Gary & Corinna light up Vanakkam Chennai

Rotary International’s first couple, President Gary Huang and Corinna landed in Chennai just in time on December 6 to witness the greatest PR event, Rotary My Flag My India, and stayed an entire week in this southern Indian city of art, culture and music, to charm the participants of Vanakkam Chennai.

Whether it was the ice-breaking games for the DGEs on the first day, or the Antakshri night the next day, the first couple was not only there  but also mingled with all the DGEs and spouses with charming ease and humility.

Inaugurating the Governors Elect Training Seminar (GETS) on December 10, Gary inspired and motivated the DGEs to do their best in 2015–16.


Starting with his customary “Happy Clap,” he encouraged the DGEs to work hard and keep India on top of the Rotary world.

In his absorbing inaugural address, President Gary hailed the great work done by Indian Rotarians. He warmly congratulated Rotary India for the No.1 world position India holds in membership development.

He also applauded Indian Rotarians for the magnanimous contributions to TRF in 2013–14 — an impressive $13.7 million which placed India in the thrid position in the world, only behind USA and Japan. He was also delighted that India is now polio-free.

Gary also addressed the DGN seminar and DRRs of South India.

In his concluding remarks at the institute, he showered rich compliments on the organising committee and asked the audience to give a standing ovation to the convener, RID P T Prabhakar, for putting together a great Institute.

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