Happy School enthuses students

A complete makeover of a Government ­Middle School at Barnala village, near Mansa, the district headquarters of Punjab, has spread cheer among the villagers.

This ­project of RC Mansa Royal, D 3090, was ­inaugurated by the then DG Sanjay Gupta. “Apart from ­classroom amenities like benches and ­blackboards, we have installed a drinking water facility. Separate toilet blocks for boys and girls and handwash stations were already present,” said PDG Prem Aggarwal.


The School Principal Balbir Singh, who is also a Rotarian, is one of the chief architects of the image makeover.

“We mobilised around Rs 2 lakh from our club. While the water cooler cost Rs 60,000, the ­balance was spent on other structural changes like ­whitewash, ­adding a library with books and uniforms for the students,” said Aggarwal.

An exclusive staff room for teachers and a headmaster’s cabin has enthused the teaching fraternity who were bereft of this luxury before.

“The change in the student’s attitude is quite visible as they now have a school to be proud of,” said Gupta.

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