Innovative Innovation Mantras

Innovation Sutra
Author: PDG Rekha Shetty
RI District 3230
Publishers: Penguin Group
Price: ₹250

Change is the only aspect that never changes. Innovation should become a habit if one has to be consistently successful. From an individual’s perspective, innovation plays a significant role in making life interesting. We change our route to work; we learn new skills to gain competitive advantage. Innovation is important for an organisation’s survival and growth. Innovation is an important driver for economic growth and improvement of nations too. What is more important is, responsible innovation should be legitimate and not at the cost of ­other’s suffering.

Rekha Shetty, popularly referred to as ‘innovation guru,’ beautifully elaborates the various strategies of ethical innovation in her book, ­Innovation Sutra, unveiling ‘the secret to better business and better life,’ as the book’s tagline goes. She weaves these mantras through an interesting story. The protagonist Dharam, a billionaire investment banker in Manhattan has everything going for him through adharmic ­practices, until one day the glass-­bubble bursts and he finds himself facing an arrest-threat from the FBI. He absconds to India accompanied by his friend Kunal, who makes a profession selling fake Indian antiques to Americans. The two embark on a Buddhist pilgrim trail that includes Lumbini, Kapilavastu, Bodhgaya, Kolkata, Varanasi, Sarnath, Rajgir, Nalanda, Vaishali, Kaushambi and Kushinagar. The timeless Buddhist teachings awaken them to the reality of principled living. They discover a new purpose to life and develop ideas for an ethical yet profitable business. The book ends with how an enlightened Dharam goes back home, intending to sell off his assets to clear his debts and start afresh, emulating the Buddhist principles.

The author has seamlessly integrated the Buddha’s preaching with the nuances of innovation, in the form of a narrative that would appeal to the readers while simultaneously provoking their thoughts to interesting innovation sutras or rule of functioning. The 200-page paperback is neatly packed with episodes from the life of the Buddha interwoven with wonderful practical ideas that would bring success to one’s life without compromise on conscience.

Rekha Shetty is an accomplished writer with six other equally stimulating books to her credit. She is committed to innovation and creativity in management. She is the founder of Mindspower and managing director of Farstar Distribution Network Ltd., a consulting firm working on innovation initiatives, happiness and work-life balance.

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