Korea … here we come


I was invited along with my family to Seoul, by my 15-years-plus business associate CAS Corporation, in March. We loved and enjoyed every moment there. More so, since our convention is around the corner.

Seoul is a beautiful place with warm citizens. We were welcomed wherever we went. Seoul has many bridges, each with different colour and design — marvellous engineering. Koreans are one of the best cosmetic manufacturers, and it is the best buy there.  Shilla IPark is a duty-free mall in Seoul and the best part is that all your purchases are delivered to you free of cost at the airport on your departure date.

The must try for vegetarians is the ‘fried banana.’ Delicious Indian food too is available  in restaurants such as Namaste at Gangnam-gu. The currency is called ‘won.’ US $1 equals 1,152 won (approx.), surprisingly you will be feeling rich counting the local currency in thousands and lacs.

Visiting the Seoul Tower by cable car is an experience. Do carry a lock with a wish to Seoul Tower — they say it works. The Gyeongbokgung Palace is known for its scenic beauty. A cruise on the Han River and feeding the seagulls is not to be missed. A visit to the wholesale fish market can also be kept in mind to see varieties.

I would also advice you take The Incheon Bridge, on the way back to the airport. It is about 22 km long — the world’s seventh longest, you will never forget this drive. Korea here we come….

(The writer is a member of  RC Belur – D 3291.)


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