In Brief – December 2021


Padma Shri for Rotarian doctor
Dr Krishna Mohan Pathi, past president of RC Berhampur, RID 3262, has been conferred with the Padma Shri Award for his service to the tribal community in Ganjam district of Odisha. Pathi has been treating tribals for over 30 years and runs a charitable organisation, Bharadwaj Gurukul Ashram, which provides free healthcare to the tribals.



Rotarian gets cabinet berth
Dr Mahesh Joshi, member of RC Jaipur Round Town, RID 3054, has been inducted as minister in the Rajasthan cabinet. He will take charge of the Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) looking after water and sanitation which is also a key focus area of Rotary.



Malala gets married
Youth icon and a champion of girls’ education, Malala Yousafzai grabbed headlines recently when she announced her marriage to Asser Malik, an entrepreneur and general manager of the Pakistan Cricket Board. Malala took to Instagram and Twitter to share intimate, colourful pictures of her wedding ceremony that took place at her home in Birmingham, England. Netizens went into a frenzy when she shared another glimpse of her husband Asser Malik kissing her hand.



Pregnant cows on a chopper ride
To help 12 pregnant or injured cows descend from their summer pastures in the mountains to Urnerboden valley in Switzerland, for the annual cow parade, the farmers airlifted the bovines down the mountain, roughly 6,400-feet above sea level, one at a time, through a helicopter. Each year around 1,000 cows travel from higher ground in the Swiss Alps to the valley for the gala parade.



1,500-year-old winery unearthed
Archaeologists from Israel Antiquities Authority have stumbled upon the world’s largest known Byzantine-era winery in central Israel. The find includes a complex web of five winepresses about 2,400 sqft each; four warehouses where the wine was aged; kilns where the clay wine jugs were fired; and thousands of pieces from broken jugs. The winery is said to have produced half-a-million gallons of wine a year.

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