Lessons in Water Management

Rotarians facilitate water facilities near Pune.
Rotarians facilitate water facilities near Pune.

A two-day seminar on water management organised by RC Poona Downtown, District 3131, as part of their Rotary Day and Rotary Awareness programme was inaugurated by DG Vivek Aranha, and attended by Rotarians, college students, engineers from Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation and water treatment plant manufacturers.

Sessions on energy-saving pipe line design, water waste management, rain water harvesting and recharge, urban water supply management and surge analysis of long transmission mains were addressed by eminent speakers from across the globe.

Dr Srini Lingi Reddy, Associate Professor at University of Kentucky, addressed the gathering on the misconception of ‘no water availability in India.’ “We have ample water availability, but proper focus should be given to preservation of our resources,” he said.

Dan Cohen from Israel said, “India is very fortunate; water is available at low cost to all. In Israel water charges are extremely high and this restricts the amount of water being used. Even with scarcity of water they have performed miracles in agriculture and industry through research, rain water harvesting and recycling of waste water. Reuse of water is the main focus of Israel government. India too can reverse her situation as she is blessed with good rains.”

Photo by Rasheeda Bhagat


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