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Expected timelines for shipping Recognitions from RISAO

It takes 3–4 weeks for processing and shipping of Paul Harris Fellow recognitions.  In case of any special recognition of donor in Foundation Seminar or in district function, your request should reach us at least 15 days before the event. Major Donor recognition is processed at the RI Hq once we update engraving instructions and it takes 5–6 weeks’ time to reach our office.  Major Donor recognition is processed only on request. To download Major Donor Recognition request form click onlink: /file_uploader2 /files/ majordonorrecognition_form.docx.

Online contribution — points to remember

Debit card option – While making online contribution through or, along with credit card, members can also use debit card to make payment, using the same link which says ‘Credit Card’.

For online contribution, use My Rotary login or your official email address to avoid duplicate ID generation and receive timely credit of your contribution.

Contribution from non-Rotarians – When online contribution is made by a non-Rotarian from your club/district, request them to share the online confirmation number along with club details with RI South Asia Office at

Mandatory requirements for INR contributions to Rotary Foundation (India)

Effective April 1, 2020, PAN must be provided for all contributions made online/offline towards RF(I), irrespective of value or the donor’s intention to claim tax exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961.

Contribution credit and related 80G receipt can only be generated in the name of the remitter.

For contribution made from self-owned/family-run Company/Trust account, donors must share the corporate/trust letter made on their letterhead mentioning their relationship with the entity and stating that the contribution be treated as their personal contribution.

District Grants

District grant applications are due by  May 15. All approved district grants must be paid by May 31, 2022 or else the submitted or approved district grants will be cancelled.District grant funds are not paid until previous open district grant is completely closed. Sign in to the Grant Center to see your application and check its status. District grant applications and reports are reviewed by South Asia Office staff. Please contact Roy John ( at 011-42250146.

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