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Data privacy alert

Club and district directories may contain Rotarians’ personal data. Directories should never be distributed to the general public or posted on web pages accessible to the public. Digital directories should be password-protected or require a login to access. When collecting personal information, let your members know in advance how their information will be used.

PAN mandatory

Indian donors must submit their PAN number for contributions made online/by cheque/draft, irrespective of value or the donor’s intention to claim tax exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Tax exemption certificate u/s 80G will be issued only on providing PAN number.

Revised communication assets

With the start of the new Rotary year, access the brand ­centre by signing in or registering to your My Rotary account and download the following revised documents:

Rotarians must use the redesigned PowerPoint ­template for their club presentations. It includes step-by-step instructions on customising presentation slides with their own text, charts, images and club logos. There are links to Rotary resources, such as official logos, photos, videos and brand guidelines. Rotarians can choose colour and layout options, all in keeping with the Rotary style guidelines for brand consistency. The new template replaces all previous versions on the Brand Center, including TRF’s PPT template. To access, login to the Brand Center, go to Materials, Club Resources and then Presentations.

Download the new Voice and Visual Identity guidelines from the Brand Center. It provides essential information to help you build Rotary’s brand and helps you understand the difference between Rotary’s Masterbrand Signature and Masterbrand Signature Simplified, how to write in Rotary’s voice and follow Rotary’s colour palette while designing various new club documents and assets.

It has also been updated to include references to People of Action; the new vision statement and guidelines for using the Mark of Excellence, Masterbrand Signature and Simplified Rotary Masterbrand Signature.

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