Grand South Asia Reception


At the grand South Asia Reception in Sáo Paulo, Rotary India’s generous contribution to TRF and addition of 20,000 new members this year were lauded by RI leaders.

RI President Gary Huang and Corinna, RIPE K R Ravindran and Vanathy, RIPN John Germ and Judy, PRIPs Frank Devlyn, Ron Burton, DK Lee, Rajendra Saboo (with spouse Usha) and Kalyan Banerjee (with spouse Binota) attended the event.

Other distinguished delegates included Trustees Julio Sorjús with spouse Carmen, Paul Netzel, Antonio Hallage and his spouse Rose, Jackson Hsieh, Samuel Owori with spouse Lorah and Sushil Gupta with spouse Vinita; and RI Directors Holger Knaack with spouse Susanne, Safak Alpay and spouse Deniz, Per Høyen, Seiji Kita and spouse Nobuko, Larry Lunsford, Greg Podd with spouse Pam, Steven Snyder and spouse Sharron, Sangkoo Yun and General Secretary John Hewko. RIDE Manoj Desai welcomed his batch of Directors who attended the meet.

The event provided a perfect set- ting to build new relationships, con- nect with other Rotary members and exchange ideas across cultures.

Earlier, at the opening session of the Convention, President Gary left Rotary India proud when he talked about the Guinness record created by the Rotary My Flag My India event in Chennai. Another proud moment for Indian Rotary was the arrival of the Polio Flame, a pro- ject of RC Madras, after criss crossing the world. President SN Srikanth and Polio Flame Project Chair NK Gopinath entered the convention hall to loud cheer- ing by the 14,000 delegates.



TRF Trustee Sushil Gupta (right) and RID Giuseppe Viale
TRF Trustee Sushil Gupta (right) and RID Giuseppe Viale


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