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600-Grooming-LeadersTo impart leadership qualities in youth, RC Mangalore, District 3180, recently conducted the Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) programme for the newly formed Interact club members of the Sharadha Vidyaniketan Public School in Mangalore. .

More than 100 students, along with the Interactors, took part in the programme. Sessions on leadership skills, personality development, problem-solving and conflict management, swimming lessons and fun activities provided a memorable learning experience for them. “The event gave them the self-confidence to communicate their views freely, thus helping them come out of their cocoons,” said the Interact Committee Chairman Vinod D’Souza.

The Interactors had an opportunity to learn new skills and display their latent talent. The two days gave them a different perspective of life. Completion certificates were given to the participants.

The school principal Sushma appreciated the Rotarians for instilling the “spirit of dedication and service in the minds of our students. Every day the Interactors help in cleaning classrooms and dining area, serving food and maintaining general discipline in the school.” She applauded the Interactors for collecting, recycling and selling waste paper for giving gifts to the inmates of Olavina Halli Rehabilitation and Community Development Centre.

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