Honouring Paul Harris and enhancing Rotary’s public image

RID 3090 PDG Bagh Singh Pannu (third from R) and RID 3040 DG Gajendra Narang (4th from L) at the installation of Paul Harris bust by RC Sehore.
RID 3090 PDG Bagh Singh Pannu (third from R) and RID 3040 DG Gajendra Narang (4th from L) at the installation of Paul Harris bust by RC Sehore.

“Our 1.2 million-member organisation started with the vision of one man — Paul P Harris and in his honour we have installed his bust at nine Rotary buildings in our district,” said DG Gajendra Narang, RID 3040.

With the help of PDG Bagh Singh Pannu of RID 3090 the busts were sourced and transported to Indore, ­Mandsaur, Neemuch, Jhabua, Khandwa, Sonkatch, Sehore, Bhopal and ­Chhindwara where they were installed by the clubs in their Rotary Halls.

In 2017, when he was the governor, with the objective to promote Rotary’s public image in RID 3090, Pannu initiated installation of the bust of the Rotary founder in 20 clubs in the district which have their own ­community halls. The bust is sculpted out of black metal, said Pannu.

Inspired by him, DG Narang is also urging the clubs in the district to carry on this initiative to strengthen the public image of Rotary.

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