Inner Wheel serves Special Children


SDV Government School is the fourth Happy School in Poomthopp that is sponsored by the Inner Wheel Club of Alleppey, IW District 321. The club constructed a toilet block, renovated classrooms, donated computers, desks and benches at a cost of Rs 1.2 lakh. Assisi Vidyalayam, a school that caters to 325 special children, received a facelift and stationery donation too. Club President Radha Ponnambalam says, “Differently-abled children are hyperactive and aggressive. Some get violent and restless.” Teachers at the school apply occupational and art therapy to engage these students. But often run out of the stationery supply that comes only once a month. “We gave them ample stationery as colouring helps them cope with hyper-activism and delayed sensory response.”n

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