annapurna project that feeds 100 elders on a daily basis in Solapur for the last 12 years. Run by RC Solapur, it has so far supplied 438,000 meals.

RI President Mark Maloney’s call to bring children to Rotary events will certainly lead to growth in club membership. Glad to see both RI directors have stressed the value of education. Congratulations to PRID Shekhar Mehta for being selected RIPN. RC Bangalore Orchards’ transformation of a cyanide dump at the Kolar Gold Fields to a green hill is great service. The article Sleep well… to lose weight! is very useful. Udaan, a special event by RC Nagpur for special children, is very impressive, giving joy to 800 of them. Introducing all the RI directors and trustees is a nice gesture. Thanks to the Editor and her team for sustaining the magazine’s quality.

Philip Mulappone M T, RC Trivandrum Suburban — RID 3211

I salute RC Solapur for serving elders for the past 12 years by spending ₹1.44 crore on daily meals; this is a fine example for other clubs to emulate.

President Maloney rightly advises Rotarians to introduce their families to Rotary to kindle their interest in the organisation. RI Director Bharat Pandya has urged us to help flood-effected people, and stresses on girls’ education. Thanks for introducing RIPN Shekhar Mehta. The article Positive Health has called for a healthy lifestyle with a good diet. The article about RI Convention in Honolulu and other write-ups are also informative.

Ravinder Chot, RC Phagwara South East — RID 3070

Your Editorial and the cover story on the tiffin-meal project by RC Solapur are commendable. The Rotarians in Solapur are doing a remarkable service by offering nutritious meals to the elderly for 12 years. Annapurna project is a role model for our clubs and deserves our wholehearted appreciation.

PRIP K R Ravindran shared his experience as a successful businessman thanks to timely help from his club member. A true follower of Rotary principles, Ravindran connects with people across the

S Mohan, RC Madurai West — RID 3000

In the Annapurna article, club president Mundana says they have never run out of money for this project. Amazing!

N Jagatheesan, RC Eluru — RID 3020


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